Blood & Oil Series Finale Recap: Oil's Well That Ends Well

Blood & Oil Series Finale

“It’s about time to get some answers, eh?” Jules quipped at the top of Sunday’s Blood & Oil finale. Well, I hope she was hungry, because those turned out to be some tough words to eat.

Rock Springs’ preeminent bartender/real estate agent/international woman of mystery learned that Wick, not Hap, provided the ingredients for the bun in her oven. But don’t tell that to Carla; Hap’s wife, who believes her husband to be the father, offered Jules a butt load of cash to skip town and stay silent. (Also, don’t tell Wick about Carla’s offer, because he agreed to leave town with Jules and give their child a good life.)

Speaking of the chefs in Jules’ kitchen, Hap finally received the confirmation he needed to tie Wick to the robbery in the pilot. But rather than exacting swift vengeance for sticking a gun in his father’s face, Hap asked Wick to forgive him for driving him to such extreme actions with his bad parenting. (Question for the group: Was anyone else surprised to see the show’s longest-running, and easily most destructive, betrayal settled with a quick hug? I understand the need to tie up every loose end, but this show is called Blood & Oil, not Blood & Hugs.)

Elsewhere during the ABC drama’s final hour…

* A.J. was reunited with his son, much to the chagrin of some guy in a hat.

* Alex offered Billy the mineral rights to the Black Elk reservation, all part of his thinly veiled — and almost immediately exposed — plan to keep Cody from moving back to Laundromat-ville, Florida. After all was said and done, Billy decided to continue the deal with Hap and Cody agreed to stick around. (I know Billy’s kind of the worst, but for $1 trillion, I’d agree to put up with more of his crap, too.)

* The series ended with Hap surveying his new land, Lion King-style, then sighing this oddly meta sentence at Carla: “I guess this place isn’t for everybody, but it’s definitely for you and me.” (Do you think he was referring to Rock Springs… or the show, itself?)

Were you satisfied with Blood & Oil‘s attempt to wrap up every — no, really, every — storyline in its final hour? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review of the series.