Year in Review

20 Funniest TV Moments of 2015

A first date involving violent, bloody threats of death. A series of Julianne Moore monologues. A Friday Night Lights spoof with a flawless feminist undercurrent.

These were just a few of the TV moments that had us howling in 2015 — and now they’re all gathered together here at TVLine to literally tear you in half from giggling.

If this blog post were an ad for a prescription drug, in fact, we’d have to issue the following warning: TVLine’s 20 Funniest TV Moments of 2015 may cause uncontrollable guffawing, involuntary snorting, violent work procrastination, abdominal cramping and “dying from laughter” syndrome.

Check out the gallery below for our full lineup — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments and tell us what we got right (and which LOL-worthy scenes you think we overlooked)!