SNL's All-White Family Matters Spoof — Watch and See Why It Was Cut

SNL Family Matters Spoof

Riddle me this: When did Family Matters become the most relevant show on television?

On the same night that Lifetime’s The Flight Before Christmas reunited timeless lovers Carl and Harriette, Saturday Night Live also planned to air a sketch inspired by the classic ’90s sitcom. Unfortunately, only one of those events made it to air.

SNL‘s sketch was cut for time, and after watching it, you’ll know why. The awkward, mostly laugh-free, parody found Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett and Ryan Gosling playing people loosely inspired by Family Matters characters in a scenario based on the first appearance of Steve Urkel’s suave alter ego Stefan Urquelle.

While I fully admit to laughing at the exterior shots between scenes — I have a weakness for llamas and other such nonsense — the actual interactions between characters are almost too uncomfortable to watch.

Hit PLAY on the sketch below, then drop a comment: Were you able to find the funny?