The Vampire Diaries' Annie Wersching Teases the Salvatores' War With Julian, Warns of a Possible Ripper Resurgence

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

If you thought that learning the truth about Lily’s history would instantly heal her sons’ old wounds — particularly Damon’s — you’re clearly not familiar with the way things work on The Vampire Diaries.

“On the one hand, I’m glad her kids didn’t know everything that happened to her, but at the same time, Damon has had such resentment and hatred towards her with no idea why she did the things she did,” Annie Wersching tells TVLine. “So I wish they’d known some of the reasoning behind it sooner. Imagine what their lives could have been if they’d gotten on that train and escaped him.” (Editor’s note: We probably wouldn’t even have a show.)

Below, Wersching offers more thoughts about Lily’s relationship with her sons, previews the trio’s plan to take down Julian and even explores a what-if romance with Enzo.

TVLINE | Do you have new appreciation for Lily after learning everything she went through?
Oh, 100 percent. That’s the stuff I was always searching for and wanting to know about her. When playing a character who has some deficits, you have to try as an actor to find out why she did the things she did, and what makes her tick. So I loved finding out all of that. I mean, it was super sad, but it was cool that they addressed something like [domestic violence].

TVLINE | Is there any hope that these revelations might repair Lily’s relationship with Damon?
I feel like she’s finally saying the things he’s been wanting to hear — you were right, I was wrong — but it almost seems a little too late. There’s one scene in particular where she can just see it in his eyes that he’s gone. Right now, he’s not showing any signs of forgiveness, which is hard because she wants it not only for herself, but for him. He’s living in so much pain because of his abandonment issues, so she longs for healing for him in a motherly way.

TVLINE | The description for Thursday’s episode says Lily makes “the most difficult decision of her life.” After everything she’s been through, what could possibly be left?
Well, the first thing [Damon, Stefan and Lily] have to do is unlink Lily from Julian, and they have to get a heretic to help with the spell. All along, Damon’s been wanting Lily to choose a side — her biological children or the heretics — and stop standing in the middle trying to have it all, because she can’t. So she’s finally found an answer to that ultimatum; she thinks she’s helping both sides by making this choice.

TVLINE | Lily has agreed to help take down Julian, but she obviously can’t let him figure that out. Should we expect a sort of War of the Roses dynamic between them?
It’s very War of the Roses. There are a lot of moments where she has to pretend like things are OK, and then you see a shot where he’s not looking at her, and she’s like, “Oh, God…” She has to keep up appearances for the heretics, as well, because he’s charming the pants off of them — particularly Nora and Mary Louise; he throws them a huge party for their 133rd anniversary. Lily has to play along, which is difficult, because the way they like to play is feeding on people and all of the other things she hasn’t been letting them do. She even has to partake in some of that, which is crazy for where she is. I don’t think she’s fed this whole season, and she is a ripper, so you never know what’s going to happen when she gets a taste.

TVLINE | Lily and Enzo also have a somewhat tragic relationship. Is there any world in which they could be together?
The Lily-Enzo relationship is really interesting to me. Even before he confessed his feelings to her, it was like, what are these two exactly? They were somewhere in between all the types of relationships they could have had. But they have a great scene in this episode where he’s still kind of pursuing her, showing her a charming side she hasn’t seen yet, so she gets a glimpse of what it could have been like. Again, it’s all very sad; Julian’s just ruined everything. But she does see it for a second. If she’d just chosen him, her life could have been different from the hell that she’s going through now.

TVLINE | Lily’s one of the only characters unseen and unmentioned in the three-year flash-forwards. Any idea where she ends up?
For the first chunk of episodes, they were dealing with the main folks, and I wondered what Lily was up to. But on this show, you never know where characters are going to pop up. She does make appearances in some strange places — if I could say that any more vaguely. [Laughs]

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