Younger Season 2 Promo: Is Liza and Josh's 'New Relationship' Doomed?

TV Land’s Younger returns for its second season on Jan. 13 (10/9c), and as Liza’s life becomes more complicated, having to keep her little secret becomes the least of her worries.

“As we head into Season 2 … her relationships with all the different characters grow and become more and more real,” star Sutton Foster says in the above trailer, which originally aired Friday as part of TV Land’s Season 1 marathon. “It makes it even harder for her to sort of keep going.”

Speaking of relationships, the dynamic between Liza and Josh is completely different now that he knows she’s “not a millennial.” In fact, one clip in this preview finds (a very drunk) Josh noting how weird it is that Liza is closer to his mom’s age than his own.

“They basically have to set up grounds for an entire new relationship,” Nico Tortorella explains.

And it looks like Josh has some competition in Season 2, as Liza and boss-man Charles continue their will-they-won’t-they flirtation. (Editor’s note: I really hope they don’t, but I’m sure they will.)

“I like to think of the situation with Liza as impossible — and inevitable,” teases Charles’ portrayer Peter Hermann. “It’s just not supposed to be, but oh my God, is it supposed to be.”

Meanwhile, Kelsey appears to be giving her relationship with Thad a fighting chance — Anton who— while Maggie is testing the waters with Lauren.

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment below: What do you hope to see in Season 2?

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