Once Upon a Time Photos: Dark Hook vs. Rumple, Zelena Wants Her Baby

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Hook does battle with — no, neither shampoo nor a razor — but a former Dark One aka his lonnnnnngtime nemesis Rumplestiltskin, as seen in this fresh crop of photos.

In the penultimate Season 5A episode, “Broken Heart,” Hook — who just learned from Emma that back in Camelot she fated him to be a fellow Dark One, to save his life — seeks revenge anew from Rumple, putting both of their fates in jeopardy.

Camelot flashbacks meanwhile will reveal how Emma and Hook disagreed about their best course of action after she made her highly questionable call, as those past events catch up to the current timeline and set the stage for a confrontation between the forces of light and dark.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina and others embark on a new mission — one that apparently requires each person’s dreamcatcher, as seen in the slideshow below, while Zelena apparently seeks some quality time with her and Robin’s newborn daughter.

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