Video: John Oliver Bashes Muppets, Cosby Show During Rant on Pennies

John Oliver is no stranger to the question “How is this still a thing?”

From Columbus Day to daylight saving time, HBO’s Last Week Tonight has weighed the pros and cons of countless completely useless things, but never more so than in a new segment on U.S. currency.

You see, Oliver is not a fan of pennies. He’s also not a fan of ABC’s The Muppets, or the decision to have Kermit shack up with other pigs.

The Season 2 finale spent 10 minutes discussing the nearly worthless coin on Sunday, and while the idea of conversing about the minutiae of pennies would typically be enough to put anyone to sleep, Oliver spruced up the segment with digs at Kirstie Alley, the negative value of a Cosby Show DVD and… Mary Todd Lincoln?

Watch the full takedown above.