Hey Arnold! Revival Movie Will Reportedly Feature Arnold's Parents

Hey Arnold Revival

If Stoop Kid’s looking for another reason to leave his stoop, I think I’ve finally found one.

Nickelodeon is currently developing a made-for-TV Hey Arnold! movie, set shortly after the events of the June 2004 series finale, our sister publication Variety reports.

Though Nickelodeon couldn’t confirm when the movie might air, we do know it will tie up several loose ends, including answering the big mystery surrounding Arnold’s M.I.A. parents. (Update: Arnold’s parents were shown once in the “Parents Day” special in 2000.) The titular character, he with a head shaped like a football, previously starred in his own big-screen movie in 2002.

Variety‘s report adds that — following the success of the network’s Splat block of programming — Hey Arnold! could be the first of several Nickelodeon classics poised to get the TV movie treatment.

What do you hope to see in the Hey Arnold! movie? And which other Nick gems would you like revived? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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