Doctor Who: Rewatch [Spoiler]'s Final Scenes — Or Is This Not the End?

BBC America’s Doctor Who bid adieu to a major character this Saturday night. But have we not seen the last of that cast member?

In the episode “Face the Raven,” Clara let loose with her most reckless maneuver yet: taking the chronolock tattoo from Rigsy — with the Doctor none the wiser — even though she had to suspect the ploy would seal her own fate.

And that it did, securing her a deadly date with the quantum shade. But before she would pass on, Clara accepted her fate and left Twelve with an “order” (in the video clip above). Later, the latest Companion died an operatic death on the streets of the series’ extraterrestrial version of Diagon Alley (watch video below).

This likely isn’t the last viewers have seen of Jenna Coleman, however, given set photos that surfaced over the summer showing her in a very distinct (and different) costume that has yet to appear on-screen.

Rewatch Clara’s “goodbye” and goodbye scenes, then share your thoughts on “Face the Raven.”

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