Gotham Sneak Peek: Alfred vs. Tigress Is the Throwdown You Need to See

This Monday on Gotham (Fox, 8/7c), the butler did it — and by “it” we mean hold his own (and then some!) against Tabitha “Tigress” Galavan.

As EP John Stephens, who penned “The Son of Gotham,” recently told TVLine, “Gordon will finally peel back the layers and figure out the mystery of what has been happening with Theo Galavan; we’ll see Bruce Wayne rise up and show a part of his character that no one has seen before; and we will have an absolutely classic fight between two of our major characters. A lot of fun stuff.”

Said fight can be previewed above, where Alfred arrives at the Galavans’ place looking for Bruce — but finds whip-happy Tabitha instead. Press play, and place your bets!

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