HTGAWM Fall Finale Sneak Peek: Now Michaela's Worried About the Rules?

How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise Keating doesn’t ask her minions for much. OK, actually, she asks for an awful lot: Felony crimes. Harrowing coverups. Possible PTSD.

That said, why any member of the Keating Four/Five would tamper with crucial evidence without having the Big A — or at least Frank or Bon-Bon — on the scene completely boggles the mind.

And yet that’s exactly what’s going down in TVLine’s sneak peek of tonight’s fall finale (10/9c on ABC). (FYI: We’ll also get the answer to the question, “Who shot Annalise?”)

I’ll say no mas. Just press PLAY above, then collectively shake your heads down in the comments!

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