Mindy Project Season 4 Burning Question: Where the Heck Is Danny?

Mindy Project Where Is Danny Chris Messina

The doctor is out — and has been for a really long time, right?

If you’re a regular viewer of The Mindy Project viewer, you’ve noticed that Chris Messina‘s Danny has been away from his fiancée and new son for what seems like forever. After all, it was four episodes ago that he and Morgan took the road trip out to California to care for Danny’s sick pop (and left Mindy behind in New York with Leo).

But if you didn’t catch the obvious hint in this week’s episode — “Fat-Bottomed Girls” has never sounded so good — let us reassure you: TVLine hears that Messina’s absence will come to an end in next Tuesday’s installment.

Why the long vacancy? Messina was busy shooting Ben Affleck’s latest movie, Live by Night.

Have you missed Dr. C? Are you happy Diamond Dan will be back soon? Sound off in the comments!

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