Bob's Burgers Sneak Peek: Louise Drives a Hard Holiday Bargain

Merry Christmas, Bob’s Burgers fans! (We know, it seems like just last week the Fox animated comedy celebrated Thanksgiving… because it was.)

But nevermind that now, because as you’ll see in the following exclusive sneak peek, the Blecher kids have a far more pressing matter: the procurement of the mall ice rink, aka the perfect place to perform a show that’ll convince Santa they’re present-worthy.

“Louise, who most certainly believes in Santa Claus, becomes afraid that she’s pissed him off because [she, Tina and Gene] were fighting over a massage chair at a Brookstone-type store in the mall,” series creator Loren Bouchard explains.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sunday at 7:30/6:30c.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch little miss bunny ears herself drive a tough bargain with Mr. Fischoeder, hit the comments with your thoughts, and God bless us every one!

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