Chicago Fire Sneak Peek: Severide Knows Patterson Is 'Coming for Me'

Chicago Fire Season 4 Video

Chicago Fire‘s Severide is in the doghouse once again with Patterson — and the demoted firefighter is starting to give Chief Boden a little lip about it.

In the following exclusive video, Severide learns that the new captain has written him up, and the report will go on his record.

“It’s a new element, it’s a new station for Severide to be told what to do by any other person than Boden,” star Taylor Kinney tells TVLine. “Yes, [Patterson] has the title and there’s a respect there, but at the same time, he keeps undermining me, in my opinion.”

“I’ve completed courses, I feel like I’ve gone the extra mile and I’m doing things,” the actor continues. But as Severide notes — before pointing a finger at Boden for his connection to Patterson — “None of it matters. He’s coming for me.”

Press PLAY below to watch the preview, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Severide’s situation.

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