Grey's Anatomy Recap: Mr. Unpopularity

Grey's Anatomy Season 12

Although Penny was probably still the most disliked doctor at Grey Sloan in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, at least she could take some comfort in the fact that Nathan was catching up with her in the unpopularity department. Once he was granted privileges to work at the hospital, Owen found it impossible to contain his disdain. The question was, why did he hate McAussie so much? Read on, and I’ll tell you what we found out…

‘SHELL’-SHOCK | As “Something Against You” began, Mer was preparing to give a longtime patient, Mr. Jaffe, a life-saving kidney transplant, only to discover that he had a Conehead-sized lump on his noggin. His only chance of still getting the donor kidney? A skull transplant, Jo deduced. (That’s not a typo — a skull transplant. Now pass the aspirin, stat.) When Mer sidelined Penny for the procedure — assigning her to monitor the brain-dead kidney donor and thus depriving her of an amazing opportunity to learn — Callie stood up for her girlfriend and was promptly smacked down — by Blake. “You’re embarrassing me,” she told Torres, “so just shut up and stay out of it!” (Dang!) And Penny was just getting warmed up. She then told Mer that, although she didn’t need Callie to fight her battles, Callie was, in fact, right, and if Mer wasn’t going to teach her, Grey should cut her loose so that she could learn from someone else. Off that confrontation, Mer let Penny step up and observe in the OR, pissing off Jo in the process. At least, after Wilson blew up at Penny, Stephanie asked Pierce out for a drink.

THE MAN FROM DOWN UNDER | When early in the episode Nathan stuck his head in the doctors’ lounge and asked where he could pick up a pair of scrubs, neither Maggie nor Richard knew who he was, much less for which department he worked. So Pierce was understandably freaked out when shortly thereafter she discovered him treating her patient. And Owen… oh, Owen was livid. Who gave him privileges at Grey Sloan?!? Maggie wanted to know. His answer: She had! In fact, Bailey had hired him to work under Pierce and had failed to inform her. “And I’m the chief,” she reminded Maggie and Owen. Later, after Nathan disagreed with Maggie in front of the patient he’d treated, Pierce advised the newbie to get his feet wet before he dove in. His cocky reply: “My feet were pretty wet when I got here.” Meanwhile, Owen seemed to be coming unglued. When Isaac interrupted what appeared to an incident of Nathan-inspired PTSD, Hunt damn near attacked him. After Maggie and Nathan’s patient took a turn for the worse, Pierce adapted the approach that Riggs wanted to take, and saved the woman’s life — so they might make a good team after all?

WHAT’S UNDONE IS UNDONE | Toward the end of the hour, Bailey was cheerfully introducing Nathan around when it came up that he and Owen “go back a bit.” And, if Hunt had his way, “back a bit” was where Riggs would have stayed. Exploding, Owen accused Bailey of not properly vetting Nathan. “This is a really bad call,” Hunt yell-said, “and it was thoughtless, and it was reckless… ” He probably could have continued rattling off angry adjectives, but instead, Bailey suggested that they take their conversation away from the peanut gallery and into her office. No dice. Owen stomped away, growling at Nathan that “what’s done is done, right?” Amelia couldn’t get Owen to explain, and neither could Mer. But “I made a promise to Cristina that I wouldn’t let you get dark and twisty,” she said. So “just tell me, do we hate him?” Yup, he replied. “Okay,” she concluded. “Then we hate him.” As a result, when Nathan asked Mer out for a drink that night, she shot him right down. “I’m a friend of Owen Hunt’s,” she said. On second thought, make that “shot him down in flames.”

HIT THE ROAD, JACK… SON | On a lighter note, Bailey ordered Ben to invite houseguest Jackson to… you know, move out. When he argued that he couldn’t kick out his boss, his wife noted, “I’m all your bosses!” She was even more aggravated that night when she realized that Ben hadn’t done it. And worse, April was on what she thought was a date with Jackson. But really, he wanted to discuss their divorce. Since Kepner got paged, the conversation didn’t happen. However, they made another “date” for the following evening. Finally, Ben told Jackson that Bailey was withholding sex until he left, so he really, really needed Avery to leave. No sweat, said Jackson. And the next thing we knew, Jackson and April had just done the deed!

TRAGICOMIC RELIEF | In other developments, after Alex — correctly, it should be mentioned — warned the ducklings about a patient’s mother who was a doc knocker (someone looking to get busy with an M.D.), a baby-faced intern whose name I swear I’ve never heard skipped some check-ups on her son, who’d swallowed a glowing ball. As a result, he wound up in surgery instead of pooping out the “cherry.” And when Arizona went looking for a wingman to accompany her to a lesbian bar, Richard volunteered — and turned out to be great at it.

THE AMAZING RACE | Off a comment from Maggie about how race might play into the way that patients respond to Nathan vs. her, Amelia panicked that her having sided with Jo over Stephanie’s non-lie might have been construed as racist. Though Maggie was quick to point out that “I am not the spokeswoman” for all African-Americans, and “no one is,” she suggested that if Amelia does something, and “if you feel uncomfortable having done it, check your white privilege and don’t do it again.”

OK, your turn! Glad April and Jackson hit the sheets? Anticipating a Mer/Nathan/Maggie triangle? Hit the comments!

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