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Megan Mullally Dishes on Will & Grace, Parks, Seinfeld, China Beach and More

Megan Mullally Photos Will Grace

Megan Mullally has had one dinner with Michelle Pfeiffer in her entire life. This is how it went.

The actresses were in Missouri shooting the 1981 TV movie The Children Nobody Wanted, a heartwarming tale about a young bachelor who founds a residence for homeless boys. A waitress ran into the restaurant dining room where some of the cast members were eating, holding a transistor radio, and announced that a tornado was about to pass through the area.

“So Michelle Pfeiffer and I hid under a card table in a Ramada Inn, somewhere in the middle of Missouri one time, and escaped death together,” Mullally says with a laugh. “I’ve never told that story, because nobody’s ever asked me.”

Well gather ’round, comedy fans, because at TVLine’s request, the Will & Grace alum — who can be heard in this Sunday’s Bob’s Burgers (Fox, 7:30/6:30c) — spilled plenty of yarns from many of her TV gigs over the years.

Click through the gallery below to hear what the funny lady has to say about crying over China Beach, getting a compliment from Seinfeld himself and letting it all hang out on Parks and Recreation.