Castle Photos: Rick's Anniversary Surprise, Kate Gets 'Steamed'

Castle Wedding Anniversary

Castle‘s Captain Kate Beckett is scantily clad on the occasion of her first wedding anniversary — though probably not for the reasons one might suspect/hope, as seen in these photos from the fall’s antepenultimate episode.

In “The Last Seduction” (airing Nov. 16), Rick and Kate manage to mark a milestone in their admittedly fractured marriage, all in the course of hunting down a murderous grifter. Lindsay Price (All My Children) and Andrea Roth (Rescue Me) guest-star.

“What’s exciting about the episode is that this is the first anniversary for Castle and Beckett — but how do you celebrate it when you’re in this kind of weird time out?” co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter asks. “And they find a way.”

But as TVLine noted to the show bosses, their definition of “exciting” might at this time differ from that of any viewers disenfranchised by the marrieds’ estrangement. To that, co-showrunner Alexi Hawley responded, “Here’s what were hoping: that when we get to a certain point in the season, which in theory could be the fall finale (airing Nov. 23), you could look back at the journey and appreciate it maybe a little more than you might have during it.”

Check out photos from “The Last Seduction,” which include “Happy Anniversary” banners ‘n’ balloons and a(n undercover) spa day for Kate and Hayley.

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