Flash Photos: Zoom Battles [Spoiler]!

Next Tuesday’s episode of The CW’s The Flash is titled “Enter Zoom,” so it should come as little surprise that Earth-Two’s meta-menace enters the world of our Barry & Co. And as seen in this fresh flurry of photos, the sinister speedster arrives ready to rumble!

In the Season 2 episode, when Barry decides it’s time to confront Zoom, Caitlin sides with Jay Garrick and deems it too dangerous for Team Flash to engage with the speed demon. Iris, however, shows her support for Barry — and even brings forth a surprising ally. (What, will Linda Park trade her laptop for doppelganger Dr. Light’s mod garb?)

How do you think Flash vs. Zoom, Round 1 will shake out? And who do you think is inside that identity-concealing, full-head, Deadpool-esque mask? Flip through the photos below.

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