Scream Queens Video: The Chanels Plot Their Reunion With Ariana Grande

Chanel Oberlin has some serious No. 2 to deal with when Scream Queens returns Tuesday (Fox, 9/8c).

I’m referring, of course, to Ariana Grande’s slain Kappa, the slasher comedy’s first real victim — and one of the few confirmed to actually be dead. Her body is (finally!) laid to rest this week, but as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive first look, that doesn’t stop Chanel from declaring a new feud with her late minion.

“There’s nothing left to talk about!” Chanel whines. “No. 2’s soul is rotting in hell, her remains have been cremated and are on their way to Cape Canaveral.”

Chanels No. 3 and 5 suggest holding a seance to squeeze a post-mortal apology out of their “sister” — No. 3 even suggests ordering in some duck sauce for their cotton balls to make it a real girls night in — but their leader proves a surprisingly tough sell.

The clip also features a classic Chanel takedown, this time aimed at No. 6, who’s barely even trying to play it cool anymore.

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