Stitchers Enlists True Blood, Smallville Alumni to Make Trouble in Season 2

Stitchers Season 2 Spoilers

When ABC Family’s Freeform’s Stitchers returns for its second season in 2016, Kirsten and her fellow brain-invaders will be faced with a problematic pair.

John Billingsley (True Blood, Star Trek: Enterprise) will recur in Season 2 as Mitchell Blair, an NSA executive who arrives on the scene as part of an “abrupt change” to the Stitchers’ organization. Described as having a “folksy, disarming charm” to mask his “ice-cold intent and deadly ideas,” we’re thinking Mitchell will prove quite the thorn in Maggie’s side.

Additionally, Cassidy Freeman (Smallville, Longmire) will guest-star as Ellie, a hacker who uses her “impressive skills” to taunt the Stitchers team.

Billingsley and Freeman’s characters will both be introduced in the second episode of Season 2.

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