Bones/Sleepy Sneak Peek: Booth and Abbie's Connection Revealed!

Bones and Sleepy Hollow may seem like they exist in vastly different worlds, but there’s a surprising common link between the two, as exposed in TVLine’s exclusive video.

Turns out FBI agent Seeley Booth was already aware of Sleepy‘s Abbie Mills even before this Thursday’s crossover event (starting at 8/7c on Fox), thanks to the late Sheriff August Corbin, who served as her mentor.

“He mentioned you last time that we spoke,” Booth tells her. “He said that you were a lot like me back in the day.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek and to find out what words of wisdom Corbin left for Abbie.

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  1. Drew says:

    Yick. I hate that they’re doing this crossover. It gives me the impression that Fox isn’t taking Sleepy Hollow (or its recovery from last year) seriously. I may skip it, but I am a compulsive TV watcher, so I will probably end up watching. But I won’t like it. :)

    • suzyku says:

      Pre judge much?! It looks amazing so how do you “know you won’t like it”?! You’ve already made up your mind without giving it a chance, a little closed minded.

  2. Betty says:

    Looks like it will be fun, looking forward to it.

  3. So… I don’t get it. They are exist in the same universe? This is canon?

  4. Sally says:

    I like Bones. I like Sleepy Hollow. I’m going to watch this episode, but I don’t care what kind of connection they manufacture between Booth & Abbie, I still don’t think it’ll work.

    • I was expecting it more to be that she was at the academy during his firearms training time before he went off to try to save his brother.

    • adam says:

      Hardly fair to people that have never watched bones or infact slepy hollow if you are a bones fan, me personally i have never watched bones and would be impossible to catch up before sleepy hollow airs lol

  5. anon says:

    This is happening, just deal with, build a bridge…

  6. heather says:

    Booth is a veteran cop who knows another veteran cop , cops are like family, they do know other cops, it is quite a reasonable narrative

    And I really like the Abbi & Booth dynamic already

    Let’s watch the ep first before we declare it the end of the world

    • Agree completely. Of all the concerns I have regarding Sleepy Hollow, this crossover is not one of them. In fact, I think it’ll be fun. Fans of Bones largely think this will somehow affect their universe, but the crossover isn’t designed that way. The Bones hour will feature a very plausible joint investigation from what I hear, and all the supernatural elements will be reserved for the Sleepy Hollow hour that follows. Will there be a few mysterious elements during the Bones hour? Sure, but that’s happened before. Many times, actually. This is also a Halloween episode and certainly has the right to be extra eerie.

      Every time something extraordinary happens on Bones, it’s easily explained away scientifically or otherwise dismissed; Bones will not have any ghosts or goblins as a result of the Sleepy Hollow crossover.

      • Jooshua says:

        Agreed. Brennan has visions of her mother when she was shot in season 8, so it’s not like they haven’t had supernatural/religious elements in the show before. Her mom even told her something she couldn’t possibly have known.

    • Angela says:

      Let’s watch the ep first before we declare it the end of the world
      Novel idea, huh :p?
      Yeah, the promo last week made this look like a lot of fun, and I too liked the dynamics between the two pairings. It’s just a one-off event, after all, so why not have fun with it?

  7. mike says:

    That’s about as tenuous a connection as you can possibly have. Really reaching for justification here. Really meh about this crossover. True sweeps stunt if ever there was one.

    • anon says:

      A cop knows another cop?! shut the front door!!!! I am SHOCKED

      Hardly a deal breaker is it?!

      Newsflash: sweeps eps are usually stunt eps of sorts, Bones isn’t any different in that respective

  8. The Grinch says:

    If you don’t like the crossover then just pretend it never happened and don’t ever rewatch the episodes. It seems like I will be pretty self contained. I’m sure neither show will ever bring it up again.

  9. Lily21 says:

    I quite like the idea, and that’s a smart way to make the connection work. Of course Sleepy Hollow is sillier than Bones (in some ways) but it’s going to be a fun pair of episodes, and no weirder than the clairvoyant they have on Bones. Plus getting to see the stuffy Brennan outstuffied by Ichabod will be a hoot.

    If I were going to complain about Bones, it would be the shoehorning of Awbrey into everything. Get rid of that guy, and let Booth go back to partnering only with Brennan. Maybe seeing Abbie with Ichabod will make that point, that the genius and the cop is a better pair than the tagalong and the cop, with the genius in the lab (barefoot and pregnant not quite, but still, sidelined).

  10. July Lark says:

    I already like Booth and Abbie better(even seeing only a 10 second clip) than I do of a season plus of Booth and Aubrey. I don’t care if the actor is Boreanaz’s “friend” it isn’t mine and is ruining the show and the work partnership between Booth and Brennan #BOOTH&ABBIE

  11. Nancy says:

    Well, I don’t know the person that is mentioned here as a connection. I’m guessing it’s a SH person? So as a Bones watcher and NOT a SH watcher, this ‘connection’ means nothing to me. Just a Halloween game that fox is playing to help SH, I get it. I can handle it on Bones. Doubtful I will watch SH. I will tape and just watch the B&B parts because the rest of the show means nothing to me. lol

  12. I just have to say ... says:

    I watch both ‘Bones’ & ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and I have absolutely no problem with this crossover event. I guess it’s because I’m grounded enough in the real world to know that neither show is a reflection of reality.

  13. kmw says:

    Really does look like it will be good. Both shows producers have stated that the individual episodes will be what those shows do. If Booth and Abbie both work for the FBI its natural to draw the conclusion that they would both know someone in the FBI. This crossover is meant to goose both shows ratings( we will see how that works out) Clearly Sleepy Hollow shouldn’t have moved to Thursdays( and neither should have Bones) but FOX wanted these two shows paired and that’s where they moved them. I say give it a chance. Brennan and Ichabod scenes should be funny. As a Bones fan we haven’t had a Halloween episode since season three and that was one of my favorites. I think that both episodes will be terrific and cannot wait to see how they pull it off

  14. KC says:

    Hate Bones
    Love Sleepy Hollow
    Guess I have to watch