X-Files Video: Monsters (and Shirtless Mulder!) Abound in New Revival Promo

Just in time for Halloween, The X-Files is joining in on the monster mash.

The lastest promo for the supernatural Fox series’ 2016 revival highlights the things that go bump in Mulder and Scully’s night, including a scary looking guy with a malformed face, something that can reduce Mulder to “Demons”-like wincing/temple-grabbing and someone who has the ability to throw people (maybe Scully?) across the room.

But before you cover your eyes so tightly you can’t watch, take heart in these X-Phile comforts: Scully says the words we’ve waited so long to hear (“We’ve got a new case, Mulder”), Spooky wakes up missing his shirt but in front of an impressive taxidermy display, and the agents brandish their flashlights (was that a fleeting look of delight in Scully’s eyes?) before barging into a dark room.

Press PLAY on the video above to get another look at the continuation, which debuts Sunday, Jan. 24 following the NFC Championship Game.

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