Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Star Previews Josh's 'Brilliantly Written' Boy-Band Number

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Josh Boy Band

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rebecca thinks Josh Chan is her perfect match. But tonight’s episode will show that he’s really made of (oh oh oh OH oh, oh oh OH OH, oh oh oh OH oh) the right stuff.

“I have a big ol’ fantasy boy-band number,” star Vincent Rodriguez III tells TVLine, laughing. “Of course, when Rebecca has a fantasy about Josh at a party, she thinks boy bands.”

In the episode, Rebecca throws a housewarming party to impress her crush… then must scramble to find guests who’ll attend. The sequence finds Rodriguez inhabiting four distinct versions of his character — and singing and dancing as each — while the smitten Ms. Bunch looks on.

“There are more Joshes than she could ever want at one time. There’s four of me. It’s ridiculous,” Rodriguez adds. “It’s so funny, a really great song and brilliantly written.”

The sequence took only six hours to shoot, thanks in part to Rodriguez’s musical theater background; he has experience as a swing member of several casts, which is like being an understudy (read: knowing choreography, lines, entrances, exits and singing parts) for multiple members of an ensemble.

“When we got to filming it, I was able to latch on to each character and deliver it in a very short period of time,” he says.

Now, about those characters: We asked Rodriguez to give us a breakdown of the episode’s various Joshes. (Harry? Niall? You might want to take notes.)

REGULAR JOSH | “The leader of the band, the Justin Timberlake, if you will. He’s the closest to Reality Josh.”

SENSITIVE JOSH | “The newest member of the boy band… He’s the youngest. He’s really excited to be there. He takes the choreography to another level. He’s more in touch with his feminine side.”

BAD BOY JOSH | “The oldest one… He comes with a darker, checkered past. He has a history of substance abuse. If he was driving the van to the next gig, he’d probably crash the van or get in an accident. And he just hates regular Josh. He thinks he’s a d—-bag. Bad Boy Josh has a lot of aggression in him, but he also loves the ladies.”

GOOFBALL JOSH  He “really doesn’t care. His uncle probably owns the label attached to the boy band. He’s the class clown. He can dance and do hip-hop, but he really doesn’t care to be there. He just wants to have fun and make fun of everyone and drink Slurpees and get a sugar high.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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