Blood & Oil Episode Order Trimmed

ABC’s fall TV oil boom has gone bust.

The network has trimmed its episode order for freshman drama Blood & Oil, bringing the count from 13 to 10.

According to our sister site Deadline, the eighth installment is currently being filmed; production will wrap after Episode 10.

The low-rated series — which airs Sundays at 9/8c — stars Chace Crawford and Rebecca Rittenhouse as a newly married couple who relocate to North Dakota, following the biggest oil discovery in American history. There, they encounter baron Hap Briggs (Don Johnson), who forces them to risk everything in the name of getting rich.

Blood & Oil joins Fox’s Minority Report and NBC’s The Player as the third fall freshman series to have its episode order cut. Shows that have received full-season orders include NBC’s Blindspot, Fox’s Rosewood, CBS’ Limitless and ABC’s Quantico and Dr. Ken.

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  1. JB says:

    I only started it because of Scott Michael Foster. And also because I missed Dallas. I had hoped it would have the same feel. However the writing was just so bad I couldn’t continue. The characters weren’t that interesting. They also tried too hard to make Chase Crawford a leading man, something which he isn’t. After two episodes I decided it wasn’t worth my energy.

    Now if only SMF hadn’t left Chasing Life to film this…maybe the show wouldn’t have gotten canceled. Since their ratings plummeted after he left the show.

    • Lisa Mortini says:

      Absolutely the same here. I came for SMF, watched the first episode and found it pretty horrible. That can only mean he’ll be free to find a much better vehicle mid-season or for next year.

    • Steven says:

      Ratings for Chasing Life had been terrible. You can’t blame Blood & Oil for that.

      • wrstlgirl says:


      • johnhelvete says:

        You are essentially correct. Chasing Life had very low ratings for the entire run of season 2 episodes, there was no “ratings plummet” post SMF getting killed off. Episode 11 was tied (at least in the demo) for the third highest rated episode of the season, and SMF was killed off in episode 7.

      • Nancy says:

        Nobody is blaming Chasing Life for this. The show is awful and Chasing Life had nothing to do with it. I tried to watch it and couldn’t get into it.

      • Shannon says:

        Blood & Oil is my favorite show. I can’t believe that it doesn’t have high ratings. I hope it doesn’t go off the air.

        • Carol says:

          We need all the comments we can gather in order to get Blood and Oil back. Pass the word along‼️
          to get Blood and Oil back on the air. ‼️ There have been a lot of very GOOD coments so far, some good ideas too.🙋🇺🇸😉

          • Della says:

            Blood and oil was only reason I watched ABC it was something different besides the silly reality shows

          • Elaine Croft says:

            Blood and oil was the only decent show on abc
            Their rest is stupid reality and fantasy

          • Ryan says:

            Bring back Blood and Oil-bad timing to start a show like that. Too much holiday shows and football to watch. IF it would have started after Christmas it would still be airing.

          • Ryan says:

            This is why a lot of ABC’s shows aren’t popular. They pull the plug before any one can get fully immersed into their shows. If I were a TV executive I would put this show on a night and time that there wasn’t much good TV on and let it gain popularity. Then move it potentially to compete with the big dogs.

          • jennifer says:

            Abc starts great shows then cancels them after the first season. Abc you need to be canceled altogether. Abc you really stink

          • bzbee3069 says:

            Yes we love this show! Please keep it!

          • Kathywoods says:

            Please let it come back it was as good if not better than quanico omg I’m heart broken!😓😓😓😓😓😓😢😢😢😢😢😢you can’t do this I’ve been waiting and waiting for this show blood and oil please bring it back!!!

          • Renee says:

            This is a good show and should be brought back for a second season.
            Please reconsidering bringing this back.

          • Peter and Trudy says:

            Carol, we just sent similar comments!!! Bravo!! We both enjoyed “Blood and Oil.” We liked the script and especially Don Johnson as well as the chosing of the rest of the cast.

        • Diana says:

          I agree, my husband and I looked forward to watching it. I will be very disappointed if it gets cancelled.

          • Kimberly says:

            Abc ought to be ashame for cacelling that show. I was so looking forward to the second season. What the hell is wrong with abc. Thats the only time i would watch that channel was to see B/O.

        • Beverly White says:

          Very upset that it has been cut. This was the best of the series. It seems that the best ones are getting the low ratings. I have been waiting for the new episodes to begin. This is very disappointing. My friends feel the same.

          • AR says:

            I was just informed this had been cut :(
            They should’ve at least ended it with them hitting the oil jackpot!

          • Renee Forehand says:

            Love the show & very disappointed that it got cut short! Looked forward finally to something decent on Sunday…

        • Kimberly says:

          Me too i loved that show

        • Christy Johnson says:

          Yes it is awesome I hope they keep it

        • Kathy woods says:

          Please don’t let blood and oil not come on its my favorite show

        • Natasha W says:

          I love that show. I am still looking forward to it coming back. Hope so.

        • Peter and Trudy says:

          We think “Blood and OIl” was one of the best shows on TV! We are sorry that it was reduced in length…Anychance of renewing it next season?

        • Peter and Trudy says:

          Shannon, we also liked B & O!!! Whoever made the decision to reduce this series did not consider all aspects of show and time slot. I was a grad in TV/Radio. Worked 25 years in this field & can’t believe the incompetence on the part of execs & mgmt!!!!!!

    • Aimee Radford says:

      This was better than Dallas

      • I agree that it was better than Dallas and also better than Quntico.

        • Cathie says:

          I started watching this show late in the game, I’m all caught up now and I actually really like the show. I think it has great potential. Could it just be the wrong time/ day slot!! Please re-think. N I grew up on the Dallas series…this of course is so much more modern day.

          • CC says:

            I just started watching this late and took the time to watch all the episode. So disappointed this show is being cancelled. I miss Dallas and now this show is being removed. Get a better time slot and advertise much more. There should be more to TV entertainment besides killing zombies, reality shows filled with fighting, bad language and other negative factors on our children. PLS reconsider. This show is getting good, plus I been telling all my friends about this show.

          • Kay says:

            OK. First I wanna say;
            “Et `a vous Paris, mes pri`eves sont avec vous!”<3
            Now, I do love "Blood & Oil but I was soooo damned disappointed when they took the 3 wk break to film. It seems somebody failed to do their job behind the cameras,huh? The show does have some amazing potential if them people would get their heads outta their (_Y_)!!
            I have never before, seen where any of the (new)series had to "take a break to film" during it's season time! (especially a good one like B. &O.) That REALLY SUX!! :'-O
            WELL…I hope you guys will not let this happen in the future cuz it's really discouraging for us viewers. Its got alot of the B.& pissed off, not to mention, super bummed out!!
            Thank you for your time. I just hope I never have to write another one of these cuz it SUX!:'-(

            "Ce qui ser`a ser`a "!

            Oh yeah. Bye the way, what's up with all the freaking commercials? WTF? We get about 15/60 minutes of program after fast forwarding all the dang commercials. Talk about marketing? Nah! That's just greed on the whole entertainment business, I think.
            Oh well…
            "Plus nous regardons,
            plus nous payons…
            Le plus rich`e ils –

          • Karen harvey says:

            Yea I agree . maybe its the the time that it is aired.

          • Sky says:

            CC, they didn’t take a 3 week break to film. They took a break due to OUAT having a two hour episode & the AMA’s…

          • Diane says:

            I agree it’s on the wrong time..It plays same time as that show The Walking Dead…Change the time and this show is a HIT!!

          • Tammy says:

            I agree!

          • Lizzy Jones says:

            I agree with CC, they should be more on TV than watching zombies being killed and the boring reality TV shows that doesn’t do anybody any good!

          • Malachi says:

            There is other things to watch. Besides, TWD on cable not broadcast. Try watching all the hot shows every one talk about

          • Big D says:

            I really like the show too! The last episode was definitely a pleasant surprise and I have been waiting for another episode to come on.

          • Viv says:

            I totally agree with you!!!

          • Kimberly says:

            I thought the same thing i dont know what abc was thinking. Maybe it was wrong time slot and day. Wow i wish they would rethink

        • Sophie Canaan says:

          Really better than Quantico?? That’s why they reduced Blood & Oil episodes from 13 to 10 and ordered a full 22 episodes season of Quantico…..Okay makes sense…. I watched the show mostly for Don Johnson, he still looks good for his age ;)

          • Marilyn says:

            I also watched because of Johnson, but they need to give the show more than 10 episodes so watchers can get into it. It was a good start to something other than reality tv, medical shows and zombies. I’m sorry they didn’t give it more of a shot. There are a lot of hit shows on tv today that had a bumpy start but someone stayed with them and they took off.

          • Peter and Trudy says:

            We think “Blood and OIl” was one of the best shows on TV! We are sorry that it was reduced in length…Anychance of renewing it next season?

        • Juanita Muelller says:


        • Quantico is terrible! It did not hold my interest!

        • Jake says:

          Wow now. Wouldn’t say better than Dallas,but I did enjoy watching it. One of my favorite.

      • DarcyB. says:

        Or just as good….

    • Lacey says:

      Couldn’t agree more!! Scott Michael forster is the only reason I watched both TV shows! Once they killed off Leo, chasing life died with him.. I’m still going to finish blood and oil, but I’d love to see another TV show where Scott Michael foster plays a character like Leo’s.

    • Nancy Farkas says:

      Actually the ratings did NOT plummet after he left Chasing Life. In fact just the opposite.

    • Shanell Hill says:

      Blood &Oil was a good show the actors was great.

    • Lynn Ostland says:

      Blood and oil has to come back on, it is one of the best show’s in quite a while!! Excellent, Please bring it back!!

  2. astrid says:

    the show looked pretty great, captivating, its subject interesting and the cast was pretty good although i have to say honestly that the character played by Rebecca Rittenhouse was written as one of the most annoying i’ve seen on tv shows.some of my friends have said this looks like Revenge in country style.

  3. Nika says:

    When a network starts to reduce the episoe order in a tv show, that is just another way to say it will be cancelled eventually, no reason to reduce the amount of episodes if it is nto for cancellation

    • Sally McLinn says:

      These shows should have been summer limited series. That’s where you “try out” a show to see if goes into the fall. I feel the same about the Player, which I like.

      • damianvargas says:

        You just totally made up that “fact”. The summer period is not a try out period. If anything, networks put shows there they know won’t do as well. In the rare occasion it’s a huge hit then maybe it might go to fall.

        • Sky says:

          That’s odd. Wayward Pines was a summer show. It was supposed to be done after one season, yet here we are, MONTHS later getting a second season. I think B&O would do better in the summer, personally.

      • donna says:

        B & O and the player are good shows. I hope to see both again.

  4. Frank says:

    The network should have picked up Dallas!

  5. Brian says:

    As a huge fan of Dallas, I would have checked this show, but casting Chace Crawford turned me off from giving it a try. His casting didn’t make much sense to me. If he was blah on Gossip Girl, what were the odds that he would knock it out of the park on this show?

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    At least there’s hope for an ending since they’re still filming. I’m okay with that.

  7. bo says:

    Well I think JB is wrong I like the show, and I am not really sure how the networks do the ratings, I do not believe they are accurate. He most likely watches Law in order which I hate.

  8. Lerbert says:

    I was also looking forward to the premise, which I thought had some promise in terms of originality and the huge potential in the characters that could be involved. I’m not sure that ABC was the right home for it and as others have mentioned Chace Crawford just does not have the energy needed to sustain a main character. Also, it was too glossy (which is definitely an ABC thing). What was supposed to be down-and-out in the show felt artificial from the sets to the wardrobe.

  9. This is a great show . This gets cancelled & Dr. Ken lives on WTH ?

    • tardisrepairman says:

      Dr, Ken has been retaining Last Man Standing’s ratings while Blood and Oil has been the lowest-rated ABC show on Sundays. It’s really that simple.

      • kentuckywoman says:

        Dr. Ken is for mindless idiots. ABC would have done better to have kept Cristella, which was head and shoulders above Dr. Ken in quality, all the way around.

      • Don Johnson 4Ever says:

        What’s really that simple is that Blood and Oil is up against Sunday night football and the Walking Dead–the worst night on t.v. for ANY new show or one without an already huge following. It’s really that simple. It needs a better night & tuime slot to really be given a fair chance.

        • amen!! move it to Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday….Once Upon a Time doesn’t have enough of a lead in to keep the momentum..I like to see it paired up with Nashville, I think it could have a better shot…worst case scenario — have Netfix pick it up, shows in the similar style like Longmire are doing fabulous over there…..Off topic, I wish Netfix would bring back Dallas!

          • Todd says:

            Totally agree! A new night would give it a fair chance, although I think it is far better then Quantico which is also on Sunday and is getting a full season. There are a few too many super models for North Dakota! :)

        • Dee says:

          on am so on.board with you. I love blood and oil do you know when it is getting really good not time to take it off. give it a chance. Beverly 90210 ran a couple season and turned into a hit. I never watched that show. Blood and Oil the more I watch the more I wish it were on nextflex so I could binge watch it. Could hardly wait till the next Sunday and now it is being cancelled bad move. Quantico sucks to me only watched it because I was already watching Blood and Oil

          • DarcyB. says:

            I’m TOTALLY with you… I really liked the show!

          • Barbara Doyle says:

            I agree with you 100% they didn’t give it enough time, look what happen to baywatch, same thing , and that blew all over the world, I hope Netflix picks it up, Dee it all about greed, they want the $$ now– unbelievable –ABC you should be a shame of yourself

        • Trish says:

          I agree B & O is struggling against Sunday night football as well as Walking Dead!!..I like the show an seen it’s potential..I was so ready to watch tonight but to find out it may or will be cancelled sucks!!

        • Duane says:

          Get rid of the horrible background noise (music ?) so that we can hear what the actors are saying.

        • teresa says:

          Here! Here! Therez a lot of dead time during the week.

        • Jacque says:

          Your right I want them to keep

        • Esther Humerick says:

          I think you are right also on that because people like to watch football. They have even taken off shows that I like to watch on that channel for football.

    • MFL says:

      Dr Ken has good numbers…

      • Jim J. says:

        Yeah, but “Dr. Ken”‘s critical reviews aren’t positive (a 26% score on Metacritic).

        • LAna says:

          Critics hate this show too though! So your argument is null!

        • MFL says:

          I’m pretty sure advertisers don’t care about the critical acclaims….this is a numbers game and Dr Ken pulls in the numbers which B&O does not, so…

          • Jim J. says:

            I don’t think “Blood & Oil” is “critically-acclaimed”, either. CW is keeping the low-rated “Jane the Virgin” around because of its critical acclaim. I don’t think TV shows with mostly negative critical reception will have much of a long run on their networks.

    • Mona says:

      I agree how can Dr Ken get renewed and blood and oil doesn’t. .. I truly hoped it would make it being “leo” died in chasing life and I’m sure because of that the ratings dropped and that got cancelled… seems like so many good shows get cxld and some really bad ones stay on forever..I don’t get how ratings work at all

      • kellyallen73 says:

        Because its up against Sunday Football and Walking Dead. Ill agree the first 3 episodes was not that good. Now its great! I wished ABC would change its day before canceling it.

    • Jeff says:

      I totally agree, I love it. Will be real disappointed if it’s taken off the air.

  10. Diz says:

    That sucks. It’s my favorite new show of the season.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      For me – it was a choice between Madam Secretary (good writing) and Blood & Oil, and B&O wasn’t compelling enough to switch. However, it should have aired during the summer.

      • kentuckywoman says:

        Buy a DVR. It will change your world. I can’t remember the last time I watched TV shows as they air. I simply refuse to rearrange my schedule to accommodate TV! TV should accommodate MY schedule…and with a DVR or similar technology, it has done so for the last several years.

        I am now able to record and watch TV shows at my leisure. Some nights there might be 5 or 6 shows on that I like, while on other nights there might only be 1. So I record the ones I want and watch them when I wish.

        Networks need to realize people just don’t sit glued to the boob tube on the network schedule anymore.

        • mary says:

          I’m always thinking how is it possible that all these folks don’t have DVRs yet?! I would be lost without mine. Please folks, go ahead & get yourselves DVRs, you will feel so much freedom! Another great part of having a DVR is if you record too many shows, when it is close to Christmas or most of summer (2 times there is nothing to watch -except for holiday specials & baseball) then you will still have good shows to watch & catch up on.

      • Dee says:

        mine too was in response to my favorite show airing. I was just getting the word friends record these programs nine and after due to their jobs

  11. MFL says:

    This makes me so sad…the male characters are amazing but it lacks good female leads. None of the female characters are likable. But I was really getting into the show tho. Hope they get a proper conclusion.

  12. Larc says:

    This is the family visitation. Next will be the funeral. ;)

  13. Curtis says:

    I don’t understand this method of reducing episodes only to cancel it. It’s like twisting the knife. That being said, I like this show. The first two episodes were lackluster, but I thought it picked up in a lot of ways by episode 3. We’re introduced to Hap’s cunning ex-wife Annie in episode 7. That should be fun.

    • Malachi says:

      If anything what going to replace it when it ends. Most networks in December end there shows with a mid season break or play repeated Christmas specials all week long.

  14. Jackie says:

    When a project is an ego-trip for the exec producer, it usually doesn’t go the way the studio wants it to. Don Johnson is the exec producer on this, and it’s obvious that the whole story is set around him, and has gotten old fast.

    If he had been more of a leading man all these years after Miami Vice, it might have worked better. But he – or his character – doesn’t have the charisma to carry the show.

    Besides the fact that the whole storyline is so tired. These soaps are trying to recapture the spark that Dynasty or Dallas had back in the day, but besides the setting, the storyline hasn’t kept up with the times.

    These suds are going to keep being duds until the networks can figure out how to mimic cable shows while staying inside a network budget.

    • Patrick says:

      Network budgets are exponentially higher than cable shows. Cable shows can show things, like nudity, violence, and language, that the nets can’t get away with. Imagine GOT with no nudity, no swearing, and no graphic violence. Imagine TWD with no swearing or bloody violence. Horrific to contemplate. Imagine Blacklist with nudity and graphic violence. Or Castle. Or NCIS. Or SVU. 2.5 Men would air indefinitely, with Sheen, if they could have shown nudity and sex like any HBO show. Those network shows would have 30 million viewers weekly if they could push limits like Cable. The nets have got to change the tame content of their shows or they are dead.

      • Malachi says:

        The FCC Regulate that stuff! I’m so sick of this cable is better stuff people throw around. There are a lot of networks that try to push the boundaries but in a time when an opinion can ruins someone career…imagine all the stuff people will say about nudity. Also, most cable networks play constant rerun of network shows anyway so…

  15. cuius says:

    When the first episode has two vehicle accidents you know a show is struggling

  16. Television says:

    Wish they would have just kept Dallas. This just isn’t cowboy enough.


  18. Malachi says:

    Wow there a lot of new network shows getting reduced season this season. The player was also reduce to 9 episodes and I hear it’s a great show. TBH you expect most people to watch TV with the NFL in season? Do networks don’t care anymore or is people not watching TV anymore.

    • WingsStef says:

      Personally, I watched the first episode and didn’t care for it. I don’t watch the NFL but I know many do. Others are probably watching The Goodwife, PBS or something on cable.

  19. B says:

    Aww I’ll miss all the pretty people on my tv.

  20. Thomas hunter says:

    So I guess that reducing episode orders is a way of letting shows wrap up before announcing they’re cancelled?

    This show was just poorly written from the get go. There were no like able characters to root for. My wife enjoys this show but I laughed as soon as the washers flew off the truck. 😊

  21. kentuckywoman says:

    One of the better shows on TV this season. Much better than Blindspot, Limitless, or a handful of others. I hope they keep it going. Great cast and storyline.

  22. diane says:

    A shame, but I ended up only caring about Wick. He is supposed to be the bad guy, but I still rooted for him.

  23. Kelsi says:

    I will not be happy if you cancel this show. And I am not happy you only have 10 not 13 episodes. My husband and I have been watching this from the beginning and love it. I am wanting to get my 27 year old daughter interested in it.We are also hoping thus will be the one TV show that does not have anyone gay in it. I am not saying I am against that but I am tired of seeing every show on TV all about that. Please keep this show going other people will catch on to watching it just give it time.

  24. Judy Hall says:

    I only started watching it because of Don Johnson who I must say is ageing quite nicely!💗🎆🎇👍💜

  25. Kiwi3 says:

    Maybe another time slot would be better. I’m disappointed to hear that this seems to be on it’s way to being cancelled.

    I am enjoying Don Johnson’s new character and I think the show has potential.

  26. Chuck says:

    Hey Bubba, I bet a Nash Bridges redo would get attention!

  27. mrmcgee says:

    I actually like The Player.

  28. Francesca says:

    Scott Michael Foster and Chace Crawford should have gotten each others roles. SMF is more suited to the under dog while CC just screams spoiled rich brat

    • Christina says:

      Best comment on here. I couldn’t agree more! I had been thinking something was off with those two and you nailed it!

  29. Mr. Tran K says:

    The very first episode of B&O was a disappointment and there’s a reason why I called it “Dallas gone terribly wrong”. Really hope it’s going to be finished after episode 10 and I’m wondering if Quantico or possibly the Joan Allen fronted series The Family should fill the void in the 9 pm Sunday night time slot during mid-season.

  30. Eleanor Taylor says:

    I don’t like Don Johnson playing a “JR” kind of role. Only watched first episode.

  31. Lorraine Kilpatrick says:

    It’s a good show. Give it more time. It’s up against some CBS blockbusters

  32. I like the show. Give it some time.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I loved this show! Darn it for canceling it so soon. It will be so missed by ME. Jennifer

  34. Marjorie Morris says:

    Why are not going to give the show a chance on another day or time slot before you let it go??

  35. Nicki says:

    You would have low ratings too if you were up against football games and TWD. I record blood&oil cause I watch TWD during that time. Put it on another day it might’ve been better because Sunday is just booked up of shows at the same time.

  36. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW. I loved Revenge, but this is SO MUCH BETTER. Chace Crawford is a great leading man!

  37. Patricia says:

    I love Blood And Oil best new show of the season, I want it saved!! I have watched every episode so far & I’m ADDICTED!! I think the day & time needs changed for Blood & Oil to work to gain more viewers.

  38. Laura says:

    I was really hoping Blood and Oil would be good but it is really dragging and boring. So unlike Don Johnson’s other work. I was so glad he was back on television. But tonight I decided I’ll give it one more week to see if it improves.

  39. janis says:

    Give it a chance. It was great!

  40. Patty Brandl says:

    Scheduling a new show during prime time Sunday is the kiss of death. “Blood and Oil” is 1,000 times better than “Quantico,” which is lame and as confusing as “Game of Thrones” without the excellent screenplay. I think you’re making a huge mistake. Move to one of five other week nights when there is nothing decent to watch, and it will pull big numbers. There are so many shows that I watch on Sunday nights that I can’t even DVR all of them. Give this excellent show a fighting chance. And quit scheduling shows that could be hits on Sundays. There are already too many great ones to watch, most of them not on networks.

  41. d says:

    Blood and oil is one of my favorite shows right now!! Started off a little slow, but what season of any show hasn’t?! Give it some time!! The last few episodes have been amazing it can’t end now!

  42. Bill Cord says:

    It is not the greatest thing on TV but there are worst (Player) but the biggest problem is the writing is too obvious and the younger actors are too good looking and wise beyond their years.

    The one good point is the return of Don Johnson to TV.

  43. Bonnie W says:

    I really like the show….I feel if the network had given half the attention to Blood and Oil that it gave to Quantico more people would have tuned in. I will be sorry if it’s cancelled.

  44. Micki says:

    I love this B&O and The Player…sure hate to see them go…Minority Report needs more work…B&O should have another night as NFL is on during showtime…

  45. mike says:

    We want DALLAS, not some second rate markoff.

  46. Don Johnson 4Ever says:

    Okay, have tried to post the link to the petition to save Blood and Oil from cancellation, but apparently you can’t post links here because it hasn’t shown up. BUT–there is an online petition to sign if you want to let ABC know that they should keep this show on the air…

  47. Mizzward says:

    I like blood and oil it’s a cool little show if they let it play I am so tried of all these reality show let blood and oil get the whole 13 episodes

  48. Rusty rodriguez says:

    Do not cut any part of Blood and Oil, it is superior show. The cast is great.

  49. Beautiful People, Beautiful Scenery. Lots of juicy little sub plots. Don Johnson. What else does a viewer need? Reality? I live real life, I want to be transported somewhere else when I watch TV.

  50. Cj Wilcox says:

    ABC has not been in my good graces since cancelling FOREVER. Now, Blood & Oil gets the axe. The time slot is tough for any show. Give it more promo time on air. Get rid of Wicked City. The subject matter doesn’t belong on network TV. The cast, on the other hand may save this show for ABC. The cast of Blood & Oil especially Scott Michael Foster, have been terrific. Since ratings are the all important marker in this business, what viewers have to say won’t change anything. Just spitting into the wind while blowing my top! Fed Up!

    • Jan Motsinger says:

      I liked Forever too and so did some of my friends. Now this show is being cancelled too. I’m with you on Wicked City too- it’s too wicked! Keep Blood & Oil- yea, I know they never listen!

    • HitesMites says:

      ABC has not been in my good graces since cancelling All My Children!

      • Vicki says:

        I SECOND THAT!! I HAVE NEVER WATCHED ABC-DAYTIME AGAIN AFTER THEY CANCELLED AMC! I knew they were going to cancel this too; ABC is good for disappointing us.

        • Sue Bandy says:

          I loved this show & have kept looking to see when the new one would start! Dang it I can’t believe they cancelled this. I thought the entire cast was great- especially Don Johnson!!! Dang it !!! I also loved the new DALLAS & can’t believe they cancelled it also! Really irritating when they leave you hanging!