Scream Queens Photos: Ariana Grande (Finally) Returns as Chanel No. 2

Scream Queens Ariana Grande

She’s baaaaack!

Ariana Grande‘s Chanel No. 2 makes her triumphant return to Scream Queens in the Nov. 3 episode, and although her body is (finally) being laid to rest, her spirit is another matter.

First, let’s start with her funeral: Of course it takes place at Kappa Kappa Tau — I’m pretty sure every one of these girls would burst into flames if they entered a church — and of course it’s pink-and-black themed. (Extra kudos to Chad Radwell for his pink bow-tie, not that I’d expect anything less from the best-dressed douche at Wallace University.)

A new batch of 20+ photos from the episode, appropriately titled “Beware of Young Girls,” also finds all four remaining Chanels attempting to contact No. 2’s spirit — and they must be successful, because several of the shots reveal Grande’s character visiting No. 1 in an apparent dream.

(Of course, this is all speculation based on photos. It’s entirely possible Grande’s scenes are flashbacks, or a hallucination, or some combination of the two.)

Browse the new photos below, then drop a comment: Are you excited for No. 2’s return?

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