Liv and Maddie Sneak Peek: Patty Duke Is Here to Stir Up Double Trouble

Liv and Maddie just might do their own double take when veteran TV “twin” Patty Duke guest-stars on the Disney Chanel comedy.

In this Sunday’s episode, “Grandma-A-Rooney” (airing at 8/7c), the girls’ Grandma Janice (played by Duke) shows up to present Liv with an award, as seen in the exclusive sneak peek above. But as the half-hour unspools, something just doesn’t feel right about Janice, to the point that Maddie theorizes that it’s actually their Great-Aunt Hillary — aka Janice’s twin — under their roof.

Duke of course famously played identical twin cousins Cathy and Patty Lane on the 1960s ABC comedy The Patty Duke Show (albeit with no CGI trickery). In more recent years, the actress has guested on Glee, Drop Dead Diva and Hawaii Five-0.

Will your rugrats (and maybe your own, nostalgia-craving self) tune in for Duke’s new turn as twins?

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