Clipped Cancelled

Clipped Cancelled at TBS

Buzzy’s barbershop is closing its doors after one season.

TBS’ Clipped. which starred Mike Castle and Ashley Tisdale (Hellcats) as part-time haircutters — and full-time dreamers — has been canceled, our sister site Deadline reports.

The Massachusetts-set comedy also starred Lauren Lapkus (Orange Is the New Black), Ryan Pinkston (Punk’d) and George Wendt (Cheers).

Are you bummed to hear that Clipped has been… well… clipped? Drop a comment with your thoughts on its cancellation below.

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  1. Mr says:

    Awwww it was so good

  2. c-mo says:

    I’m sad but I saw it coming…

  3. Luis says:

    Barely made it through one episode

  4. J.Norman says:

    Yes, I’m sorry it was cancelled. I thought it was pretty good and had the possibility of good story lines.
    i wasn’t too hopeful, though, since this much time had elapsed since its season ended.

    Note to TBS: You will do better if you don’t put your sitcoms out all by themselves at 10:00 or so on week nights? OK!
    They get buried and forgotten out there.

  5. I love me some Lauren Lapkus, but this show just wasn’t very good. I stopped watching after the first episode. I wonder if the (relativley) quick cancellation means good news for Your Family or Mine, which ended its first season before Clipped but still (as far as I know) hasn’t had an announcement regarding its renewal or cancellation.

  6. Alex BaldTwins says:

    Any word on Your Family or Mine? I feel like it’s the last surviving live action show they have…

  7. CJ says:

    TBS has made a valiant effort to create some fun original comedies, but I just don’t understand their decision-making. I really loved Wedding Band, Ground Floor, Men At Work, and to a lesser extent, Sullivan and Son. I didn’t even bother to watch Clipped because I was almost certain it wouldn’t make it past the first season. I don’t understand what TBS is going for in terms of original comedies and at this point it’s a little frustrating, and I’d be surprised if I’m the only one a bit hesitant to watch anything on TBS aside from friends re-runs. .

    • Meg says:

      Wedding Band was fantastic and I’m still sad it was cancelled.

    • Emor says:

      ALL of the shows you mention are all from the previous regime at TBS. Since Riley came in he has cleaned house. The only show left to air from the previous regime is Angie Tribeca. It ‘supposedly’ is going to air Jan/2016. (Never mind that it was ANNOUNCED on May/2014!!!)

      • CJ says:

        I know that Kevin Reilly kind of wiped the slate clean when he came in, but so far his moves don’t seem to have panned out. I am excited for Angie Tribeca and it looks promising, but until they put forth a cohesive vision for their original comedies, I have a feeling they will continue to struggle to get any of them to catch on. I don’t think canceling all of the old regime’s shows was the smartest move, but time will tell.

  8. Jake L. says:

    I saw this pilot and had no idea it had been picked up to series. Shows how effective their marketing is/was, or not.

  9. Ron says:

    I had absolutely no idea this was even a show that existed…

  10. Mr. Tran K says:

    First Hellcats now Clipped? Poor Ashley Tisdale. The actress best known as Sharpay in the HSM movies can’t catch a break.

    • . says:

      Not to mention Scary Movie 5. I blame that joke of a movie for ruining her acting career. Now she will forever be seen as a Disney star even though she’s 30 and left disney years ago and no one will give her a chance or take her seriously

    • Gage says:

      He career didn’t take off like Zac Efron, who is pretty much the only successful one, post HSM.

      • . says:

        I think that’s because she made the mistake of staying in Disney even after the HSM movies ended (Sharpay spinoff, Phineas and Ferb), unlike Zac who left Disney right away and did big movies

  11. Reba42 says:

    Darn! I really liked it, but with USA and TBS canceling all their comedies, it was expected. I also expect the canceling of Your Family or Mine in the coming days.

  12. Will says:

    Oh! Now I remember this show! Yeah, only saw the pilot and thought it wasn’t that funny.

  13. . says:

    Although the show wasn’t that bad, I’m glad it got cancelled. The cast members deserve better roles and I hope Lauren Lapkus returns to OITNB. I loved her in that show and her Clipped character was really annoying and unfunny

  14. Diz says:

    I made it through half the season before killing it off the dvr. The cast was fine, but the show was horrible.

  15. edlowthegreat says:

    Bummed. I liked it

  16. AtlLady says:

    This was one of those shows like Cheers that takes a full season to find its rhythm. I was hoping it would return but knew it could go either way.

  17. I liked this show. Too bad.

  18. todd says:

    watched every episode. felt invested in the characters and their developed. hope it comes back

  19. Jennifer says:

    I’m upset. I liked clipped. I also liked your family or mine.

  20. Rico says:

    That bites. I loved this show. Bring back the sitcom. I am so over reality TV.

  21. Jim in Ca says:

    Bummed! I have been waiting for the return and when I searched to see when it was comming back…not!!
    The characters were well defined and the humor was great. I don’t know why it wasn’t given at least a second season.

    • Jim in Ca says:

      I saw some comments about not getting past first episode. I wasn’t sold on it at first either. But once you got passed being introduced to each character and could anticipate their reaction to a situation, it became fun to see how each character was going to be intergtated into it. The characters were not just “funny”, they each had a warm and emotional side that bubbled to the surface as well. You needed time to get to know them.

  22. amelia says:

    thats stupid it was a really good programme now what im i going to watch

  23. Ronnie fox says:

    Clipped was one of the best shows on TBS. That cast Wendt together so well, haha. Good storylines, good comedy wonderful setting who doesn’t like life from the inside of a barbershop

  24. Heather Arbour says:

    Love the show Clipped. Please bring it back for another season.

  25. Mike says:

    Booooyaka my wife and I LOVE this show! Why do all the GOOD shows get cancelled?

  26. Gina Cabeceiras says:

    Loved this show! So funny and real. I live in Mass and the context was true to form. Really wish TBS gave it a shot.