Gilmore Girls: What Are the Final Four Words? We've Got Your 12 Best Ideas!

Gilmore Girls Netflix

If TVLine readers penned the final Gilmore Girls script, the last four words of the series would involve Luke, coffee — or better yet, both.

On the heels of Monday’s news that the Lauren Graham-Alexis Bledel dramedy will return for four 90-minute “movie-lets” on Netflix, we asked you to brainstorm what the long-teased final four words of the show might be.

(For the uninitiated, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has long known what that series-ending phrase is, but she never brought it to fruition after exiting Gilmore Girls before its final season.)

In the gallery below, we’ve compiled 12 of your best Twitter suggestions — some of them funny, some of them sweet and some of them rather odd.

Scroll through the following photos to see which ideas caught our attention, then hit the comments with your own!