Gilmore Girls Revival Scoop

Gilmore Girls Revival: 7 Things We Know

Rumors about Nextflix’s freshly greenlit Gilmore Girls revival are flying faster than syllables out of Lorelai’s larynx. Well, have no fear, help is on the way. Strike that — help is here.

The gallery below contains all seven unofficial* droplets of information I currently have in my possession about the long-awaited continuation. It’s not much, but it’s, um… more than we had 24 hours ago. Remember that.

(*Netflix and Warner Bros. are still declining to comment.)

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  1. Luis says:

    Any chance of Mae Whitman showing up as Rory’s never before mentioned, given up for adoption fraternal twin sister?

  2. Nika says:

    Another revival, rebbot?? What is happening with the netwroks lately? Ran out of ideas??? Stop the revivals and reboots, leave the old shows as they are.

    I bet soonb will be a Seinfeld revival or Friends

    • Drew says:

      They’ve been trying to get a Friends reunion together since the show ended. The problem is getting everyone to agree to it at the same time, which will probably never happen.
      If it does, it will probably be a Thanksgiving episode, not a huge multi-episode arc.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Perhaps you could just, y’know, not watch it? I’m not a fan of reboots, but I don’t mind continuations. The Veronica Mars movie showed that it’s possible to pick up years later and still stay faithful to a show’s original tone and vision.

    • TAB says:

      Successful tv shows have gotten revivals in the past. Or am I the only person that remembers things like the Little House on the Prairie movies and the Dr Quinn movies, Murder She Wrote movies, Stargate SG1 films etc? The only difference is that now networks are trying to do seasonal continuations instead of films. For fans of those shows it is exciting. You must not have been a visitor to this site for very long because Ausiello has been trying to convince the creators of Gilmore Girls to continue the show in some capacity since it ended. Your comment is embarrassingly out of place here. Maybe for any other random show you could complain, but Gilmore Girls? How dare you!

  3. Drew says:

    Melissa McCarthy should try to do it. A large part of her fanbase comes from Gilmore Girls and people wanting to see her succeed. Unless she truly hated the experience of making that series for some reason, it would be bad publicity for her to turn down the chance (if only for a small role/cameo). She should try to avoid looking as though she is snubbing the show that gave her a chance when she wasn’t in demand.
    If she chooses not to do it, I think that they should avoid side-stepping the issue in these movies. They should just start scenes with Lorelai standing at the door, saying goodbye to Sookie, or have her on the phone with Sookie. Really, really play up the fact that Sookie is always just off camera.

    • Jessica says:

      I feel like she will probably show up, at least in some capacity. Gilmore Girls was filmed (and I assume will be filmed again) on the same studio lot where they shoot Mike and Molly anyway, so maybe they can make that work.

    • CaptainOats says:

      I really really hope to see Sookie actually on the show, but it just might be worth it if M.M. can’t do it to see your idea happen; it could be really funny.

  4. Phillip says:

    I still don’t know what “those 4 words” is about. What are you talking about? I don’t remember. HELP!

    • Luis says:

      Amy Sherman-Palladino said in an interview she knew what the last four words she wanted spoken on the show were, but she was not able to write them because she and her husband left the show before the final season. No hint as to what the words are, who says them, to whom they are said or in what context. This has apparently been haunting Mr.Ausiello’s dreams for years.

      • Ray says:

        I bet those final for words will be a huge let down.

        • pamill says:

          I always thought the infamous “four words” that were destined to end the show about mother and daughter were pretty obvious : “I love you, mom”. The only twist that it wouldn’t have been between the central mother and daughter duo but between Lorelai and Emily. That would be a pretty perfect ending if you ask me.

      • lilys says:

        I’m stunned, I was sure to know what they were ! I’ve read it somewhere… Was that a joke ? Was I high ?

        I’ve heard the four words were “it is a girl” and now I realized I must have been fooled ! wtf

  5. Sammy says:

    What Role did Ausiello play on Gilmore Girls, season and ep… I can’t remember… or was it just a reporter on set?

    • mikey says:

      Episode 5.19, But I’m a Gilmore! It’s the one where Rory goes to dinner at Logan’s parent’s house and Luke fills in for Sookie at the Inn b/c she’s on bedrest.

  6. Jennifer says:

    This makes me so happy!!!

  7. “waiting by the phone.” try email. Or Tweeter.

  8. David4 says:

    If Melissa McCarthy isn’t in all four of them then there is no point in even doing them.

  9. Nicolas. says:

    Call it like you wanna, but 4 episodes afters all these years ARE.NOT.ENOUGH.

    • Stacy says:

      Four, 90 minutes episodes is basically equal to eight TV episodes. While no amount of GG will ever be “enough” for me, this is enough time to make a return visit to Stars Hollow worthwhile.

  10. c-mo says:

    It would be an absolute crime if the “rando Dragon Fly Inn guest” didn’t make a triumphant return!

  11. Amy says:

    Sookie has to be in it. It would be a giant hole in the show for her not to be there. I’m sorry, but before the rest of the world knew who she was, she was klutzy, fun, adorable Sookie!

  12. Amy says:

    And since Richard died, would it be a twist to have Emily and Taylor date? Don’t get me wrong, I’m so sad about Richard/Edward Herrmann, I mean poor Emily…..I’m just saying.

  13. Mrs12 says:

    Just curious if anyone at heard if they will release the original series on blu ray? It would be great to have and watch before the 4 new mini-movies come out!!!

  14. This is amazing news…Anyone who watched this show knows the scripts and actors were magnificent and it never should have been cancelled without closure of many story lines. So Luke and Lorelei should be getting married, I hope???? Please give us the wedding and then a baby! And Rory back with Jess…and hopefully Melissa McCarthy will be back as well. Gilmore Girls helped her to go on to the next step of her career and I hope she is on board….would be very disappointed if she’s not….

  15. Care says:

    Thanks, Michael! Your demand and tenacity paid off for all of us!!

  16. Stacy says:

    Paris Geller must return! Liza Weil for the win. Screw it, I want everyone back. Kirk, Lane, Gypsy, Mrs. Kim, Miss Patty, Babette…. at this point I even miss Taylor Doose.

  17. Minty says:

    What’s the deal with the rando Dragonfly customer?

  18. barbara brightwell says:

    Stars Hollow and all its characters are a joy to watch. Can’t wait for the continuation. We all relate with different ones on the show. This news has made my day.

  19. tsevca says:

    I thought it´s called “7 things we know”, not “7 things we presume”.

  20. Julia Rindfleisch says:

    I cannot wait to see the new shows!!!! Where will most of the episodes be filmed? Any chance I could work behind the scenes doing anything? That would be soooo great!!!

  21. Carol SILVESTRI says:

    Please bring The Gilmore Girls back. Best series on TV. Perfectly cast. So much more could happen in their lives. “Oh Luke”, the last words of the series rings in my mind

  22. Carol Silvestri says:

    So much more could happen with the last scene. It is so perfectly cast. Please bring this heart warming small town series back. Wish I could find a Stars Hollow

  23. Debbie says:

    When is airing scheduled for and if it’s Netflix does that mean it won’t be on regular tv or cable station?

  24. Natalie Copeland says:

    I am literally crying! This show was amazing and my daughter and I watched all the time.
    Cannot wait !! Best ever for 2016

  25. Madeleine Boleslawski says:

    So so glad it is coming back. When it ended unfinished, it put you in a “shock” mode! Thanks Amy for bringing it back and that you r writing the scripts🙂