Awkward Prom Drama: Monty Geer Previews Cole and Theo's First Fight

Awkward Prom Spoilers

For as long as Awkward‘s Flotsam and Jetsam Theo and Cole have roamed the halls of Palos Hills High, the anything-but-basic duo has managed to stay out of the drama — until now.

Monday’s episode (MTV, 9/8c) presents a “divide between Cole and Theo for the first time,” Monty Geer tells TVLine. “It’s our first fight ever! Cole ends up wanting to go with someone, but Theo thinks prom is really basic. … Cole is suddenly having all these emotions, which annoys Theo, because he’s supposed to hate everything.”

Awkward Prom SpoilersBut before you go assuming that Theo’s annoyance is tied to any sort of jealousy, Geer insists there’s nothing romantic on the horizon for the platonic partners.

“On so many shows, they pair up the only two gay characters, which leads to all this drama,” Geer acknowledges. “Cole and Theo are just two friends who are gay. … He’s too beautiful for me, anyway.”

Geer does, however, promise that we’ll see a kiss — of some sort — between Cole and another character.

“I don’t know how they shot it, whether it’s in slow-motion or whatever,” Geer teases. “But I’m really just excited for the viewers to finally see Cole having some emotions.”

Your take on Theo and Cole’s new dilemma? Do you agree they wouldn’t work as a couple? Whatever you’re feeling, drop a comment below with your thoughts.