Blood Oil Ratings

Ratings: Blood & Oil Drops Hard With Walking Dead Now in the Mix

Zombies + nailbiter football + post-season baseball added up to some hurt for ABC’s Sunday dramas.

Once Upon a Time this week drew 5.2 million total viewers and a 1.6 demo rating, dipping 4 percent and two tenths to flirt with and match series lows.

Leading out of that — and now airing opposite The Walking DeadBlood & Oil (3.8 mil/0.8) dropped 28 and 38 percent, and is now down more than 40 percent from its debut. Plucky Quantico (5.7 mil/1.6) nonetheless managed to double its lead-in, even while slipping 19 and 16 percent week-to-week.

Once and Quantico tied as Sunday’s highest-rated scripted shows.


CBS | Pending adjustments due to slight football overrun, Madam Secretary (10.9 mil/1.5) ticked up a tenth, Good Wife (8.5 mil/1.2) dipped in audience while steady in the demo and CSI: Cyber — The Only One Left (6 mil/0.9) slipped 12 percent and a tenth.

NBC | Sunday Night Football (16.1 mil/5.8) was down 24 percent from last week’s fast nationals.

FOX | With no football lead-in, Fox’s line-up returned to premiere week levels.

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  1. DD says:

    Quantico is good enough to be a weekday show

  2. Dan says:

    That’s not so hot for any ABC show. I hope a
    1.6 is the floor for Quantico.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    My money’s on Blood & Oil as the first new show of the Fall TV season to get canceled and I called it “Dallas gone terribly wrong”. It won’t be good enough going up against The Good Wife as well as fan favorites Walking Dead (AMC) and Homeland (Showtime) in the 9 pm Sunday night time slot. As for Quantico, fingers crossed for a full season pickup.

  4. Erika says:

    Welp,The Walking Dead is killing most of the broadcasts shows ratings.Blood & Oil and CSI Cyber is dead.OUAT and Quantico will be dead because of ratings.And I wondering about the ratings of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin tomorrow.I think Crazy Ex-GF and JTV ratings below 0.5.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Most”? CBS seemed to hold up well. Football is always fluid. And are you really predicting QUANTICO is “dead”? LOL

      Seriously, which bookstore chain do you work for, with all these “TV doomsday!” forecasts?

      • Dan says:

        Quantico is definitely far from dead Matt but the show needs to be careful. Piling on the questions with each episode and having so many moles, double agents, twists, and turns starts to become a turn off. It just makes it seem like the show can’t survive on regular storytelling until a bomb is dropped. And the ratings may reflect that as people start to DVR it and watch something else live. I still hope it survives but… cool down a bit writers

        • Et al. says:

          Amen! I just hate when television shows have twists and surprises. In fact I wish there were shows where the actors just sit comfortably in chairs and stare silently at the camera.

        • dan says:

          I agree with my namesake “Dan” about the twists and turns on Quantico. I’m already tired of them and its only been three episodes.

          • Et al. says:

            For people who require simple stories and immediate answers, there’s a whole network for you called CBS.

        • Mike M says:

          “…It just makes it seem like the show can’t survive on regular storytelling until a bomb is dropped.” Which they did in the first minute of the premiere (a bomb) lol. In addition to your list you missed the unending use flashbacks between present and training, and present and other times. I agree it’s not all being badly done, there is just too much of it being piled on and not nearly enough being paid off. So in three episodes we really know very little for sure about anyone, and that needs to firm up fast. Also for me the soapy moments in the story line are getting close at times to killing the suspense. I wonder what his real story is… oh who cares look at his abs… I just hope they get some movement forward rather than 16 miles sideways before cease to care whether Alex is a quintuple agent and really DID do it all along.

      • Big Mike says:

        Erica just got REKT.

    • DYS says:

      On most weeks that TWD is on, it won’t be competition for Quantico because it is usually only an hour, as opposed to an hour and a half last night.

    • DarkDefender says:

      The Walking Dead’s numbers are amazing (crazy in the demo), but it doesn’t effect the networks like you think. The ratings matter to them (ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX) against other similar shows on their own networks. So ABC dramas are compared to other ABC dramas and traditionally the ones that maintain higher ratings within the network stick around (i.e.: Grey’s Anatomy).

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Quantico is yet another new show I really want to like but it has yet to really WOW me. It’s just okay in my book, nothing special. I think part of the reason is the cast is just to pretty. I know that sounds weird, but I feel like I’m watching a pretty people contest, LOL!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      There was a group shot last night where I admittedly was like, “Great Caesar’s Ghost, this is a pretty buncha people.”

    • xander says:

      Same here. I wanted to like it, but the dialogue is so dumb. Literally every line is designed to include a reference to some “mysterious backstory” for the viewer to wonder about. Their “style” is a clear rip-off of HTGAWM (the fast-forwarding effect and flashing back and forth in time). And, lastly, I think the acting is nothing special.

  6. Boiler says:

    The ratings out today are just another example of networks needing to figure out a way to make money on DVR stuff. I don’t know if it is product placement, having a little icon in the corner like they do with soccer, something. You look at the DVR numbers for the Sunday ABC show premieres and Quantico up 79% and OUAT up 61% so a heck of a lot of people, well in excess of 10 million, are watching these shows. Also how many of you who comment on ratings drops actually watch live. If not the Nielsen ratings don’t care about you. CBS shows not part of initial DVR rankings but when they get 10 million live that is doing well.

    • Patrick says:

      This. The nets need to run a crawl line on the bottom of the screen that shows “ads.” This is the only way for nets to survive today.

      • Mike M says:

        Will never happen. Testing has been done in the past and they already know it is incredibly annoying and distracting from shows. The splash animated graphics of today are already pushing it. Nothing would drive more viewers to pre episode ad supported online VOD faster, which would be a rather big back fire.

  7. kmw says:

    Quantico is not dead and Matt is right most of CBS held up last night. Whether Walking Dead was on last night it would have been a similar result for Blood and Oil. On a different network FOX’S shows need the football lead in. Even with OUAT dipping it was still nights best number in demos along with Quantico. Imagine if Quantico had a better lead in

  8. Ouat did ok but i think next season wiil be the last one

  9. Mama Grizzl says:

    Blood and Oil just picked up the pace last nite and revealed some interesting plot twists. They can get diehard soap fans if they change the Sunday 9pm slot, apparently they have some competition from the other networks. Blood and Oil has to zero in on it’s fan base and serve them and not go after viewers who will not support the show in the long run I suspect the Blood and Oil fan base is women age 30 and up.

  10. ABG says:

    They need to switch Quantico to Nashville’s spot. Revenge did really well there and Nashville could go to Blood & Oil’s spot.

    • Important feedback. says:

      Quantico-Nashville swap is smart. I bet Nashville would hold its current numbers Sunday @ 10 and Quantico would get much more sampling from a Wednesday.

  11. Nick says:

    A lot of people stick around for Talking Dead, so I actually think Quantico did pretty darn well in that case.

  12. Westen says:

    Quantico will in 1.3 -1.5 by Nov. Really bad TV. 3 and out..

  13. Maryann says:

    I wasn’t sure about Quantico at first, but I absolutely love the twist upon twist and the complex, layered characterizations. Keep it coming!

  14. shadester says:

    CSI Cyber is dead? are you sure. I will never watch blood & oil since they cancelled dallas.

  15. Joyce Smith says:

    Blood & Oil (is that the title?) is too much like the 1980’s Dynasty, Dallas, Knot’s Landing!

  16. lori says:

    the low ratings on this show in my opinion aren’t due to it being In competition w/any other shows. I tried to watch the show bcuz scott Michael foster was on it; however, I don’t care for how his character is portrayed or any of the othr characters for that matter. if this show goes I wont be unhappy–maybe they’ll bring back chasing life and abc family will deal w/shows about families/people supporting ea othr(good, bad, indifferent). we need shows that are more positive. I’ve always disliked the unreality shows–that’s not entertainment–it’s miserable people finding enjoyment in other peoples disfunction.