Sleepy Hollow @ NY Comic-Con: An Enemy Returns, a Turncoat and More

Sleepy Hollow Traitor

A Benedict Arnold an entirely different sort will come into play on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, when someone changes allegiances later this season.

Co-executive producer M. Raven Metzner teased the turncoat twist on Sunday at the series’ New York Comic-Con panel, which was moderated by yours truly.

The other big scoops to be gleaned from the panel discussion concerned Ichabod coming face-to-face with an enemy from his past and Abbie running into trouble at the FBI.

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Stars Lyndie Greenwood, Zach Appelman and Nikki Reed joined Metzner on the Sunday-afternoon panel; Tom Mison made amends for his last-minute absence by sending Appelman an e-mail that he read — in Mison’s voice — during the discussion. (Mison later texted, mocking Appelman’s British accent.)

And when fans pressed Metzner for scoop on the endgame of this season’s villain, the scribe answered with a grin, “Pandora does have secrets — and so do I.”

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