Person of Interest Season 5 Sneak Peek Finds the Team Trading Faces

The Machine…. is having issues, as seen in this first look at Season 5 of Person of Interest.

When last we tuned into the CBS drama, Finch had crammed Her into a briefcase, a very risky proposition only outweighed by the alternative — the certainty that she would die at the Samaritan team’s hand.

So how is The Machine coping, weeks after the fact? Press play on the sneak peek above to get a taste of the visual recognition bugs She is still working through, affording the series’ cast the chance to slip into one another’s shoes, sensible suits and horn-rimmed eyewear.

Person of Interest Season 5 will premiere midseason, day and time TBD.

Person of Interest Cast, EPs Tease Possible Series
Finale, Bringing the Machine Back to Life

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  1. justtobesane says:

    This is so funny! I can’t wait for this show to return!

  2. Northen Lights says:

    Hilarious! They all had me ROFL, but special mention goes to Amy Acker! She totally nailed it! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in season five. Shame on you CBS for only ordering 13 eps! Just look at how awesome that clip is!

  3. Tara's Badonkadonk says:

    Amy Acker keeps proving that she’s super talented she can do anything and be ANYONE LITERALLY and she obviously can handle being a lead in her own show.

    Come on people make a spin off I can’t loose Root I don’t want to say goodbye to her there’ll never be another character like her. Save her please. Acker is just too amazing playing her.

  4. Manu says:

    Amy Acker is a goddess among insects.

  5. Nicole says:

    Really missing POI this fall…TV is just not the same without it. One of there smartest written shows out there on a big network.

  6. Alex Jones says:

    it’s just been annoucned that season 5 will be the final season.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nothing was announced at NY Comic-Con, actually. One cast member allegedly said, to a reporter during press rounds, that this is likely the last season “on CBS.”

      • JC says:

        Thank you Matt for setting the record straight

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          No prob. I know one of the cast reportedly said it’s likely the last season “on CBS,” but I just IM’d my pal who moderated the actual NYCC panel and he affirmed nothing was “announced.”

      • D. Schnell says:

        God I hope that means a move to NetFlix for at least a full Sixth season (22 eps) or 2 more 13 episode 6 & 7 seasons (Like CBS plans with Season 5). I love this show and can’t believe it took me so long to finally watch it. Now if Netflix would get on the ball and post season 4 so I’m caught up in time for the CBS broadcast, that would be nice.

        • SC says:

          I feel the same way. C’mon Netflix!! Post Season 4 already!!! You’re killing me. I love this show. It DESERVES to ditch CBS and go to Netflix for “PG-16” action and content like Daredevil.

      • dioxinblues says:

        Thanks for clarifying. The odds are not exactly in POI’s favor with CBS, unless it comes out of the gates like gangbusters in the ratings, but there’s still hope out there in the fandom that Netflix or the like may pick them up. It’s just too good a show to not be able to go out on its own accord.

  7. Cate53 says:

    Loved this! POI isn’t always big on the light heartedness so this is a nice little titbit!! Last season was just EPIC, can’t believe it’s winding down… :(

  8. BostonGreekGirl says:

    That was hysterical and I must say they all did really well playing each other esp Amy Acker. I can’t wait for POI to return and really hope this isn’t their last season.

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    That clip is freakin’ awesome. Really hope POI gets a proper “final season” now that the series won’t be back until mid-season with a run of 13 episodes.

  10. I heard it’s been cancelled after this season

  11. Lee says:

    I loved the show. But I don’t have TIVO nor can I stay up that late. It was great right after NCIS, but moving it an hour later KO’d me out of the game. And CBS never would re-run the episodes, so I couldn’t go back and watch it later. I don’t have an answer where to put it. But don’t cancel it.

    • MissM says:

      Old episodes now are on Netflix, and WGN is re-running past seasons, so there’s that. I am wondering if there will be new viewers this season from people who’ve caught up on Netflix.

  12. Cyn says:

    I can’t wait for this show to come back. Limitless isn’t holding my attention :(

  13. Ange says:

    i need this on my TV

  14. HATCH says:

    I hope they’ve got something better than this. they need shaw back and Samaritan has run it’s course. go back to helping people.

  15. moretv4me says:

    Any idea when POI season 4 will be available on Netflix? I need to get caught up before season 5 premieres!

    • Babygate says:

      I would like the answer to this as well. Season 4 was supposed to be up weeks ago. And Netflix is not responding to emails or tweets about this. And season 4 as being replayed on WGN is missing key episodes. Notably E11 whe Shaw was shot. Episodes 3 and 7 were also missing from the order.

  16. m3rcnate says:

    Genius, hilarious. love it.

  17. everart says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant. Smartest show on television, one of the few that actually seems to understand how computers work. I just participated in a robot study at a major university that examined how robots interpreted objects and people using virtual reality headsets, and this scene was spot on and hilarious. Mr Robot is the only other show as tech-savvy. If only shows like Cyber and Scorpion could write this well.

  18. Herbert Ivan says:

    Put this poor show out of its misery. It stopped being a potentially great show several seasons ago. And for heaven’s sake get rid of Root. Root is one of the worst characters ever conceived for TV, movies or books. Absolutely pathetic conception and portrayal.

    • Troy says:

      Would you like some tea with your bitterness?

      • Normandy says:

        There was one guy on here during season three who actually complained about the story arcs on Person of Interest, how the show should be episodic where no one dies and everyone goes home at the end. He actually wanted POI to take after Without a Trace! I wonder if this is him.

  19. juno says:

    Hilarious! Hands down the best and smartest show on network TV nowadays. If only CBS can see that..

  20. Babygate says:

    Is this going to be part of the episode? I love it!!! It is hilarious. I miss this show so much. Still bummed about the short order.

  21. Coal says:

    So if Code Black is cancelled soon could POI replace it ?

  22. LOL, not surprising… can anybody recognize familiar faces after waking up from a long sleep? Before their morning coffee? The Machine needs a boost and she’ll be good to go.

  23. sally poorman says:

    as long as Bear is in the show, hes such a pretty dog

  24. Jim says:

    My Gawd, Nolan, enough with the water bottle cap. No need to take it off and replace it every 15 seconds to take a sip.

    • rowdyred says:

      The reason for the screw-on cap is so that you can re-cap it. It reduces the risk of spillage, especially if you take a sip “every 15 seconds.”

  25. Kansas Blutbad says:

    Best show on TV period. 13 episodes is criminal

  26. DanielleZ says:

    Person of Interest is one of my favorite series. I’m looking forward to Season 5. Can’t wait!

  27. dioxinblues says:

    A smart, savvy, wildly inventive show that’s only just now stretching its possibilities with a dream cast that will be snatched up in a heartbeat so of course CBS wants to replace it with mindless dreck like CSI: (insert sub-group) or Criminal Minds: (insert sub-group) or NCIS: (insert sub-group). I only hope Netflix or someone else will pick it up so it can continue bringing the brilliance. Until then, I’ll watch another network.

  28. Helen Stark says:

    One of the best TV series. I am gripped and sit and watch all evening through the whole box. And can’t wait for the next episode. When is season 5 coming to the UK

  29. Kathy says:

    I love, love love this show! I can’t wait for it to start. I have watched every episode. Great actors and love the story lines.

  30. Hardlinert4 says:

    I absolutely love this show. I wish there was something we could do to make sure it renews for a 6th season??? Hands down great writing! I’m so tired of other shows sticking around and becoming so cheesy and predictable!!!

  31. Eugene rawlings says:

    I love poi I wish there would be more seasons after 5but I can’t wait to see it

  32. I just started watching the older episodes and am hooked. I can’t believe I missed it all this time. 13 episodes is just not enough! The characters are great!

  33. Gigi says:

    Please don’t end this show. There’s so little else to watch on TV now, and there are too many more great stories waiting to be told on POI. I loved the premise from the beginning and now I love all the characters as they have evolved. There’s so much more rich material here to be developed.

  34. deena miller says:

    I absolutely love all the series of person of interest. It is really addicting. But watch out, when there is a good series, someone decides to cancel it. Enough of the stupid reality shows. Hoping to see more of PERSON OF INTEREST PLEASEEEEEE

  35. lekelee says:

    poi shuld be here to stay.cant wait for d next episode.

  36. Abdi Hatta Mrvica says:

    that’s greats I waiting this movie. Hey Shaw i Miss you…. :)

  37. Lee pugh says:

    We love it!!!!!