Arrow Trailer Teases Canaries Team-Up, Mr. Terrific's Arrival and More

Are two canaries better than one?

A new promo for Arrow Season 4 unveiled during Sunday’s Warner Bros. Television Takeover panel at New York Comic-Con — partially moderated by TVLine’s own Matt Mitovich — showcases the Lance sisters reunited in their hero costumes.

Also glimpsed in the teaser: Mr. Terrific expressing some suspicions that Oliver may be Green Arrow, a unique “Olicity” kiss, a Malcolm vs. Nyssa fight, Constanine’s “resurrection” and much more.

Hit PLAY above to watch the promo, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. JC1 says:

    Sara!!! Sara Sara Sara Sara! :)
    So excited. Can’t wait to have her back. :)

  2. GildedRose says:

    Oooooh this looks good! Damien Darhk seems like he’ll shape up to be an amazing villain and was that him about to pull back Oliver’s hood!? Caught some sexy Oliver & Felicity in there, too. Can’t wait for that! Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and Olicity… keeping me coming back every week.

  3. Petar says:

    I was not expecting Jeri Ryan, But Hell this looks AWESOME!

  4. Sil says:

    Thanks for the great trailer. Lots of things I’m excited for. Darkh is an awesome villain. Sara is back. Has Palmer showed too? Mr Terrific looks great. Anarky, Merlyn. So many great things to look forward to.

  5. Marcos says:

    Papa Argent leaves Beacon Hills for going to Star City. If he was looking for vacation, I don’t think he selects the best place

  6. That Olicity KISS <3 <3
    So xcited to see Sara….Always liked her so much more than LL

    • Jack says:

      It’s sad you can’t talk about liking Sara without bringing up Laurel. Either way, if you enjoy Sara then she’ll be shipping off to Legends after a few eps on Arrow, and you can watch her without having to draw comparisons.

  7. lily says:

    SO much good stuff in this trailer. Dig/Oliver, Oliver/Thea, SARA and of course that Olicity Kiss. Season 4 is looking amazing.

  8. GirlvsTV says:

    Saraaaa! I hope having Caity Lotz back will give us some great fight scenes. I’ve really been disappointed by them lately. I used to rewatch the action stuff all the time in seasons 1&2 but I don’t think I’ve done that since the Arrow vs Oliver fight in 3×1. No idea what happened but hope to see it improve through this next stretch of episodes.

  9. saku says:

    I love seeing sara in that trailer!! It’s going to be awesome seeing her struggle with the pit’s effects.. Also love olicity!!!!

    • John NYC says:

      They’ve introduced mysticism in part to set up Constantine bringing her back without using the Pits. In a previous interview on here the writers said the Pits avoidance would be explained.

      • JC1 says:

        Sara is being brought back using the Lazarus Pit – the trailer even shows her coming out of it. But there’s going to be some serious consequences (to explain why it can’t be used to bring back everyone that dies) and that’s what Constantine is being brought in to deal with.

        • John NYC says:

          Huh. I guess I misinterpreted the interview then, though I could swear the writers used the word “avoid” in reference to that. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll take another read.


          • John NYC says:

            Ah, they were discussing why the person in “The Grave” is going to stay dead and not be revived by the Pit.: “RIP, WHOEVER YOU ARE | Somebody is definitely dead — “It’s not a fake-out,” Guggenheim confirms, while keeping mum on whether the producers know who is in that cemetery plot — and he or she will stay that way, despite the existence of Nanda Parbat’s magical hot tub. “We want to bring stakes back to the show, and so, we’ll be finding a way to handle the Lazarus Pit… in a new, inventive way that I can’t reveal,” Mericle shares. “But it’ll be cool.” Adds Guggenheim: “It’ll feel organic and very earned. It’s actually very elegant.””

  10. Paria says:

    Some laurel lance in action!! Love it

  11. Clara says:

    OMGGGGG, this upside down kiss by Oliver and Felicity!!!!!!!!!!! They are pure magic to me!!!! Or should i say heroine?? lol Now dying to see this episode…

  12. Ugonna Wosu says:

    Olicity sucks, and are now copying the Spider-Man kiss. Didn’t notice Sara, and that’s a good thing.

    • Josh says:

      Olicity and Sara are two of the best things to come out of this show

    • Is that because she is Arrow’s Gwen Stacey? I think so, another nod to there… Not looking good for Felicity.

      • lily says:

        You gotta chill with this obsession you have with killing Felicity off. There are so many Laurel fighting scenes for you to love and yet this is what you’re focused on. YIKES.

        • Well considering the polls have Felicity at over 50% – I’m the not the only person in the fandom that thinks that is very likely. If you don’t like the comment ignore it and move on.

          • lily says:

            Of course not. For a brief moment even I thought it would be Felicity in that grave, but everyone leaped to that because of the last scene before the graveyard one. But you’re the one who’s on every single platform insisting that it HAS to be her ‘Gwen Stacey’ moment because then how else would you get your LL/OQ. Enjoy the ziplining action between GA/BC. You’re getting ‘comic canon’ of them fighting together. It’s like nothing makes you happy. You won’t be happy until Felicity’s dead.

          • wonderwall says:

            Lol of course… Because the polls say so, it HAS to be Felicity who dies. The person in the grave isn’t usually the person who people most suspect. Otherwise where’s the shock factor? So really, Felicity topping those lists means that she’s not the one who’s going to die.

      • wonderwall says:

        Lol what? That spiderman kiss was a Mary Jane thing… Mary Jane doesn’t die.

  13. Sara looks so badass as Canary can’t wait 4 this

  14. Laurel lance with some action! So pretty <3

  15. Diane says:

    Yay. original black canary or black canary the 1st is back. Slap the taste out your sisters mouth pls… Mrs identity stealing, trolling to give out autographs for crap she never did it was Sara was out for months preventing rape in glades and meanwhile laurels all I’m the black canary let me sign a photo- grossness. Good grief why can’t they let Laurel be awesome- ADAing etc with her own hero name. I don’t care she matches up with the comic, on the Show Sara acted like the black canary, Sara has the background, the story that made sense. Sigh. I want to watch nut don’t want ratings credited to the insanity that is Laurel fan pandering. She was so great in s1. Bring back that girl… Give her a decent love interest and something that differentiates her from her sister. Pls

    • Jack says:

      Sara was nothing like the Black Canary. Sara was an assassin, who murdered people, not to mention children’s parents, slept with her sister’s boyfriend, and you cannot consider yourself a fan of the character if you have to say she *is* something she wasn’t just to insult / tear down a character who *is* what you wish Sara was. Sara was introduced purely as a supporting character for Oliver and Laurel’s journey — Oliver, to be developed as an equal so that when she died, it would represent what ending could await Oliver himself, and Laurel, to be developed as “The Canary” and the origin story of the Black Canary (similarly to the comic books). I think it’s sad you consider Laurel’s storyline in S1 to be “great” and call for a love interest as an effort to make her likeable for you. The great thing about Laurel is that she doesn’t need to be in a relationship to cover up the fact she hasn’t developed as a character since her introduction *coughFelicitySmoakcough* She HAS grown, and evolved, and in no part has that been a result of being with someone else romantically. What differentiates Laurel from Sara is that Laurel won’t try and bang Oliver while he’s with someone else, she won’t murder people, she won’t join a deadly group of assassins and fall to their every command. She won’t fight just to protect someone she loves, she fights to save the city, to save strangers, by day as a lawyer and by night as The Black Canary. It’s great to see the sisters back and fighting side by side, and that’s something the show needed more of, but Sara is no shining example of heroism, nor did she act anything like “the black canary.”

      • Diane says:

        Well- I liked CNRI Laurel and her fighting for people in court. And I like romance and loved her and Tommy and her allowing herself to fall for Tommy…sooo. For me S1 Laurel was my favorite. Sorry not a comic reader and don’t care about what comics say, I just like the TV show- Sara was the canary (black) to me- she fought for women after making horrible choices was a kind friend to everyone on the team and like Oliver was working on thrilled she’s back and look fwd to her on her spinoff.

    • Anna says:

      I was really upset when they killed Sara because of this reason. Laurel could have been awesome as an ADA, and Sara was PERFECT as THE Black Canary. If Oliver could have learned how to be a hero after everything he’s done, then Sara could have as well. I feel like Laurel just got the storyline of BC because of her name…even when what made more sense was always Sara as BC. All those years of training with the LOA? It was the perfect backstory. A few months training in a kickboxing gym? I can’t ever buy that as enough training to be at the same level as Oliver and Dig. At least Thea trained full-time for a few months with Malcolm, but Laurel would only have been training after hours seeing as she had a job. I’m so glad Sara is back.

      • Jack says:

        Laurel trained with Nyssa Al Ghul, who is supposed to be even more skilled and trained than Malcolm Merlyn. The Black Canary was not a member of the League of Assassins, she didn’t murder people in cold blood, and she didn’t sleep with other people’s boyfriends. Sara is NOT “the” Black Canary, she’s not even close. It’s sad this is still a discussion. Laurel was always going to become Black Canary, the producers and Katie Cassidy have even confirmed that it was planned since before the pilot was even shot.

        • Anna says:

          Yes, because the show follows the comics exactly. In fact, I remember reading a comic where Oliver gets stuck in an island called Lian Yu and becomes friends with Slade, and has a sister named Thea, and Laurel has a sister named Sara, and…oh, waitaminute…

        • wonderwall says:

          She trained with Nyssa for about 4 weeks……….. While Sara probably trained with Nyssa for 2-3 years?

      • Sara was not a perfect Black Canary – she was a cold blooded assassin – nothing like BC at all – she lied, stole, cheated, killed people – made kids fatherless. As I said nothing alike.Sure Sara is a good fighter, but that’s where the traits end. Anyone who says she is like the comic book character just shows they know nothing real about the Black Canary character at all.

        • BC fan says:

          Yes, because only your interpretation and understanding of BC counts as acceptable. There are plenty of us BC fans who liked Sara and felt she embodied who BC is, but you just love to go on every comment board and insist that Sara was not an acceptable BC. Maybe try respecting other people’s opinions and interpretations of the character once in awhile.

  16. Nat says:

    I’m so wonderful to see a superheroine team up! (I hope we get to see Mr. Terrific in costume this season!)

  17. Anna says:

    “Jaw’s not right.”
    “That’s what I keep telling people.”
    I am REALLY looking forward to that scene. And Sara’s return. I wish she were staying. The Oliver-Felicity kiss looks super cute…and hot. I can’t wait to see Oliver and Dig repair their bromance as well, and more of Thea/Speedy kicking ass.

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Trailer for new episodes looks so good! Good to see Ray again. Happy to see Sara as the Canary again!

  19. Looking forward to seeing the Green Arrow and Black Canary team up – that jump looks insane. It’s going to be interesting to see how Sara returns from the Lazarus Pit – they better do that story justice to warrant digging up a corpse from being buried for well over 12 months. There needs to be some significant change in Sara, and not just a couple of scene – but long term even permanent ones. But the Canary fight scene looks interesting.

    • John NYC says:

      The writers have said an interview here, that they’re not using the Pits.

      • John NYC says:

        Correction, not using the Pit for the person in “The Grave”
        “RIP, WHOEVER YOU ARE | Somebody is definitely dead — “It’s not a fake-out,” Guggenheim confirms, while keeping mum on whether the producers know who is in that cemetery plot — and he or she will stay that way, despite the existence of Nanda Parbat’s magical hot tub. “We want to bring stakes back to the show, and so, we’ll be finding a way to handle the Lazarus Pit… in a new, inventive way that I can’t reveal,” Mericle shares. “But it’ll be cool.” Adds Guggenheim: “It’ll feel organic and very earned. It’s actually very elegant.””

  20. Paria says:

    Its so disgusting how this fandom has to tear down one of the female characters to pimp another.

    • sara says:

      I agree. Especially when it comes to olicity fans and their crusade against Katie. Like grow up and focus on what you like. Its like they are obsessed.

      team laurel! The Black Canary

  21. kpflat says:

    So glad I have DVR and can FF through any and every horrible scene Katie Cassidy is in. She is terrible!

  22. Dd says:

    Wish Laurel would leave and Sara stay cause she’s so irritating trying to fill her baby sisters shoes just imagine poor girl doesn’t get so much attention Sara totally rocks *thinking* Well she’s The Original Canary I honestly Hope the person in the grave isn’t Felicity that would totally ruin my life.

  23. acurat says:

    I like the new Thea. Not evil, but full of fury. The actress playing her is very convincing in her new playing of the role. In a way, she is a violent bad-ass now.