Reign Francis Death Spoilers

Reign 'Shocker': Francis Dying in Season 3, EP Confirms

Crank up the Beyoncé, Reign fans, because Queen Mary is about to find herself a single lady.

Given the grim prognosis King Francis received at the end of the CW drama’s second season, this probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but Toby Regbo’s character is going to meet his maker during the upcoming third season, premiering Friday at 8/7c.

“I wanted people to get used to it; there was no way around it in the storytelling,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy tells about why she’s chosen to reveal Francis’ impending death. “We’ve done shocking deaths and that’s not the tone of this story.”

This news should make Friday’s season premiere — particularly the more tender moments between Mary and Francis — all the more bittersweet.

Reign-dears, are you crushed by the news of Francis’ death? Or were you already preparing for the worst? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Magali says:

    There was indeed no way around this one.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Personally I wish they had kept it quiet. Yes, we all know it’s coming but now that it’s confirmed it’s taken some of the drama away.

    • It does take some of the drama& surprise away but I’m glad they told-it gives a wakeup call/reality check to deluded viewers who were in denial about this happening at some point

      • kaiberry00 says:

        But, from a ratings perspective, this is a poor idea on the showrunner’s part, regardless of whether it is historically accurate or not. The way in which the story has been set up for the majority of the seasons have put Francis’ and Mary’s relationship at the forefront, and it is for their relationship that a huge amount of viewers stay. I personally watched this show as a means of comfort in a dark time of my life, and watching the two struggle through obstacles and yet manage to maintain their closeness has helped me more than I can express. Killing off Francis would be tough on the show because,despite it being “necessary” or in “due time”, the show has been structured to cater to his connection with Mary to an unprecedented level of sophistication for a show aimed at teenagers, and killing him off would be destroying the one part of this show that inspires a good many to stay. All personal entanglements aside, if this team values their viewership, they really ought to reconsider…. changes to script due to fan reaction has happened before, and they’ve already drifted so far from the historically accurate I’m not sure much more would make a difference. (Though perhaps in the show he will fake his death for whatever reason, maintaining the historical accuracy – who knows?)

        • Iesha says:

          I totally agree! I really think that this is going to make the ratings drop more so now then ever.

        • Terri says:

          I completely agree ! It is a completely bad idea! Who would continue to watch this show after basically the main character is gone, historical or not?!

        • Chelsie says:

          I absolutely 100% agree with you. Their relationship on the show was so strong and powerful, it left me crying and I still can’t believe that he is dead. I hope that maybe he did fake his death and that he will be coming back to the show.

        • I agree. the mary and prince francis story line is the whole reason I watch the show.

        • tosca says:

          I completely agree this would be exactly what I would’ve commented… reign not worth watching anymore. PERIOD!!!

        • Jordan Hoogerwerf says:

          I agree totally. Francis should come back after faking his own death for whatever reasons. Mary and francis’s relationship is what made the show. They together were an unstoppable team. I dont know if i can watch the show after this. There will always be a void that not another actor/actress cannot fill.

        • Amanda says:

          I agree .. With his death I really am struggling with reasons to continue watching… I think I’m more upset that for so long they have fought to have a baby between them two and it was something he wanted very badly in the end that at least she should be pregnant and still have a part of their love to hold onto.

        • Holly says:

          I totally agree.. This show has had my emotions with Mary and Francis being together from the beginning… knowing he will no longer have a part, I no longer want to watch…

        • Juju says:

          I disagree. I’m glad they are sticking with the true historical story, or as close to it as they can. I’ve been waiting for Francis to die because he did in fact die of an ear infection. (I’m a little behind. On season two. Almost finished). I want to watch a show that is telling the real story. If you want a made up story, then you are only looking for a drama and not a historical drama which depicts actual events.

        • Grace says:

          True for me also

  3. csb says:

    I’m hoping that the shock will come from it happening early into the season. While I love the character, he is well past his historical time to go. I am also hoping that a move to Scotland might reinvigorate the show and the ratings.

    • MFL says:

      Yes…I’m hoping the same.

    • tsevca says:

      Exactly. I can´t believe they dragged it for so long. And honestly, if he died when he was supposed to, they wouldn´t have to come up with Mary being unfaithful to keep the story being about something and they wouldn´t lose so many fans, who couldn´t forgive that to her. I´m just worried that it´s too late and the ratings are so low, that even that won´t be able to save the show. But I´m just curious about how they´d make it with Darnley. For one thing, they never mentioned the part about Louis and Mary being relatives, so people would go with their romance, this guy even has the same surname and is much closer relative, which is even why he was chosen, so how are they planning to play that? Or the fact, that she fell for him thanks to her virgin naivity only to sober up and find out what a pathetic person he is. Reign´s Mary is far from the real one to have this work.

  4. Diz says:

    Hope it’s early. Otherwise I feel there’s no reason to watch until it happens.

  5. Lisa Vavro says:

    In real life Francis does indeed die, now if the show wants to try and stay close to the real history, this means Mary will go back to Scotland and Catherine will become regnant, as Francis’s brother is still a boy So this should mean the show will change locations but I read that they are time warping the younger brother to make him older so who knows where they are going to go. Just don’t know if his death will be early in the season or later

  6. Daya says:

    Wondering how this is a “shocking” announcement when Francis died two years into their marriage with a possible out-of-control ear infection?

    (But then, I don’t watch the show, so what do I know?)

  7. Tim says:

    Stopped watching last season…don’t know how it got to this but seems disappointing

  8. I worry this drive the last few viewers away.On fb a lot have said if/when they Francis dies,I’m done with the show”

    • Brooke says:

      When francies dies, I stop watching, I’m over shows killing off the good people.

      • Annie says:

        yup same

        • kacklingwitch says:

          I am just now watching last week’s episode you know people at least we getting a good show of course he had to die because he died in real life at least we got to see them dance once more and be a true couple not all shows last forever DaVinci’s demons is over after three seasons maybe Reign will be there and we will all continue watching it seems so immature to say just because King Francis dies to say I’m not watching a show makes everybody on here just sound immature

          • Sophie says:

            I just think if they were going to make a TV show based on Mary and Francis they should not kill one off they don’t have to keep to the history books they can twist it like in season 1 if we new that Francis was going to die we would have shipped Mary and bash together. I think Frary has been amazing and i’m sad it has to end but i’m also intrigued to what happens next in the show after Francis dies.
            (oh by the way Mary resorts to magic to help him in the episode 4 promo so i’m really hoping it works :/)

          • Pandora says:

            Not immature, just sick of investing in storylines & shows just to have writers go off the deepend & cut their nose off to spite their face! This was not “The Hiatory Channel” & facts did not have to be historically correct. But writets release shows le this, get us hooked then cut bait & run or drop the line again & again!! So tired of losing good shows. I looked forward to the love, costumes, pageantry & intrigue. But Francois & Mary were key.

        • gayla says:


      • Lisa vayssie says:

        I totally agree.

        • Liz says:

          You people know Francis was a real man who really died, right?

          Spoiler alert, Elizabeth cuts Mary’s head off. Oh no the shock and horror

          • Becky says:

            Oh that’s right!! Now that I remember I will be more interested to see if they follow the real life story. Thanks!!!

          • Vanessa says:

            However “spoiler alert” this is a TV show and not the real based on true story events…. so the writers can change put whatever they want in the script.

          • Lori says:

            Actually, he was not a real “man.” He died when he was 16 (a boy) and the belief is that he and Mary never were able to consummate their marriage because Francis had many health problems which stunted his growth. Also, Francis was 2 years younger than Mary. Given that Reign is very loosely based on history, there’s no reason why they have to kill off Francis.

        • Abi says:

          I totz agree

      • Deb Tasker says:

        Same. I only watch it for him and Mary. I’m gone. No reason to watch it now.

      • Ingrid says:

        Totally agree!

      • Lelia Bryant says:

        Im not watching reign no more, Mary n Francis relationship was the reason i started watching the show. I do not like the way this is heading Toby Regbo wasbthe show.

      • Bree says:

        Same I’m gonna stop watching too

    • me says:

      im in total agreement with Brandy…. when Francis goes… so do I .. with a great deal of sadness, as I love the series…. theres not much interest after “Mary and Francis”… and to think that Mary is later beheaded for treason… by good ole Lizzy is NOT something I care to watch.. …but.. I can say.. I truly loved the first 2 seasons…

      • Angie says:

        I agree as well. Francis dying just didn’t work for me. It was devastating & my immediate reaction was & still is, there is no reason to continue watching this show. I didn’t realize it was a documentary or i would have never watched it at all. Then they’re gonna have Mary beheaded..are you people completely out of your minds?

    • Lisa vayssie says:

      So I am i. In first season saying Catherine’s first born was going to die which his sister. OK she didn’t die then but season 2 finally does so francis should live on. Don’t get.

    • Maria Hernandez says:

      Yes me too I’m done with it for once a happy ending I would like to see.

  9. There was too indeed a way around this. With them skewing SO far from the actual history in the rest of the show. Bash didn’t exist in real life (Diane had a baby girl). Francis couldn’t get women pregnant (as his testicles never dropped).

    • There is no way around it-Nary & Francis were real historical Peopke and he dire and it shaped Mary and the rest of her Lfe.They might not historically accurate all the time but have said on the major points of Mary’s life they’ll stick to history.Plus as someone else below said,it’s been predicted/planned to happen from episode one.Not killing Francis off would be like a Yoko Ono docurmtbrary where John Lenon Dosent get shot dead or a documentary about Princess Di or her sons where she Dosent die-untrue,inaccate and not true to the real life people.

  10. Liz says:

    I don’t watch this show cause I couldn’t quite connect with it. But I always wonder if they hurt themselves by basing it on a real person. There are some things that HAVE to happen, which is somewhat limiting.

  11. Pamela says:

    I already knew the king died in history so im not surprised.

  12. Alia says:

    All glory to the “new King” Bash :-P

  13. Is this upsetting? Absolutely but we all knew it was coming eventually. it was written in the first episode, and they have prolonged it for quite some time. It shouldn’t be a shocker that we won’t be seeing much more of Toby Regbo but it will definitely be an emotional Journey

  14. Red Snapper says:

    History man, no way around it.

  15. talia says:

    Knew it was coming but honestly don’t think the series will get a fourth season so Francis needs to dies this season.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately I think season 4 is a long shot either way. Might as well move things along historically: kill Francis, introduce Elizabeth and the English court, and shift the focus of the show away from France. Might reinvigorate things!

    • Reign will have 60+ episodes at the end if this season ,even with this season being shortened to 18 episodes,that likley puts it close enough to syndication numbers to get renewed plus CWs deal with Netflix requires four seasons & CW is good about giving shows with three or more seasons a proper ending not to mention CWs started a habit if giving low rated shows with 60+ episodes a short fourth final season (Nikita,HoD,BatB)& BatB did worse in ratings than Reign yet got a fourth season so a fourth season isn’t a long shot

  16. diane ryland says:

    #say goodbye to ur ratings

  17. Rinti says:

    Anyone know if we will see kenna this season?

  18. stacie says:

    Would like if Mary and Bash got together

  19. Jan Mills says:

    You should have let the views learn this on their own, one reason I love this show so much . There wasn’t a lot of information put out before it happened

    • Most people figured this would happen Evfn before she confirmed it cause it happened in real life.Though there are/were people who hoped otherwise or were in denial,.

      • Jan Mills says:

        Yes I do know that he died but part of the drama of a show is being surprised by the events when they actually happen , not being told ahead of time by the media .

  20. Dawn says:

    We knew it would happen at some point…maybe Toby can be re-invented as a ghost for some time…this will certainly grab at Mary’s heart (blaming self) and let’s not forget the used to be Queen she’ll be out for her blood…been to long, glad it’s back!

    • Tonya says:

      They did the ghost thing with Henry. It didn’t work well for me.

    • kacklingwitch says:

      What a fantastic idea the writer should consider this

    • Kelsi Hall says:

      their were never ghosts. if you paid attention you would remember that the reason Catherine and King Henry saw ghosts was because they both prayed with a poisoned bible twice a day and kissed it. causeing madness. and the bible was discovered and gotten rid of. they can not bring him back as a ghost as no one was actually ever brought back as a ghost.

  21. I didn’t want to know this. I am super excited by the news, but I wish I didn’t know. I hated Francis from the beginning. I was searching on google when was the season premiere and here I found a headline I did not ask for. Sometimes I search for spoilers, but this was not the case. I am so frustrated right now!

  22. Toni says:

    Favorite character. Sooo upset! 😟

  23. Johanna says:

    If they’re following history then Mary will die hanged, since we all know the ending why watch it? I love this show but I don’t see the point.

    • CourtTV says:

      She died quite famously via axe not rope.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I knew the Titanic sank but that didn’t stop me from loving the movie & watching it a dozen times. There was a whole lot of time & drama between Francis’ death & Mary’s, so there is still a lot of storyline potential after Francis is gone… IF the show lasts that long.

      • Madgurl says:

        Firstly,that was a movie there was no part two where they tried to make you fall in love with a completely different character. Jack died at the end and they never toyed with your emotions and have him die and brought back to life living happy with rose just to die again.Like why make the story surround their love…and then have him die….no one who truly loved regin wants to see that…I feel like protesting.

  24. Crystal richardson says:

    Please don’t take francis off of the showthis show Is what makes the show so awesome witwithout francis there Will be no more queen mary and king francis I want them to see if mary is going to have a baby and I would love to see if they can raise the future king of france together I started watching it a while back and I love it I love it because of mary and francis I want to see what the future will hold for the king and queen so please don’t cut him off

  25. prish says:

    I haven’t gotten into the show, yet, by why would it be a shocker? He died in history, for real.

  26. Deidre Wolf says:

    Fell in love with that character from the very first episode, Will miss Toby Regbo’s beautiful face. He’s the main reason I watch the show faithfully.

  27. ninergrl6 says:

    It was only a matter of time. I’m surprised that it was “revealed” so blatantly, but really it’s for the best. No guessing. No dragging it out beyond the progression of what ACTUALLY happened historically. To any fans who are upset or “shocked” by this news, did you not Google what really happened? I know the show isn’t 100% accurate, but I never imagined that they’d figure out a way around this.

    • Annie says:

      I googled it and I was heart broken, but everything up until now lead me to believe the CW wasn’t planning on following History. Bash did’t exist in history, Mary never got pregnant and miscarried, there was absolutely no secret prophecy, and if I recall Francis was entirely infertile therefore his bastard son? Nope.

      Overall I just think the CW should have kept completely to History, or driven entirely away from it, there is no one foot in, one foot out business.

  28. Radha says:

    Honestly this show disappointed me with how fast they had time going. Take a lesson from other shows and slow the drama down. Every season could have been 2-3 months in the year. That way, yes Francis will die at some point, but they could have slowly had Henry go mad and then slowly revealed Francis’ fate. I love Toby Regbo. Mary life went horribly downhill once she lost her true love and it irritates me that they changed events in history to showcase all this drama between them in season 2 that tore them apart when in real life that didn’t happen. I’m not saying they shouldn’t show some friction between Mary and Francis on the show, but it didn’t need to have her get violated and then hook up with some other man and Francis get Lola pregnant just to create drama. They wasted precious time between them and their story is touching in sweet in real life. Now they’re saying he’s dying in season 3 and they said the show would be about her time in France. Not her time in Scotland. So there you have it.

  29. Jade-Lee says:

    I really like Francis but it does have to stay to history, although they’ve gone away from it slightly. But I hope mary does have a child from him even if it is going away from history its self.

  30. msphelpsgp says:

    I’m hoping that Mary finds out she is pregnant when Francis dies, so she can still have a piece of him and she will produce an heir for the throne.

    • krista says:

      I love that thought! I hope they do that as well!

    • Jamie says:

      I agree I hope the same thing! That’s what I’ve been thinking since they showed them by the lake before he died. I’m hoping!! Even if it’s not apart of real history. Like so many before said its not following history by all means so I don’t see why there can’t be twists in the show!

    • Myzonedr says:

      I agree… a piece of him in secret… Probably Anne…

  31. Well duh. Francis died when he was 16, people. so it’s not a surprise. I know this show isn’t always historically accurate, but it’s not like they could get away with having his character live to a ripe old age.

  32. lisa says:

    Im so upset thankyou! All reign fans wanted mary n francis to be happy n have a child.If this happens n mary dosent have a child illnever watch cw s again Audrey

  33. lisa says:

    If francis dies n mary has no child ill never watch cw again

  34. Ella says:

    Given the train wreck that was last season – and the horrendous writing and character assassination that made me loathe Mary and hope Francis never forgave her – this season will probably be the last, so whatever. There was no way around it, regardless. Frary fans will always have season 1 :(

  35. I can’t belive how ridiculous people are being.Yes I love Francis & Frary too but it’s a show based on real historical people and Francis died young,without a child with Mary.There only so much history they can change.Laurie said that while with some things they take liberties with the history but the main points of Mary’s life-of which Francis dying was one-they stick to true history.As for people not watching cause Francis dies,the show is about Mary and her life,her reign,her rise not Francis.Would you rather they completely disrespected Mary & Francis memories by making things up about them?Why watch a show based on real histortoical figures if you don’t know want to know how things really actually ended?Tge movie BraveHeart about Wiiliam Wallace killed him in the end cause that’s what really happened.Reign not killing Francis would be like a show about Princess Di but her not being killed in a car crash or a show about the Beatles or Yoko Ono where Jon Lennon Dosent get shot to death or a show about the Kenndys where John & Robert dont get assisinated.People complained Reign isn’t/wasn’t historically accurate all the time and now that they’re sticking to real life ,people are upset.

  36. I think all you people are stupid this show has not went by real history at all first of all Francis dies Childless second Bash is a made up person third Mary Never cheated on Francis and Never had any relations with Conde so my ? is why start now and thats only to name a few things go back check your history books if i wanted history i would watch the history channel

  37. safistikaytdlayd says:

    Wow, I just found this out and I’m sooo sad!!! Yes I know historically, Francis dies, but I didn’t think it would happen just yet! I wasn’t a big fan of S2 and was so happy when he forgave Mary and this first episode started off so beautifully!!! I love his character and love Francis and Mary together!!! I’m hoping there is a S4 and the ratings begin to pick up, but I don’t know if I’ll watch after Francis dies and I know a lot of people on social media that feel the same way. I don’t understand why the EP’s and writers couldn’t do something to keep Toby Regbo on the show. The show hasn’t been that historically correct from the beginning so why not just use a little “creativity” with Francis’ death?

  38. Kate says:

    People keep saying the show must follow history and that while the could take a few liberties they couldn’t make large changes…. Affair is a BIG change. Mary’s relationship with Bash was a BIG change…. The show already veered from history the first two seasons… So I don’t understand why we can’t just continue to do so, keep Francis alive and turn this into a “What if” kind of story. That’s clearly what they’ve been doing thus far…

  39. Cheryl says:

    I hate that Francis will die. I love the character and the performance from the actor. I know in history Francis doesn’t live but Reign is not a literal account anyway. Seeing the struggles of a king and his family loyalities is dramatic. I don’t see how the show will survive without this main character. I tune in to see what happens next with him and his conflicts. I don’t feel their is another character as strong as his. The show is at a decline. I feel like it’s coming to a quick end.

  40. Jenna says:

    I can’t believe that he is going to die I thought that Mary and him were going to live a long life but this is so sad to me like WHYYY😭

  41. Cronin says:

    I dont want Francis to die he belongs with Mary

    • Cindy says:

      I too hate to see Francis off the show. They should just stop following the history of the two characters and write new storylines.if they follow history then they will half to kill Mary off an then there’s no show.hope reign will get another season next year.

  42. Marisol says:

    Don’t want to sound mean, but…FINALLY. The couple of Frary is uper BORING, Mary should get back together with Bash.

  43. atemgirl94 says:

    There should be a way around it. So once he dies I’m done. He’s my reason to watch the show.

  44. Lori says:

    When Francis dies I’m through with this show. The writers NEVER gave Mary and Francis a chance to be happy together for one minute, except for now when he is going to die. I’m so sick of this. Killing a main character that is good is too much for me. I love Francis and Mary together. I know a lot of poke that watch the show and they are going to discontinue watching it after this. Poor, poor writing.

  45. shayla says:

    Please don’t kill Francis..

  46. Belinda Wodard says:

    Hate that Francis is leaving the show! One of my favorite characters on the show!

  47. Victoria says:

    So if we’re following history….Elizabeth I will kill Mary? Ugh, they could’ve kept Francis, when he goes I go.

  48. Peggy Fortney says:

    Well there goes another show i will stop watching

  49. Trish says:

    Although I know King Francis historically dies young…I will no longer be a loyal Reign viewer if this character does in fact die