Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Regina Makes an Eeeevil Promise to Zelena

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Regina gives her “handmaiden” Zelena her voice back — but the wicked witch would be wise to watch what she says next!

As seen in the above sneak peek from the third episode of Season 5, “Siege Perilous,” Zelena does not take our advice and instead has a few choice words for her half-sister, namely with regard to her plan to return to Oz with Robin Hood’s baby in tow.

That’s when Regina magically zips Z’s lips once again, then offers a crystal clear reminder of exactly who she is in the grand scheme of things, regardless of her new “Savior” status there in Camelot. Press play above to hear the Queen of Mean lay out her specifics plans for Robin’s baby mama.

Elsewhere in Sunday’s episode, Charming and Arthur bro it out during a Camelot quest, while in Storybrooke Emma has an important question for Hook and a robbery reveals a traitor in the heroes’ midst.

And with all that said, I will see some of ya later at Once‘s New York Comic-Con panel, “An Evening With the Dark Swan.”

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