Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Regina Makes an Eeeevil Promise to Zelena

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Regina gives her “handmaiden” Zelena her voice back — but the wicked witch would be wise to watch what she says next!

As seen in the above sneak peek from the third episode of Season 5, “Siege Perilous,” Zelena does not take our advice and instead has a few choice words for her half-sister, namely with regard to her plan to return to Oz with Robin Hood’s baby in tow.

That’s when Regina magically zips Z’s lips once again, then offers a crystal clear reminder of exactly who she is in the grand scheme of things, regardless of her new “Savior” status there in Camelot. Press play above to hear the Queen of Mean lay out her specifics plans for Robin’s baby mama.

Elsewhere in Sunday’s episode, Charming and Arthur bro it out during a Camelot quest, while in Storybrooke Emma has an important question for Hook and a robbery reveals a traitor in the heroes’ midst.

And with all that said, I will see some of ya later at Once‘s New York Comic-Con panel, “An Evening With the Dark Swan.”

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this scene but I love watching Lana and Rebecca play off of each other and the Regina/Zelena relationship is one of the most interesting things the show has going for it right now. I hope they really explore it this season.

    • bluji says:

      I agree — there haven’t been many sibling relationships on the show, and it’s great to see the show to take a look into one that revolves around the main characters and not just arc-specific guest stars. Regardless, when combined, Regina and Zelena provide scenes that are deliciously twisted.

  2. Ruby says:

    I don’t get Zelena. That she describes it as Regina “having all the toys” is so ironic because this obsession with Regina is just that. Childish. I don’t believe for one second that she truly wants the baby as long as she acts like this. It’s just one more “toy” she thinks she should have and that she could take it away from Regina and Robin only makes it even better for her. And as long as she acts like she does in this sneak peek I’m so supporting the other characters in watching her very, very closely and making sure the baby is safe from being used as her pawn once it’s born.

    • Mel says:

      I’m not sure about that… I agree Zelena’s not the most responsible person in this show, and she’s clearly deranged, but I don’t think she wants “toys”. For me, she wants to be loved. I mean, she wanted to go back in time so she would be kept by her mother, and she could have Rumple. Now that she’s back, she wants that baby. I think that what she reffers as toys are people (Cora, Rumple and now her own baby) that both crossed her paths, and then gave up on her to stay with Regina. She’s all alone, despite how much she’s been trying with Rumple, and now with that baby… I think that’s why she’s so mad against Regina. People, not things…

  3. Gcatanach says:

    Are you sure this is the episode with Arthur and Charming go on there much hyped adventure? So far none of the promos or sneak peeks have indicated this.

  4. Val says:

    Zelena being Regina 2.0 lol.
    I wonder if Zelena has burned villages and killed random full of ppl

  5. browneyegurl says:

    To me this is really unacceptable. Regina was my FAVORITE character but this straw hits the camel’s back. Regina is a total hypocrite in this instance. How dare she takes away a mother from a child? Shouldn’t she of all people understand what that feels like with the fights with Emma in season 1?

    Robin is totally ruining her character. Since she is forced to believe that this homeless man is her true love, she is completely unhinged and not the same character. Like her giving her heart to a man she barely knows with no magic in season 3B.

    Now she asked Emma to perform dark magic to save Robin with no thought to her life in regards to Henry when Robin didn’t bother to have his son harm in any way and willingly gave her heart away.

    Now in this instance, she comes off as completely pyscho when Zelena is actually calm. Regina is Hook 2.0. Totally obsess with a love interest to the point where it is just unhealthy. Heck, she already has Henry and Roland. No need to take another child from it’s mother. We have seen Regina murdered whole villages and she was given multiple chances. Zelena (though I didn’t think this character needed to be introduced in OUAT at all) should be afforded the same opportunities as Regina. And unlike Regina in season 1, this is her child and Regina has no legal rights whatsoever to Zelena/Robin’s child. And she isn’t married to Robin either since he just finished banging Zelena some weeks ago. It is not like Robin is going to raise the child well anyway. He’ll just leave the child with Regina or the Merry Men to raise.

    This is some of the most offensive, illogical, inconsistant writing I have ever seen on a show in which writers are actually paid to come up with this garbage. I have never watched a show where my favorite characters (Regina, Hook, Rumple) or no longer my favorites and unrecognizable or just written horribly. This is the awkward moment when I’m #TeamZelena. Btw, I’m not “watching this live” as Adam begged people to do. I can’t contribute to the amateur hour this show has become.

    • Denny says:

      What is worong with Regina? Jeez.
      Oh, wait. She’s always like that when people don’t roll over. Don’t get me wrong, Zelena’s crazy lady, always has been and will always be but at least she doesn’t see herself as a hero or the freaking Savior.
      What of this nonsense about childrens? Come ON, writers. Have you COMPLETELY forgotten the first two and a half seasons of your own show?!
      A little too much hypocrisy around here.

    • Denny says:

      Sorry, posted in the wrong place.

  6. See? The Evil Queen! She didn’t change, she is just pretending to get what she wants!
    If Zelena had so many chances, the Evil Queen had at least 10 x more chances, and is still messing up time after time! Zelena made some awful things, but none got even close to the things the Evil Queen did. At least this time they are not pretending that she is oh, just a poor victim!
    Love Zelena, can’t wait to see the Wicked Witch back!

  7. Becka says:

    Regina is really into stealing other people’s kids. She already murdered Roland’s real mommy to steal him (and Zelena too for that matter). Anyone surprised this hypocrite who cares more about her mouth breather boyfriend then her own son, whom she tried to abandon to save her boyfriend, would steal this baby?

    Glad the writers occasionally remind everyone Regina would rather be dead than Hood’s doormat.

    • PL says:

      Um. No. When she killed Marianne, she hardly did it to “steal” Roland. She didn’t even know Roland existed and, as the Evil Queen, she hardly would have cared.

      • PL says:

        Also, because of the altered timeline, ZELENA is the one who killed Marianne to take her place and assume her identity.

  8. browneyegurl says:

    You know what also doesn’t make sense, Robin is the one that should be having this conversation with Zelena, not Regina. It is his child after all. Just like how it was ridiculous for Marian to tell Regina she can have Hood when the conversation should have taken place between her and Robin about their state of the relationship. This is a crappy story line and they are making a beloved favorite character look worse and it is not like this rape-baby story line is bringing up the ratings. A&E wants to stick to their horrible vision for OQ but smart writers and showrunners like the wonderful people at POI (Person of Interest), they let the story organically follow the actor’s chemistry and the story makes sense for the actually character’s personalities.

    Too bad Horowitz and Kitsis aren’t humble enough to admit when a storyline is not selling, unlike those associated with the mess of season 2 Sleepy Hollow.

  9. Michelle says:

    Oh my god, the hypocrisy is absolutely unbelievable! REGINA telling someone she doesn’t get another chance when she herself has had way more chances after doing way, WAY worse? Telling someone ELSE not to paint themselves as a victim when she’s been doing that herself since day one? And telling someone ELSE that she won’t get a chance with her child after Regina gets back the son she abused AND another little boy whose mother’s death SHE CAUSED, directly or indirectly depending on the timeline?!

    I really, really hope the writers realize how insanely hypocritical this is, even for Regina, who has always been a hypocrite anyway…

    • browneyegurl says:

      You know, you hope the writers are smart enough to do all of this to show how completely unhealthy, obsessive, and problematic Regina’s actions are since being with Hood but this is OUAT we are talking about and character interactions are not something they are interested in, they just want plot plot plot.

      • Michelle says:

        I have very little hope left for the show at this point, not unless they actually make Regina either openly evil or give her an actual turnaround where she shows at least a modicum of remorse and stops blaming her victims for her own terrible crimes against them.

        I agree, way too much stuff that should be happening between the characters is just left to happen offscreen to make room for the latest guest stars…

        • browneyegurl says:

          I agree. Choose a path for the character and stick with it. Regina was sympathic in season 1/2 when we saw how she was manipulated by Cora and Rumple, neglected and abuse(?) by Leopold, and her weak father never stood up for her. But at the end of the day, she has to accept her own actions against others and stop blaming people for whatever is going on in her life.

  10. Lex Roberts says:

    Regina is my favorite character. Absolute. This whole Hood/Zelena/baby drama is the WORST. I don’t like Zelena at all but to hear Regina talk about taking her baby is SO completely out of character at this point in the game. It’s not believable. (didn’t we spend 4b establishing that we should remove the evil moniker?) I have less than zero interest in this nonsense. They need to get Regina as far away from this rubbish as possible.

  11. M says:

    While I’m not thrilled with Regina willingly taking on the evil moniker again, I get why she does it here. She needs Zelena to see her as a real threat so she thinks twice about trying to run off to Oz again.

    And for all the people saying Regina is a hypocrite for trying to take the baby away from Zelena…yeah, that’s not what is happening here. Zelena is insane. Actually, genuinely insane. She poses a huge threat to that baby and anyone with any sense would take that kid from her. She is not stealing a child from his/her mother, she is PROTECTING the baby from a unhinged sorceress who sees the baby as nothing more than a prize she can take away from Robin and Regina. This isn’t Regina trying to get the baby for her boyfriend. This is Regina trying to protect her an innocent from her very dangerous sister.

    I don’t know where this storyline is going but given Zelena’s recent behavior, I wouldn’t trust her to look after a houseplant let alone a child. If Zelena starts to change, I’m sure they’ll revisit the idea of letting her have a place in the baby’s life. But for now, no way should she be allowed anywhere near that kid.

    This storyline is a mess but Lana and Rebecca are really dynamic together so I look forward to seeing more of their interaction. Here’s hoping the writers actually give Zelena some layers for Bex to play.

    • browneyegurl says:

      Have to respectfully disagree M, tough I know what you mean, but your statement about Regina needed her evil moniker ignores the whole arc of 3B. It was light magic that was needed to defeat Zelena, that is why Snow/Charming had Regina to split their heart to get to Emma who possess it. But at the end of the day, Regina defeated Zelena LIGHT MAGIC, remember she changed. The Evil Queen was not needed then nor is it needing now.

      And again, I would state, there is not logically reason on screen for us to believe that Zelena to harm her own biological child whereas in the case of Regina, we have seen her gaslight and used magic on Henry. We have seen her lead children to slaughter to get an apple from a blind witch. Yes Zelena may be unhinged, but so was Madame Mayor yet she was still able to raise Henry, despite some of her mistakes. At the end of the day, where is Robin in all of this? This is HIS child and he should be having this conversation with Zelena.

      But yes, Lana and Rebecca do work well together. I think Lana does well in scenes that don’t involve White Shirt… I mean Sean.

  12. Aly says:

    I enjoyed this! Lana and Bex are excellent playing off each other. I am very interested in seeing how Zelena’s arc plays out. I hated the pregnancy storyline last season, and honestly I’m still not a fan (especially since it far too rape-y for my liking). However, I love Bex, so I’m glad to have Zelena back anyway. I want to see more depth to her character, since we saw a very OTT villain in the Oz arc.
    Regina is being Regina as usual, which I love. She’s always this way when she and her family are threatened in any way…She may be working with the heroes, but she’s never going to be squeaky clean, and that’s how I like it. I appreciate her emphasizing that the child is going to be safe, no matter.
    I hope Zelena eventually shows some willingness to try harder. Right now, she’s shown no remorse and no willingness to change, and her interest in the child is merely how it can love her, not vice versa. Hopefully we’ll see a progression over the season though.

  13. Amy says:

    This scene just shows how Regina is the ultimate hypocrite. Calling Zelena out for painting herself as the victims when that’s what Regina’s been doing for years. Regina’s been given so many second chances I’ve lost count but she thinks she’s the only one who deserves them. Heck she got Henry because she wanted someone to love her when even after she created her curse she wasn’t happy. Reminds me why I get so sick a Regina centric episodes, all the hypocrisy makes them hard to watch.

    • twin63 says:

      Zelena does not want that baby because she’s hoping to start over. Anyone who doesn’t see that is completely misreading the scene and the story they’ve been telling so far.
      What Zelena craves is revenge and killing Marian, deceiving Robin Hood the way she did (there is only one clear word for it) and getting herself pregnant were all steps in a plan that is meant to hurt her sister. She’s very clear about this herself in this very scene.
      So even attempting to compare that to Regina and Henry only speaks of complete misreading the story.

      • Amy says:

        I agree Zelena’s bad, but Regina’s hypocrisy is what’s completely off-putting. And in S1 when Regina was trying to paint Henry and crazy and trying to kill Emma she was as horrible as Zelena. And her initial reason for wanting Henry was pretty much the same as Zelena’s, she wanted someone she could raise to love her. She still tries to get away with all the crimes she committed and no one around her even knows the full event of them. Robin would have good reason to have that conversation with Zelena, but coming from Regina all I see is hypocrisy.

      • browneyegurl says:

        First of all, it is plain stupid that they had Zelena’s second attempt to ruin Regina’s life was to get knocked up by her homeless boyfriend. Since she achieved going back in the past, she should have just killed Regina. The whole time travel plot was infinitely wasted with that scene.

        But anyway, yes Zelena craves revenge. Yes she killed Marian (which Regina done the same which the show tries to make us forget). Yes she deceived Hood and yes she got pregnant. However, despite the circumstances, all of this evidence does not point to her actually harming HER OWN CHILD.

        Ironically, the show unintentionally is using Zelena to speak truths in the plot. Like how Zelena pointed out Regina’s happy ending was a man ad Regina gave that throwaway line about home which was never mentioned in all 4 season of OUAT.

        Now Zelena is pointing out the comparison of Regina/Henry and she speaks the truth again. You see, the writers really aren’t that clever. They intentionally make Zelena this crazy character that we shouldn’t believe one word of hers, but plot and character wise, she speaks more truth than any character.

        Regina wanted Henry selflessly to fulfill the whole in her heart. It wasn’t wholly altruistic, but that was her desire. She murdered villages and led children to their slaughter beforehand (remember Hansel and Gretel).

        So yes Zelena conceived her child out of selfishness and deceit, but there is actually ZERO evidence that the unhinged character will actually harm her own child.

        Regina is the one to act immature, hypocritical, and over the top in muting Zelena without a fair chance to speak.

        This could have been such a great scene for sisters to bond but TPTB where not interested telling a story about sisters forming a kinship with one other, bringing back Zelena was just an artificial way to bring drama into the trashy Outlaw Queen non-existent relationship.

  14. Carrie says:

    Zelena won’t be mother-of-the-year and the kid was conceived under sketchy, immoral circumstances, but I still have a real problem with any woman threatening to take away another woman’s child. When Emma came to town Regina looked no better than Zelena (both sisters have done terrible terrible things) and shouldn’t Regina be remembering how it felt when she feared Henry being taken from her? We need more context I suppose, but Regina just becomes more and more unlikeable the more screen time she gets, IMO.

    • twin63 says:

      The Henry comparison makes zero sense, sorry.
      The last time Zelena was left alone with a newborn she intended to kill it in a magic ritual meant to wipe everyone in Storybrooke from existence in order to give her a happy ending. When she was stopped from doing that, she went back in time to kill Maid Marian, acted like little Roland had his mommy back, sexually abused the man who thought his wife had come back from the dead and got herself pregnant only because wanted to rub that in the face of a woman who had made herself barren to protect herself from their mother’s crazy influence.
      That was a few weeks ago in show time at best. Two days ago in show time she cut her own hand off and was willing to use dark magic, all while pregnant, to get herself back to Oz. She didn’t are about what that would mean for the baby one bit.
      This woman is not a fit mother. Maybe she will be at some point. At this point she is clearly not.
      And the show is not playing this as if Zelena’s some misunderstood victim who needs to protected from her evil sister’s meddling influence. That’s selling both characters incredibly short for no reason other than to bash one to declare the other something that she is not. If you like Zelena, respect her journey.

      • Amy says:

        When everyone was trying to escape Regina’s curse she tried to murder baby Emma, so both women have been willing to kill infants to get their own happy ending. That’s part of the hypocrisy that’s bothering many of us.

        • Ken53 says:

          So your response to assumed hypocrisy by the characters on the show is hypocrisy in how you’re discussing them? By you I mean a general you. Regina has a bad past, but it has nothing to do with how good or bad her sister would be as a mother. Zelena shouldn’t be allowed near any child in her current condition. Full stop.

  15. browneyegurl says:

    At the end of the day, Jane Epsenson really needs to stop writing Regina episodes. Her characterizations of Regina as so mishandled and downright inconsistent. Just stop Jane and go back to writing bad boys stalking women and thinking that is romantic.

  16. Wouter says:

    LOL at all the comments above. It seems like the people most obsessed with OUaT are also the people who hate it the most. Listen to Elsa and let it go guys. If you hate the show that much just watch something else i know i did when things started to go downhill.

    • browneyegurl says:

      If you don’t like people’s comments, how about you take your own advice and just “let it go” and actually write a comment about the content of the sneak peek.

  17. NeverAfter says:

    Robin and Zelena = Marriage = Simple solution = Disappearance of hypocrisy = End of the Boy friend drama = Strongest Regina Mills happily Ever after with..?

  18. Leslie says:

    1) Zelena doesn’t want a second chance. She wants something to hold over Regina.
    2) Zelena tried to kill baby Neal. Zelena tried to kill ROLAND (did we all suddenly forget that she has Rumple threaten to murder Robins son if he didn’t give him Regina’s heart) Zelena tried to kill Regina. Zelena tried to kill Robin. Zelena raped Robin. Zelena sexually assaulted Robin. Zelena killed Marian. Zelena kept Rumple locked in a cage… The woman is criminally insane. Literally. In the real world she’d be in a padded room for life.
    3) All those saying that Regina is horrible evil hypocrite for taking away Zelenas baby, do you support rapists suing for visitation? Do you encourage women in max security jail to have the baby inside that jail cell with them? Do you support women locked up in a mental institution having their child in there with them? If you said no to all three than YOU are the hypocrite.

  19. Lisa says:

    I hate Regina!She is such a hypocrite,I can’t stand her!Actually I think I am starting to like Z…It’s HER baby Regina,hers and Robin’s!!!!NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Z says:

    Great scene of the pot calling the kettle black.

  21. God says:

    Regina looks like Mother Gothel! How appropriate. Kudos to Eduardo Castro

    • Wishbone says:

      To me her costume looks more like they took inspiration from the tv show Merlin. Angel Coulby had a costume as Gwen after she become queen on that… it looked almost exactly the same, right down to the embroidery.

  22. Faithfultennyson says:

    the writers are really messing up with the story which is totally crap. well am still on Regina side no matter what she did am gonna stick to her (haven’t watch season 5 cuz here in Nigeria it’s difficult following season movie it’s gonna take like 5 months to get it ) anyone know how I can watch new episode online pls tell me.

  23. Amanda says:

    Regina is the ultimate hypocrite.

    1) Zelena raped Robin? Yes. And REGINA MILLS RAPED GRAHAM.
    2) Zelena tried to kill an infant? Yes. But so did Regina. REGINA MILLS TRIED TO KILL BABY EMMA.
    3) Zelena wasted her second chance? Yes. But Regina Mills wasted her second, third, fourth… millions of chances before she actually tried to change.
    4) Zelena is a villain? Yes. But Regina Mills has done FAR WORSE CRIMES than Zelena. And nobody bothered to lock her up after the curse was undone. Tell me again why Zelena is locked up and Regina isn’t?

    I can’t with this character and her fans trying to defend this travesty.