Hawaii Five-0 Sneak Peek: Catherine Has a Post-Coital Surprise for Steve

Hawaii Five-0‘s McGarrett receives a rude awakening — and on the heels of an apparently very pleasant, sweaty awakening! — as seen in this sneak peek from Friday’s episode (CBS, 9/8c).

In the episode “Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna” (The Chilling Storm Is On The Mountains), Steve (played by Alex O’Loughlin) covertly follows a morning romp with his lady love Catherine (Michelle Borth) by checking on the status of the ring with which he plans to propose to her.

Catherine, though, has a surprise of her own. Will it give McGarrett reason to reconsider his plans? Press play above to discover what it is.

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  1. Carina says:

    Poor Steve .

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    And what language was she speaking, lol. I have no idea what she said.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I’m laughing at myself here because I don’t get it. Is speaking Arabic a bad thing?

        • Wordsmith says:

          Sadly, I think the writers are banking on America’s reflexive assumption that everyone who speaks Arabic is a terrorist.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          I thought it was pretty clear that the issue is she was allegedly off to make breakfast, when in fact she was making/getting a phone call — one that suggests she still has something going on in Afghanistan.

          • Wordsmith says:

            That’s fair. clearly she’s being secretive about something, which is reason for concern. However, the fact that she’s being secretive in Arabic (presumably) makes it much, much worse. At least that’s what it seems like the show is implying.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            LOL, well that’s just to easy. I was thinking deeper, much deeper. Guess it’s just my brain working to hard.

          • VickiSue says:

            Sadly whatever it is will be the end of Catherine, she was only scheduled for a few episodes to wrap up her storyline. Hmmmm did she have a baby while there or fall for someone else???? Plus there is a new girl coming in that is the female Steve.

          • MMD says:

            I think it is more someone rather than something. Going to be sorry to see her go. I really liked her character.

          • alyssa says:

            And she already left him once to help children in Afghanistan.

          • Jen says:

            Yes! Her heart is still in Afghanistan.

          • mrmcgee says:

            Doesn’t Steve know that whenever someone gets out of bed to go “freshen up” or make “breakfast” either they will do something sneaky or get killed. It’s in the rules.

        • Donna says:

          No not at all. There really is a storyline. She left Steve to stay in Afhangstan (sorry for the spelling) to help find a child of a family that helped her in the past. Something towards that.

    • Cheryl says:


      • Zack M says:

        Can you possibly translate?

      • could someone please jet me no what happens as i live in the uk and we cant get it over here till next year i dont think there is another man involved because she would have not slept with steve i think it could be to do with his mother we dont no if it a bad thing or i dont understand the connection between nahale and steve over the ring the last time we saw nahale he was only a child so that part is confusing anyway if someone could let me no what happens i would be very gratefull thank you

        • KrabbyKakes says:

          Catherine tells Steve she’s leaving for Nepal to do charity work post an earthquake but in actual fact she’s going undercover with the military.

  3. gyri says:

    This whole storyline is asinine. Why would Steve propose to someone he hasn’t seen or barely talked to in what, a year? Can’t wait for this to be over and to be rid of Catherine.

    • Evan says:

      They have been together off and on for over 5 years!! So it’s not like she is a stranger!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Really, it’s not that uncommon for couples separated and then reunited to get married. It’s not like something ugly happened between them, their lives just went in different directions. Me thinks you just hate Catherine.

      • gyri says:

        Nothing ugly? No, she just abandoned him to be tortured and didn’t even ask how he was. And then came back for Kono’s wedding, but not for him. Okey-dokey.

        And no, I don’t like Catherine, so I will be happy when she’s gone. But even if I did, the storyline does not make sense. I’d be more okay with it IF the writers showed us Steve’s reasoning for wanting to propose (at this point, it’s all the fans filling in, i.e., fear of abandonment, poor relationship skills, etc.). They really dropped the ball on this.

        • Nobie davlin says:

          It’s easy to see how much he loves her since he didn’t want to get involved with anyone else since she left. That is enough reason to propose. If she wasn’t going to stay I wish they hadnt brought her back at all. That could have been resolved over the phone. Got our hopes up only to be doused! Don’t want another female Steve! So tired of these Catherine haters!!

          • KatieKatt says:

            its not realistic at all to have someone abandon you for a year after telling you they found their place in another country and to want to ask that person to marry you the same day they return. bad writing is very very very bad.

          • steve says:

            Yeah me too. Love Catherine!

  4. Coal says:

    There is a irrational dislike for Michelle Borth which I will never understand.

    • m3rcnate says:

      I don’t understand the hate for almost every female (especially love interest of Steve’s) from the H50 fanbase, especially Borth.

    • gyri says:

      She behaved horribly to fans who didn’t like her character on the show. She used her position and turned into what she accused others of being–a bully.

      Both sides of the debacle acquitted themselves poorly at times. However, again, she chose the low road and used her position to bully and intimidate people, even people who had not previously said a word against her. Then she had the gall to disrespect the show.

      So, the dislike is not so irrational.

      • Noka says:

        I hope she is finally gone by the end of this Friday episode. I do not want to see her face again. Time for Steve to move on for real

        • Nobie davlin says:

          A lot of us like her and wish she would stay. She and Steve have so much chemistry. Anyone attacked the way she was tend to fight back. Fans were extremely rude with no provocation at first and she has never bashed the show that I am aware of.

        • christine says:

          I agree with you but I wonder if this is another one of pl plots to keep
          us guessing I don’t think she is involved with anyone else because she would not have slept with Steve could be to do with his mother maybe she had to go back to Afghanistan to help Doris and will return with Doris later on

          • Donna says:

            Oh come on Catherine.!!!! Please make this work. Honestly I really like them together. The other females the writers had did not have chemistry with Steve. But these two do.

            Now don’t get me wrong, he had the best chemistry with “Beth”, a long time ago.Sorry, no one has replaced that chemistry. Wouldn’t be amazing if Sophia & Jason were added to the show? Now that would be awesome!!!!

          • Fred says:

            Catherine’s phone call, after leaving McG, sounded like a conversation within an intelligence agency. If Catherine was speaking Arabic or Farsi in her first phone call, could she be involved with KHAD, Afghanistan’s version of the CIA? But why was Catherine’s first conversation more intimate, like a conversation between family members?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Wow this anger and resentment you have towards someone you don’t even know is unhealthy. Clearly you have more important things to spend your energy on, right?

        • Noka says:

          And do you know her??

        • gyri says:

          Just stating facts from what I have seen of her bad behavior on Twitter and other social media.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            And there’s your problem. You’re treating Twitter like its the real world or some kind of barometer of how good a person is. There’s no nuance on Twitter. You cannot tell what someone’s inflection is when typing something. Your entire opinion of her is conjecture.

          • KatieKatt says:

            @gern blanston There was no need for inflection when she was calling fans of the show bitter angry bitches and monkeys and putting out lists of people who had never once tweeted her (in kindness or in hate) for her fans to block and send hate to. She Twitter stalked several people and would reply with nasty comments to tweets that weren’t addressed to her or about her. Twitter may not be a gauge of a how good a person is but I can say someone who terrorizes people who don’t like a character they’re playing is not a good person.

      • Nobie davlin says:

        Fans were horrible to her just like they were to the other two females before her. No need to be rude though like they were.

      • baubau says:

        she made the mistake of speaking her mind with fans on social media.. That’s something that never goes well.. I don’t know all the twitter saga, but she’s human too, she’s entitled to handle something the wrong way sometimes..

    • ninamags says:

      I don’t understand it either. But then I don’t follow the actors’ twitters or any of their social media. Just watch the show. What the hell did she do to her face? It’s way to soon to go to plastic surgeons.

  5. Noka says:

    This video makes me sick

  6. Grace says:

    Thank you for the sneak peek! I bet she’s going to end up going on another undercover op or something like that. I wonder if he’ll even end up proposing? I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • gyri says:

      I’m hoping for some good storytelling at least. For example, her ability to conduct an op by herself in Afghanistan, and her sudden unexplained reappearance in Hawaii, have something to do with Doris’s involvement. And perhaps she isn’t really just retired Navy anymore, but has been recruited by the CIA.

      • Nika says:

        Good theories and I bet Steve finds out before proposing and they had a talk so he wotn propose at all and break up with her for lying one more time to him. Enough is enough time for Catherine to go and leave Steve alone and move on with his life, just the eamil he sent her last season.

      • Grace says:

        I’m hoping for a satisfying story, too. I hope she’s working for the Navy again (or the CIA would be cool, too)–I liked when her character had that different perspective vs. the 5-0 team.

    • Fred says:

      I hope she is in a covert op and McG finds out about it, so he can go help her. Hopefully she is not killed off the show…again.

  7. Nika says:

    She is hiding something for sure and look at Steve face when he is listening to her on the phone. A question who is Nahele? The one on Steve phone

    • gyri says:

      Nahale was a young man who’d lost his parents that Steve helped last season.

      • i did not watch season five so i presume nahale was in a season 5 episode infact i didnt even no hawaii five o was on the television untill a couple of months ago i started watching when they were showing season three

  8. Mary says:

    Among the most important traits of Steve’s character there have always been his trust and abandonment issues… she managed to step on both, hurting him badly without caring at all. She lied to him about his mother, covering Doris’ lies, knowing she was in danger and Steve couldn’t do nothing to protect her if he didn’t know anything, she left him without so much as a phone call, she just wrote him an e-mail to say she wasn’t coming back, then she ignored him for a year, now she’s back, with her lies and her uncaring and selfish attitude. Her behavior is appalling and I hope this episode will see her leaving Steve’s life and the show for good.

    • Noka says:

      Thanks thanks for your comment I could not agree with you more. SHe is back in Hawaii for a purpose that I dont think it is for Steve, she was there first to attend Kono’s wedding but I bet there is another reason why she is in Hawaii , especially if she is talking on the phone behind Steve back with someone in Arabic. I hope and hope that by Friday she is leaving Steve life forever and finally. Steve needs to be back with his Ohana full time, with his family of friends. Even his mom had dissapoint him, imagine how he will feel when he finds out that his so called gf of so many years, is hding something again from him and not only that but also this so call woman who loves him, sent him and email telling him to move on then she dissapears and not a word from her. Why Steve put up with that? Because he is honorable and he trust people too much, and he wants to do the right thing always.

      I doubt the writers of this show will do something to keep her, they know her storyline is not going anywhere, especially if she is no longer on the team, she is no longer on the Navy so why would be the purpose of keeping her on the show?? There is no purpose. Her purpose was fine when she was on the Navy and jsut appearing from time to time, j, leaving the Navy, then out of nothing this ex bf shows up m then she works for her ex, then the ex was killed , because the writers wanted her to join 5-0 so killing Billy off was the way to go. and then she joined the team adn that was the biggest mistake Peter or the writers made and ruined everything and now bringing her back was the oddest thing out there, with no purpose of any kind especially after she dumped him in a way.

      Why bring her back to make her leave so soon??

    • gyri says:

      Me too. As far as the storyline goes, I wish the non-contact/communication had been addressed. Probably ended up in a deleted scene, which is a shame.

      Character-wise, it’s pretty clear how good Cath is at deception (cases in point: weaseling the info about Doris’s location from the WITSEC guy; getting info about Sato and the Yakuza).

  9. Edith Steger says:

    Steve should finally understand that he loves and wants to marry the wrong person

  10. gyri says:

    Is there any way we can we get a translation on what she says? Also I’d be interested to know exactly what language/dialect it is. :-)

  11. Lane says:

    More than likely that was Pashtun or Dari if she was speaking to someone in Afghanistan.

    • gyri says:

      Thanks. Also I Googled ‘Afghan languages,’ and according to Wikipedia, ” Linguist Harald Haarmann believes that Afghanistan is home to more than 40 minor languages,[4] with around 200 different dialects.”

      That is so fascinating!

  12. AWW how cute the Steve, I just hope that Catherine has returned to stay because I love her character and don’t understand the fact that so many people want her to go away

  13. Gail Lessard says:

    Being a navy seal, he may know what she is saying. But even if not, I could see where is might give him pause. Gyrl, couldn’t agree with you more. The whole idea of proposing after not seeing her for so long is absurd. Maybe just an introspection wake up call. Like what the hell did I just almost do and why? Love to see him have really hot passionate sexual play with someone in the future. We all know Alex is good at that.

  14. Maria Quinn says:

    Billy–Catherine’s ex, who she worked for after retiring from the Navy–was likely killed off more because of the real-life actor’s (Justin Breuning) schedule than due to any machinations you Catherine/Michelle Haters think Peter Lenkov & the writers put in place just so she could join Five-0. At the time Justin was playing Billy on H50, he ALSO had recurring parts on Grey’s Anatomy & a 3RD show I can’t remember now. Obviously, something had to go. It probably was H50 since that doesn’t film on the Mainland/in LA.

    Gyri, as for Catherine using the WITSEC guy to find Doris, you seem to be *quite conveniently* forgetting that STEVE ASKED CATHERINE TO USE THE WITSEC GUY/any of her other sources TO FIND DORIS, after Steve learned Doris put bullets in the floor of her safe house when Wo Fat came after her, early in S3, instead of shooting/killing him, as expected (Doris told Steve something like Wo Fat got away before she could shoot him).

  15. Mike kitchen says:

    Not real sure but that didn’t sound like Arabic to me. Sounded more Asian

    • Stacy says:

      An above commenter seems pretty sure it’s Farsi. I also thought it sounded a bit “asian”, but I’ll factor in that she was whispering, and that the actress is not a native speaker. (And likely only learned those lines specifically.)

  16. flower-petals says:

    I love Catherine and Steve together. I just wish that if she wasn’t coming back full-time then hey would have just left it alone and not brought her back at all. It’s going to be sad all over again.

    • Nobie davlin says:

      Totally agree then all these haters could have stayed in the closet!!!

      • Maria Quinn says:

        They wouldn’t have stayed in the closet, trust me. Once the eps start with the character that’s supposed to be Steve’s new love interest, they’ll decide to start attacking that actress too.

        Again for no good reason other than she’s playing someone involved with Steve in canon, & who–for a bunch of them–is keeping their “One True Pairing”, Steve & Danny (aka McDanno) from becoming reality on the show. Which it NEVER will, because Steve & Danny are meant to be friends only. PERIOD.

        • Nobie says:

          Exactly. They didn’t like the first one, they were so rude to her on Twitter, then they didn’t like the one with short hair, and they were so rude to Michelle from day 1. So unfair. They just don’t want Steve to be hooked with anyone.

          • Ninamags says:

            Why does Steve have to be “hooked with anyone”?? Why can’t he be too busy working to have a relationship? I honestly don’t tune in to this show, or any other show that I watch, to see who the romantic couple is going to be or is.

        • Nobie says:

          I think they would rather Steve and Danno be a gay couple than Steve have a girlfriend.

  17. I just have to say ... says:

    I can take or leave the character of Catherine. Never loved her nor hated her.
    Jerry, on the other hand, HAS to go. I would much rather see Kamekona fill the comedy void, if it’s needed (and there’s still points to be made that it isn’t).
    I would love to see the Kono & Adam storyline fleshed out more. Maybe one of the core team (still not counting Grover b/c I don’t think we needed another cocky character when we’ve got Steve) could actually have a happy life outside of Five-O.

  18. i was always a fan of steve and catherine but not now i i think that she has betrayed him again and he needs to send her away for good this time whatever her secret is i dont think that is something good maybe she has another man or even had a child i hope that steve asks her about the phone call and she refuses to say anything so he tells her to leave i think that the new girl will become a big part of his life and he will find love with her and be happy she will probaly be in more episodes of the show later on but i dont understand why steve was texting nahale that was the young boy that they rescused from the taliban so that seems most odd i cannot watch it yet because i live in the uk and we cant get it yet so i wont no what happens

  19. Sheri says:

    I think she adopted a child. Now coming for Konos wedding. Maybe that’s all it is. She wouldn’t be sleeping with him if another guy was involved. Let’s hope for a good story for her and him. I like her a lot she’s very talented and a great couple. However when star marries in these show someone always dies and I hate that!

  20. christine says:

    I was a fan of Steve and Catherine but not now she has this secret that she is keeping from him again what ever it is but we don’t no what it is maybe she has a boyfriend in Afghanistan but I don’t think she would sleep with Steve if that were true it could be to do with his mother but he needs to wake up to thefact that she doesn’t love him and just used him to get what she want I hope that they bring the new girl in as a regular and she she and steve will be together but I don’t understand why he was texting na ale about the ring maybe there is some sort of twist there hope you all enjoy tonight’s episode lucky people we have to wait till next year

  21. is hawaii five o out on dvd yet

  22. christine says:

    there are so many ways that it could turn out could be that Steve and Catherine do talk and itisnothing bad because I managed to watch a tiny little bit of episode two on you tube and Steve and Catherine were talking and he said to her thank you for coming home and she replied there is no place I would rather be so it seems odd for her to say that if she was not staying

    • Nobie says:

      That’s what I hope for. I think if it was something bad I don’t think Catherine would have withheld that. She had spent a year over there so expecting her not to have any ties would be unreasonable. Doesn’t mean something is wrong with Steve and Cat. He may decide not to propose yet til he’s sure she’s not going back.

  23. Stevieo says:

    I hate to see how this woman who claims to be his gf, who left him in Afghnasitan and then when she finally found the boy, she was MIA and never return to Steve and then she sent him and email telling him Afghanistan was her place to be so he had to move on, and then suddenly she pops back in Hawaii, for Konos wedding and acts like nothing happened?? And now she has the nerve to sleep with him as if she was making him a favor like old times, and now she has the audacity to lie to him?? Steve is so naive poor him!!!

    I bet that tonite episode, Catherines role on Hawaii Five O is done and finito and never return ever again and the writers or Peter L. never came up with an excuse in the future to bring her back again because the fans still are obsessed of Steve and Catherine to be together and only her can be Steve romantic partner forever.

    | cross my fingers Catherine will never return at all.

    • Nobie says:

      You have conveniently worded this to your hate Catherine side. Steve understood why she was staying in Afghanistan. She told him if he wanted to that she would understood if he wanted to move on. He loved her enough not to. That’s pretty strong and that he would want it to happen if possible. It’s very strong when someone saves your life so it’s easy to understand why she is so drawn to this family.

  24. christine says:

    looks like Danny was right to be worried about Catherine’s return I wonder what the real reason is she came back how did she even no about kono and Adams wedding if she was inafganistan i think there is another reason for her return if they wanted closure why didn’t they do it in season 5 they could have hooked Steve with
    Ellie or whatever her name was still Steve will soon have a nice new gf and Catherine will be forgotten

  25. sweetevb says:

    Apparently she’s not done w Afghanistan.. I iike her, independent and strong, but if they are wimping her out to be arm candy for Steve then let her go, they already wimped up Kono w her gangster hubs, lol

  26. Peggy says:

    I’m done with this show.n

  27. Sam whotney says:

    This is ridiculous – just how many times will they play with these on again off again crap? Enough already

    • H50fan says:

      Agree it seems Peter L or the writers are infatuated with teh actress that cant let go of her

    • H50fan says:

      Im soo with you. Im already tired of it. For her it looks like her job is more important now. Bring on the new gf and hopefully Steve will forget Catherine 100% from his mind and this new chick wil make him forget her so when she returns if she returns. Sorry sista I told you I was not going to wait.

  28. Judith Ann says:

    Im confused..What did the male voice say on.the phone? Shes an undercover? Someone help me out here..lol..thanks!!

    • H50fan says:

      It looks like she is undercover. but im alrady tired of this on and off again relationship. It looks like Peter L or the writers are infatuated with Michelle Borth and her character, they cant seem to let her go once and for all. Her departure leaves space for her to return as they never really said good bye, they officially did not break up either even if Steve told her he wont wait for her. Enough is enough and it is the writers fault or Peter.

  29. Judith Ann says:

    Is she undercover?

  30. Meg Tomlinson-Giedd says:

    If U read other captions U will find out Catherine is not returning to the show! Which made me very sad as they were a great couple on screen.

  31. Nobie says:

    What I don’t understand is why it bothers you so much. Why waste your time on all the hate…its just a show. Geez!!!!

  32. Vince says:

    “Steve Plans to Propose” may mean Five OH jumped the shark. They find a gun in the middle of the ocean in minutes and a few minutes later estimate a person shot earlier was from the same gun falling in the water and firing by accident. Which did happen. If they have new writers, dump them and send them back to 7th grade or the show will end soon.

  33. Tom says:

    Steve move on

  34. Mr Zero TV says:

    “More oil for Alex O’Loughlin’s body.”

    Somewhere, original series creator Leonard Freeman and the original Steve M (Jack Lord) are rolling over in their graves. What in the world happened to this show? Wow. He said this, and she said that, and she slept with him, and he likes her, no he doesn’t, yes he does.

    My goodness – what happened to this series?

  35. Betty says:

    Catherine on Hawaii five o needs to return. When she left for a while, she could have had a child by Steve or lost the child. But she needs to get back with Steve. Yo many break up on the show.

  36. TJW68 says:

    The writing on this show sucks!
    They check out the apartment of a guy who’s been dead 6 weeks and the printer is STILL cranking out bills???
    Give me a f@cking break.

  37. steve says:

    What is she saying? I dont understand!