Arrow Ratings

Ratings: Arrow Hits Best Premiere Number Since Series Launch

The CW’s Arrow returned on Wednesday night to 2.6 million total viewers and a 1.1 rating, up in the demo from last season’s opener and finale (which both did 2.8 mil/1.0) and marking its highest-rated premiere since its 2012 series launch (which scored a 1.3).

Among Arrow’s premiere audience, 2.58 million have serious agita about that final scene.

Leading out of that, Supernatural drew 2 mil and a 0.9, down from last year’s premiere (which did 2.5 mil/1.1 on a Tuesday, leading out of The Flash’s boffo debut) but up from its finale (1.7 mil/0.7) and improving on The 100‘s year-ago post-Arrow premiere (1.6 mil/0.5).


FOX | Rosewood (5.7 mil/1.7) slipped 8 and 15 percent, while Empire (13 mil/5.0) dipped 5 and 9 percent.

CBS | Survivor (9 mil/2.0) and Criminal Minds (8.9 mil/1.7) each slipped 15 percent in the demo, while Code Black (6.8 mil/1.1) dropped 21 percent in audience and 27 percent in the demo.

NBC | Mysteries of Laura (7.1 mil/1.1) dipped one tenth, while SVU (7 mil/1.5) and Chicago P.D. (6.5 mil/1.5) each slipped two tenths.

ABC | The Middle (7.2 mil/1.9), The Goldbergs (6.6 mil/2.1) and Modern Family (7.9 mil/2.7) all slipped 10 percent or more, while black-ish (5.9 mil/1.9) rose a tenth and Nashville (4.4 mil/1.1) was steady.

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  1. herman1959 says:

    It pains me to say it, but the Arrow season premiere was much better than The Flash.

    • rcb918 says:

      I have to agree. I liked Flash’s more than I think some people did, but Arrow’s was great. It was also much better than the Season 3 premiere. Laurel, Thea, and Diggle kicking butt together, Damien Darhk coming off so much better than Ra’s did already, Oliver actually smiling now. It gives me great hope for the season.

      • Jerry says:

        The Flash premiere was fine, it just didn’t feel like a premiere. Half of what was in there seemed like it could have been better season finale material (Jay Garrick, Harrison Wells’ confession). We will see what next week brings. I still enjoy the show very much!

        Arrow, we’ll see. I think Thea is a little too good at being a superhero she does for the short timeframe she learned it. Also, I think the flashbacks are going to be contrived and painful. It sounds like Oliver will encounter “mysticism” on the Island that will help him deal with Darhk this season. Please.

        • tarotx says:

          Thea already had some Archery skills since the pilot showed her thophies. She also had one on one training with Malcolm while said training was her only focus. Then she trained with both Malcolm and Oliver last season and Diggle over the summer. But really what we saw last night was her not thinking about life & death and just throwing herself into the fight. Which is perhaps both a Queen trait plus a likely side affect from the Lazarus Pit.

      • Dean says:

        well if the grave belonged to who I think it belonged to Oliver won’t be smiling ever again by mid season.

    • aunni says:

      OMG…i knw u started to watch arrow due to flash last season, when it comes from die hard flash fan then it’s means Arrow is doing things right on s4

    • Future Queen says:

      Awww, don’t let it pain you! Just appreciate the two different shows for what they are.

      I wish people would stop comparing the shows to each other especially since Flash relies on a lot of “flash”-y (see what I did there?) CGI while Arrow stays much more grounded in realism despite this season’s magical/mystical theme. ENJOY THEM BOTH!

      • I agree! Why can’t people just talk about Arrow without always comparing it to The Flash?

      • MFL says:

        It’s hard not to compare them when the showrunners are clearly integrating the two shows, starting with the high speed rail that connect these two cities in a literal sense and also in a metaphorical way. There are so many references in Arrow & TF tying the shows together like Arrow’s suit made by cisco. It also looks like they don’t even need crossover episodes anymore for Barry to show up on Arrow or vice-versa I’m assuming. The way they reference each other on both show is to always remind the viewer that this is one universe…and to an extend it’s pretty cool. Arrow/TF/LoT will soon be one big show therefore comparisons will always be there. I also think the days of Arrow being grounded & mysticism-free are over.

    • Liz1 says:

      The Flash premiere was anti-climatic from the end of season 1. I wasn’t impressed at all and I think the timeline stuff is gonna get messy. Arrow was on great form last night.

    • Pdd Arrow says:

      I don’t disagree, but why do people always compare the two? They are very different shows

      • JJ says:

        they are two shows sharing a universe with one show being a spinoff of the other. Their characters crossover, and a third show is being spun off of the two. They go hand and hand, and consequently, it’s only natural to compare them.

    • Wooster182 says:

      Agreed. I loved the Arrow premiere. The Flash was a mess. To the point that I don’t think I’ll keep watching.

  2. Peter says:

    “But season 3 was the worst season, but Olicity sucks, but Oliver happy is the worst for the show”
    Haters stay hating. It’s funny how it went up when CW barely did any promotion via ads or tv spots. Arrow has passionate fans!!
    Great start to an awesome 4th season.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I don’t even read the comments much anymore because I’m sick of all the b*tching. If you hate them so much change the damn channel :-)

      • I so enjoyed Arrow premiere, it kept its promises. Olicity moments were delectable, Diggle/Thea/Laurel Team was a force to reckon with , the villain was deliciously creepy .. and the writers always know how to push us well out of our confort zone. Well done!

    • Jerry says:

      I think it’s more that Oliver has slept with almost every female on the show. I honestly expected him and Waller to go at it after the bar last night. Hopefully he’ll stay away from Diggle’s wife!

      • tarotx says:

        Oliver has been with one women since s2 ended. Felicity’s the first women who Oliver has been loyal too. On the cast right now only His ex laurel is a past lover and Fecility a current. Though Sara’s about to return. And A new Flashback love interest.

        • isee says:

          Don’t forget McKenna Hall from season 1! And Helena also, to a lesser degree :p

          • tarotx says:

            He Dated Mekenna and Helena for a short period of time and they aren’t on the show now. Ollie’s a ho until Felicity. Since he returned he slept with Mckenna, Helena and Laurel in Season 1 and then Sara and River (his dad’s Mistress who I can’t recall her name since River is all that’s coming to me).

    • Journey54 says:

      S3 was trash though and S4 premiere was ok at best

    • MFL says:

      Olicity shippers are the worst, when Olicity is not together you stop watching the show and ratings drop.
      The loyal & passionate fans are the non-shippers who watch regardless of Olicity and still have to gag & stomach Olicity scenes because we care about all the other characters and plots not just the nauseating ship.. If the season 3 finale had ended with Olicity in turmoil or broken up then I’m sure Arrow would have premiered to a series low!! So shippers stop trying to act as if you are the backbone of the fans….you are flaky as S!

      • Liz1 says:

        Excuse you. No need to insult people. So rude! And sorry but if one of your fave characters died, would you still continue watching the show? Felicity happens to be a fave among many people. If she goes I don’t blame anyone not wanting to stick with the show.

        • MFL says:

          Who watches a show for 1 character…on a show called Arrow the only irreplacable character is Oliver himself, everyone else is expandable..if you find yourself dropping a show because your ‘ship’ is not together or that a character died then you are not a loyal fan of the show and are flaky as S! We all love Felicity but some of us are not going to spit the dummy just because she’s killed off or that she’s not together with Oli.

      • Christa says:

        Wait a minute. I’m an Olicity shipper, but I refuse to be categorized into the “crazy” group. One, I’m 35, so not a teen. And I love all aspect of the show. I will NEVER stop watching even if Olicity ends. I am not a Laurel hater either. I actually wanted Oliver/Laurel to be together in S1.

        Please don’t put all us shippers in the same category. I am someone who has watched Supernatural for now 11 seasons and actually get sad when they get rid of a good female love interest, which apparently they do because of women hating on them. Not true. I’m still sad to this day Dean isn’t with Lisa & Ben.

        You can be a shipper without being a child about it. Season 4 opener was great and I very much look forward to more Damien Darhk scenes.

        • MFL says:

          If only all shippers had your mature outlook and not just watch the show for the romance aspect.
          To be fair, I enjoyed seeing Oliver happy in the season opener and that’s thanks to his rlship. My frustration comes when things go sour for the pair and ratings drop and the message boards are filled with ” i’m not watching this show again” posts.
          Thea & Laurel have really come into their own and they were fantastic in the season opener, Damien D was the villain we’ve been hoping for, Diggle was magnificent as usual but all people can talk about is Olicity.

  3. Loved Loved Loved the Arrow Season Premiere. It felt so new as well as familiar at the same time…Loving the new lightness to the show…..Happy Oliver and Felicity are a treat to watch….Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards have such an easy and natural chemistry, they create magic onscreen.

  4. aunni says:

    i hv a feeling,episode 2 might increase in viewers due to good word of mouth,

  5. lily says:

    What was it about people saying Felicity (and subsequently Olicity) would kill the show’s numbers because of all the promo they were getting. I’m not saying these good numbers are all because of them, but clearly they have an appeal.

    • Liz1 says:

      It’s all talk. A lot of people (including causal viewers who make up a huge part of the demo) LOVE Felicity and Olicity. Haters gonna hate (and talk nonsense). :)

    • MFL says:

      (Reposting this!)Olicity shippers are the worst, when Olicity is not together you stop watching the show and ratings drop.
      The loyal & passionate fans are the non-shippers who watch regardless of Olicity and still have to gag & stomach Olicity scenes because we care about all the other characters and plots not just the nauseating ship.. If the season 3 finale had ended with Olicity in turmoil or broken up then I’m sure Arrow would have premiered to a series low!! So shippers stop trying to act as if you are the backbone of the Arrow Fandom….you are flaky as S!

  6. Boiler says:

    Any way of knowing what effect the Cubs playing on TBS last night had on the Chicago market for network shows?? Would be impossible but the national probably hurt too. I see CW hung in but personally I don’t see them as Cubs fans. Likely hurt ABC and CBS the most

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Ouch, I’m guessing that doesn’t bode well for Code Black.

  8. Eric7740 says:

    Arrow was amazing last night!!! That’s what a season premiere should be like!!! I didn’t want the episode to end!!! Arrow is (IMO) the CW’s best show!!!

  9. Rogue says:

    arrow premier fantastica

  10. larkspur says:

    This premiere was soooo good! I love how all of the relationships were handled. They were all very real and raw. Even Laurel didn’t bug me that much! This is shaping up to be my favorite season yet!

  11. Mr. Tran K says:

    I knew the numbers for Rosewood are about to go down as does Code Black. Didn’t watch any of these shows last night but I did tune in for the return of hockey (GO SHARKS!).

  12. Rih says:

    Arrow’s ratings will inevitably drop off from next week

  13. Tav681 says:

    Great premiere! Loved the Olicity dynamic, Oliver taking up the Green Arrow persona, Diggle and Speedy storylines. Damien Darhk is also a scary “Big Bad”. Can’t wait to see how the season plays out

  14. SPAMMER says:


  15. GildedRose says:

    Arrow earned every one of those numbers. It was a good premiere. I came to watch Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, and Olicity and wasn’t disappointed. Keep it up, Arrow!

  16. All that Olicity and OG3 Team Arrow promotion really did its job! Hope we continue strong throughout the season – especially the storylines involving Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle! They’re what makes the show SO amazing.

  17. Liz1 says:

    I think the Arrow ratings are damn amazing considering they barely promoted the show. All CW promo went to The Flash.

  18. LT says:

    That was a stunning season premiere for ARROW. LOVED IT! Neal McDonough was fantastic!!!!!

  19. Lysh says:

    My heart was soaring during Arrow last night. It was so fun to see everyone kicking butt, Olicity being cute but not TOO much of it, Damien was pretty cool, along with some other surprises. I just need Oliver and Diggle to become bros again. And for no one I like to be in that grave. Really great episode.

  20. Lizo says:

    *Finally* having Thea suit up definitely made a difference

  21. Fido says:

    I would’ve loved the ep more if it hadn’t begun with 4 [spoilers] unable to hit 2 [spoilers] on a [spoiler] driving directly behind them. At <4 meters they should have at least twanged one of them. btw the new suit looks pretty much the same as the old one, right ?!

  22. pem says:

    Yup. And that’s why they used Olicity so heavily in the promoting. Thank you.

  23. kath says:

    I’m happy for Arrow but how is this better because they got a 0.1 bump in the ratings but 200,000 fewer viewers?

  24. Jane says:

    Let’s here it for Supernatural! For a show in its 11th year and on the CW this is pretty good. I really liked the premiere. Has all kinds of potential for a season full of fun and angst.

  25. Clara says:

    I was really afraid Arrow would become too light (like the flash is for me) but i have to say i really liked this premiere a lot! More jokes, more action, a happy Oliver for a change with beautiful Felicity in hilarious scenes but still it didn’t feel too light with Diggle being upset, freaky Damien, Lance shock and of course THE ending scene – very promising to say the least! Can’t wait for next Wednesday!!

  26. Roberto says:

    I do not understand this great admiration for Flash. It is a good show, but Arrow has always been better even in the worst of the third season

  27. Angelstorm says:

    So I’ll be honest . . . I wasn’t really feeling the whole Felicity / Oliver thing at all . . . until this episode where I started to glimpse it.

  28. kmw says:

    Good for Arrow and Blackish but ouch for everyone else. Fox still won the night but Empire is starting to fall a little Rosewood gets more scripts but they are falling too. Not a good night

  29. Eric says:

    I thought that the season premiere was great. I guess that I am one of the few people who didn’t hate last season. I also thoroughly enjoyed The Flash season opener. I guess that I give both shows a lot of latitude with individual episodes, as I rewatch them constantly in three or four episode blocks.

  30. ssymes says:

    Felicity’s mom is in grave. It was very clear to me.