The Originals Season 3: Hayley and Elijah Are 'Doomed to Love Each Other'

The Originals Season 3

I do Hope you’re sitting down, because Daniel Gillies‘ explanation of Elijah and Hayley’s journey in Season 3 of The Originals — premiering Thursday at 9/8c on The CW — is kind of heartbreaking.

As you (should) know, Hayley is still cursed to remain a werewolf outside of a full moon, meaning she has but one night per cycle to see her baby. As you’ll discover in tomorrow’s season opener, Elijah is determined to make those rare occasions as enjoyable as possible, though their get-togethers don’t allow much time for “the talk.”

“I think it’s kind of masterful for the writers to have Elijah and Hayley not discuss their relationship,” Gillies tells TVLine. “There’s something kind of Dickensian about the whole thing; there’s sort of a parlor room romance that comes along with the restraint. It’s what makes them interesting, but I do think they’re sort of doomed to love each other.”

And with wolf hunters running rampant throughout the bayou, it’s also up to Elijah to keep Hayley safe, a challenge Gillies’ character accepts without hesitation.

“He’ll do what he has to do, but I don’t know if he’s necessarily dark about it,” he says when asked whether Elijah will go to a dark place to protect Hayley. “One thing I admire about Elijah is that, if nothing else, he’s economical. He sees occasional violence as a necessary evil, or even just another day at the office. And when it comes to the reunification of his family, I don’t think any measure is too dark. By human standards, he’ll certainly do some malevolent-looking things, but by 1,000-year-old vampire standards, it’ll be just like a trip to Starbucks for tea.”

Speaking of darkness, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Klaus/Elijah reconciliation anytime soon, as both Hayley and Elijah blame Klaus for Hope’s mother’s condition — and rightfully so.

Concludes Gillies, “This show is really about these two brothers attempting to fight the inevitable, which is that they’re always going to be driving one another away.”

Mikaelson maniacs, what are your hopes for everyone in The Originals‘ third season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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