Sherlock Victorian Special Trailer: 'Make No Mistake, This Is War'

Sherlock is the new Bond?

OK, maybe not. But we’ll be darned if Benedict Cumberbatch’s one-liner from Sherlock‘s upcoming Victorian-era one-off — “The name is Sherlock Holmes. And the address is 221B Baker Street” — doesn’t give us the same kind of chills as 007’s “The name is Bond” refrain.

There’s still no explanation for how PBS’ modern-day detective reboot has been transported back — wayyyy back — to the 19th century, but who cares?

When Watson is huffing, “You’re Sherlock Holmes: Wear the damn hat,” the only correct emotional response is to wonder exactly how soon is implied by “Coming soon”?

Press PLAY above for the trailer, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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