Post Mortems
Strain Season 3 Spoilers

Strain EPs Clear the Air on Nora's Fate, Tease a 'Different, Faster' Season 3

Days after wrapping Season 2 of The Strain with one of the FX drama’s most unexpected deaths, showrunner Carlton Cuse and exec producer Chuck Hogan (who cowrote the horror novel source material with Guillermo del Toro) answered burning questions about Nora’s fate, Eph’s reaction, Eldritch Palmer’s (possible?) change of heart and more.

Here are the highlights from that press conference call.

IS NORA TRULY, SINCERELY DEAD? | Presented with TVLine reader Nicole’s rather brilliant theory that since Nora electrocuted herself using a silver blade, the strigoi worms inside her got fried, Cuse said, “Your reader is very imaginative, but sadly and unfortunately Nora is dead” — which is a significant departure from the novels on which the series is closely based. “[Killing Nora] was a very hard decision, because Mia Maestro is one of the most wonderful people you’ll meet and a very fine actress,” Cuse noted, “but on some level, the audience needs to be told narratively that no one is safe.” ABC’s Lost, which Cuse also shepherded, “killed popular characters… and it was extremely painful,” he reminded, “but it was necessary to make sure the show has a sense of danger and stakes.” What’s more, Nora’s death was “necessary to move Eph into the place he needs to be for Season 3.”

SO, HOW WILL LOSING NORA CHANGE EPH? | Hogan says that Eph’s research into an effective biopweapon against the strigoi will be an “ongoing” storyline, yet is just one of many ways the former CDC bigwig will come at the baddies. “Eph is really going to be looking to do anything he can A) for revenge and B) to find out what happened to his son,” Zack, who left with turned mom Kelly in the finale, Hogan says. “He’s going to be on a tear in Season 3.”

WHAT IS NEXT FOR THAT LITTLE… ZACK? | As hinted above, Zack could very well serve as bait to draw Eph into a trap. But that’s only a small part of the petulant lad’s purpose. “If you read the books, his role is pretty interesting and significant. He has a fairly complicated relationship with The Master,” Cuse teases. “What exactly is going on there is one of the big dramatic questions, and we’re doing our own version of it in the series.”

WHERE DA WOMEN AT? | Nora’s death, coupled with Coco’s, swiftly depleted the series’ female ranks by 40 percent, as well as left Eph the only scientist among our heroes. Will there be new castings for Season 3 to address either void? “There will be some additions,” Cuse told TVLine, “but we also have a very large cast, and one of the things we struggled with in the second season was effectively servicing all of the characters.” On the female front, he pointed out, “We are very excited to do more, for instance, with the [Councilwoman] Justine Feraldo character played by Samantha Mathis. She’s going to be a big part of Season 3.”

WILL QUINLAN PLAY A LARGER ROLE? | The Born’s leader will also benefit from the finale’s reduction in headcount. “When he entered the narrative in I think it was the second book, it energized the storytelling,” Hogan said, “and on TV I feel like that has happened times 10…. We’ve had a lot of fun teasing out the mystery, but absolutely certain questions will be answered and he’ll be an integral part of the story going ahead.”

MIGHT ELDRITCH HAVE A CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE? | At least with the little bit of conscience he has, in the wake of Coco being killed as penalty for challenging The Master? “That’s an extremely good question,” the answer to which might be too spoilery, Cuse said. But Eldritch “certainly” will struggle with his cemented place in the bad guys’ pecking order.  “The whole Coco storyline was meant to pivot the character a bit and force him to recognize the consequences of his actions on a very personal level — and that will have consequences in Season 3, for sure,” said Cuse. Added Hogan: “Don’t forget, he’s relying on The Master for ‘the white,’ so he’s stuck in a very interesting situation.”

ALL TOLD, HOW WILL SEASON 3 LOOK AND FEEL? | Given that Setrakian, Fet and the Occido Lumen are with Quinlan and his army on a slow boat to… wherever, while Eph appears to be shellshocked, don’t expect the same “heroes operating out of a main base” vibe in Season 3. “We definitely won’t see our gang living and working out of the same place, at least at the start of the season,” Hogan told TVLine. Because of that — and given Season 3’s shorter-by-design 10-episode run — “I do think the feel of the show is going to be different — not radically different, but we are going to be advancing the story faster,” Hogan shared. As Cuse noted, the abbreviated run “will add a lot of propulsion to the narrative.”

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    The show needs a good jolt because it just dragged on this season without much really happening. Most of the episodes just felt like filler to me.

    • Tookie says:

      What? you must be a damn fool? Quinlan revealed, Gus and his posse, Justine taking back the streets, like man, are you retarded?

      Its not GoT or TWD but hell, what is, its still a pretty interesting show with some pretty cool characters.

      • Ian says:

        You know, Tookie (cool name, by the way), you’re right. But you’re right in the wrong way. A lot did happen this season, yes. The problem is that those things you mentioned are completely irrelevant compared to all those well-written romances that totally weren’t just filler and were really helpful in advancing the main plot! Dutch — who didn’t even exist in the books — and her love triangle with Fet and Nikki totally made the show worth watching. Not Eichhorst, not the Master, not Gus or his posse of intellectual vampire hunters, not *yawn* Quinlan (who is SOOOOO not badass in any way at all, even — and especially not — in the books), but all those AMAZING romances. Especially Palmer and Coco. Who knew that a callous, terminally ill businessman who only cares about his own well-being and immortality could find it in his heart to love a woman much younger than himself that he just ran into in the parking garage one day? :D

        Oh, by the way, since you’re clearly not smart enough to defend this godawful show and have to stoop to personal insults against people for disliking it, I’ll have to assume that you’re not smart enough to detect sarcasm. So I’ll just let you know that I was being completely facetious (read: sarcastic) in that previous paragraph. And for the record, Quinlan in the TV series is nothing compared to the book’s version. He’s not “sexy” like some of these fangirls who completely miss the point seem to think, nor does he look like your run-of-the-mill Orlok clone. In fact, he’s just as terrifying as the other vampires (in the book, mind you, who AREN’T total Nosferatu wannabes, by the way), and much more badass than the TV series’ variant.

        • Matt says:

          The romances ruined the show for me! Not needed! Filler for sure! Typical American stuff, take a show that could be done in 6 episodes and drag it out to 13! No need!

          • Shawn Thompson says:

            All about the all mighty dollar. When they more than double the, as you said,”6 episodes to 13″. They then more then doubled their revenue.

        • michael keyes says:

          Great reply! I haven’t read the books but love the show. Watched both seasons three times.

          • Ian says:

            Thank you, good sir. You should check them out. I will admit, the writing is a little awkward, but I think they’re far superior to the show.

        • michael keyes says:

          Great reply! I haven’t read the books but love the show. Watched both seasons three times.

        • Shawn Thompson says:

          I agree with and like your comment. Ian. You seemed very intelligent. My suggestion would be to not add the part of your statement,since you’re clearly not smart enough to defend this godawful show and have to stoop to personal insults against people for disliking it, I’ll have to assume that you’re not smart enough to detect sarcasm”. You went from sounding smart to pompous. Plus you’re doing the same thing that you said that you didn’t like the other person doing which was a personal insult you’re just doing it a little smoother.

          • Ian says:

            Thank you. About the second half of my comment, I was mainly just pissed about how he previously told me, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.” Of course, I realize that I didn’t handle it very well, but the fact that the writers can’t even follow their own source material angers me to no end (yes, I know I take it a little too seriously), and when the show’s fanboys become the trolls that they claim the detractors are, that’s where I lose any tolerance. Honestly, I think I tried a little too hard with my entire comment.

      • Shawn Thompson says:

        I agree with Wrstlgirl. Season 2 was a bit slow and uneventful. I found myself waiting for something to happen each episode. But unfortunately found myself unfulfilled each time. Until the last two episodes in season 2. Which was killing me because season 1 was so amazing. This show is awesome. I love it all. But yes please we need this season 3 to jump out and slap is in the face.

  2. “Don’t forget, he’s relying on The Master for ‘the white,’ so he’s stuck in a very interesting situation.” It was my impression that he took her heart out to use it as a source of white worms for him to consume.

    • Mike B. says:

      if he enters the “cooking with strigoi worms” class by walder frey, then yes, maybe

    • Kate says:

      I don’t know if that is his purpose, I think it was supposed to remind us that Abraham did the same thing with his wife (mind you of all the useless flashbacks, we only briefly saw her) and give us thought maybe he is on that path. Perhaps he thinks he has a limited window on them though.

    • eric says:

      That’s what I thought too. I hope they do something interesting with him. I was shocked they killed Coco I thought she will either help him see the good side. Testament to that actress that she made that character seem more important than the writers intended. As for Eph, he is only as good as the character he has to bounce off of. I’m guessing maybe he will end up back with the blonde bi-sexual?

      • mefista says:

        I totally agree with you. I agree with your every word.
        I really thought that she would help Eldritch realize that cooperate with the vampires is a bad idea.
        instead they are without explanation changed her character, and doomed to a foolish death.

      • VCD says:

        I LOVE QUINLAN!! There is something so appealing and sexy about his character. Can’t wait for Season 3!

  3. Kalee says:

    Councilwoman Justine was one of the few brightspots in an otherwise bleh season. This show is neither scary nor fun like the first season’s earliest episodes. I’m actually relieved Mia Maestro was let go.

    It never rises above the occasion as a show to invest your time in. It’s just laundry day background.

  4. Sarah_ says:

    This kid is really annoying me episode by episode..its amazing how instead of running or killing his not-so-dead mother he instead walks away with her.
    I feel for Eph but his kid has to go..he is so annoying and stupid at making decisions.
    Basically they just killed a great character just to make a point LOL
    I hope they at least keep the last interesting female on the show alive, Dutch is a great character.

    • A says:

      If they wanted to deviate from books then they should have killed that terrible & annoying kid Zack instead of Nora who was one of the interesting character (other interesting characters are Fet, Setrakian, Dutch, Justine & Quinlan) on the show.

      • CJ says:

        I wholeheartedly agree. Zack adds nothing to the show at this point and that kid is a *terrible* actor.

        • Tim says:

          Irritating that they are actually going to give the kid even more screen time. I really thought they were going to kill him.

        • MyExBFF says:

          totally agree. the least they could do is recast.

        • I don’t want to bash the kid. He is just a kid. But the producers explanation was that Zack was heading in a more negative direction. I’m having trouble believing that explanation. Yes the new Zack is resentful and angry, but he only expresses that with the dead, squinty-eyed stare. I pretty sure the first Zack could have learned to give the stink eye. I liked first Zack, don’t understand the replacement.

          • Agree 100%. Glad it wasn’t just me. Ben Hyland (the original “Zack”) was fabulous, AND, after speaking with him several times on Twitter, he appears to be a very intelligent young man. I’m certain he could have handled anything they threw at him. Yes, the replacement is just a kid but, like you mentioned, his acting “range” leaves a bit to be desired. He’s really, really terrible in that part.

        • Megan Cavanagh says:

          I have to agree about the comments regarding second season Zach. Irritating. At what point after seeing carnage on such an intense level, that you still can’t believe that she hasn’t turned? I really enjoyed first season Zach, cute AND a good actor.

      • Tookie says:

        Ummm Eichorst is probably the best of all!

    • Bazinga says:

      Right?! Ugh and after seeing her kill Nora who has been caring for him for x number of weeks. I am so annoyed he is still alive.

    • Lola says:

      Yes DUTCH is amazing!

    • Taylor C. says:

      Are we going to see more of ‘The Master’ in season 3? With the exception of the beginning of season 2, we barely saw him at all throughout the rest of the season! It’s like he was sprinkled in here and there. As a HUGE fan of the show that was disappointing.

  5. CJ says:


    Thank you for asking about this, because this was a concern of mine after the finale. I think Councilwoman Feraldo is a great character, it’s just frustrating that they couldn’t give her more airtime without killing off half of the other women on the show and not replacing them. Yes, it’s a large ensemble, but it’s starting to feel pretty unbalanced. I’m interested to see how things shake out on that front in season 3.

    • Walkie says:

      Why does it need to be balanced?

      • m3rcnate says:

        Because we must force equality into every TV show and movie!!!!!! If the cast isn’t 50/50 gender balanced and represent every ethnicity and color of skin on Earth then it is racist and sexist!!!!!!!!!!
        Sarcasm obviously.
        I can’t stand the forcing of this into shows, but I will say i enjoy shows that are diverse. I can’t really explain why, but when I turn on a TV show like say Banshee, and it’s not a big deal to the story or showrunner or anything but the cast is very nicely balanced with females and males, and you have a cool Asian character, the former boxer black character, there were native americans, there were the unique whites (amish), there’s a black DA….It just feels natural and is pleasing to my eyes for w/e reason.
        But at the same time I don’t freak out when i see a lot of white characters on TWD, or see a female lead get killed off on the Strain lowering the female actress count.
        (I do however think it sucks they killed her character because 1) I liked her character 2) she is apparently very important in the source materials 3) she is insanely gorgeous & hot & i am now a long term fan of that actress 4) she was the best female character on the show.)

        • CJ says:

          This is a really shameful and ignorant comment. Visibility and diversity matter, as does not treating women like objects – both in real life and on television.

          • m3rcnate says:

            1) Forcibly holding all entertainment to artificial balances is ignorant. Visibility and diversity matter, but forcing them into everything is wrong.
            2) Who the heck was talking about treating women like objects?

          • bigmeechy74 says:

            this is a shamefully pathetic comment

        • Great comment! Nothing more irritating than all these folks obsessed with “equalizing” the sexes in a fictional world…..and I say that as a female who enjoys something OTHER than the stale, boring 50/50 on most entertainment programs.

          • bryant says:

            Boliva also must the new master…hes not scary like the first master. The first master seemed scary and magical.

  6. EK says:

    The thing about the book relationship between Zach and the Master is the fact Zach is 13 at the time. TV!Zach is no where close to being 13 so I have no idea how they expect the relationship to be interesting with Zach being so young (and annoying). Zach should have died and not Nora. Or, at least they should have turned Zach and Eph could have had to battle his conscience where his son is concerned. Do they kill him? Or, do they use him to try and infect the others? That would have been more interesting, in my opinion. Also, I’m not happy with the treatment of females on the show. Nora, Coco, Dutch and Justine… all strong, intelligent women and what does the show do? They kill off two, damage one and have no idea what to do with the fourth. I’ll keep watching since a few characters interest me, but I hope things pick up and are better in the 3rd season.

    • I agree with you up to the “treatment of the females on the show”…..I am female and was not bothered in the least about a couple gals getting killed off (this excludes Nora, who was crucial to the plot – makes no sense at this point). This is not a sexist show….they most likely have a reason to write it that way. Too many folks obsessed with everything being 100% balanced and equal all the time. I mean, these are make-believe characters in a make-believe world. If this were real life, you might have an argument….might.

  7. DL says:

    There’s a difference between killing a popular character and killing one of the only characters who’s still likable on the show. Rather than creating tension, for me it just makes me not want to watch next season. If they’d let Eichorst kill Dutch on the other hand…

  8. Kate says:

    The way I saw the ending was that it was the quickest way to put the characters on the clearest path to where most of them were in the book (I didn’t read them, but I understand that Eph separated from the group for awhile, basically because he was an asshole and also all this Zach stuff, but eventually everyone ends up in England because they need to head toward the Ancients’ home base, the difference here is that Eph will have to figure this out but that’s probably why they usefully left Dutch, who I don’t think exists in the books, out of the finale, but she’s still in New York and they will probably link up since I’m guessing one of the two of them knew the plan, and its also probably useful that she is British). I actually can’t believe I’m writing this like I am apparently planning on watching it since it annoyed me most of this season.

  9. Walkie says:

    I don’t get how a guy as smart as Cuse can be do tone deaf when it comes to the kid who plays Zack. He HAS to know that the kid isn’t qualified. And as much as I like the show, it comes close to ruining it for me.

  10. Ian says:

    “Nora’s death was ‘necessary to move Eph into the place he needs to be for Season 3.'”

    No, it WASN’T necessary! If Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan hadn’t deviated so far from their source material, then Eph STILL would have been in the place he needs to be in! But now they’re aiming for a stupid revenge plot. As if the show hasn’t become derivative enough. F**k you, del Toro and Hogan. I was just barely clinging to the show by a few threads due to its total lack of loyalty to the source material, but this has gone too far. Officially DONE with this show.

    • Tookie says:

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • Ian says:

        So, you’re implying I’m an idiot because I don’t like something that you do? Well then, if this series’ fanbase is filled with mindless, elitist fanboys like yourself who can’t even put up a good defense for your favorite (badly written) show, I’m glad that I no longer count myself among your ranks. Have fun watching Guillermo “has-been” del Toro’s pretty boy Graf Orlok knock-offs and an irredeemable character who’s somehow being made into a good guy because of a completely forced and pointless romance.

  11. jvj24601 says:

    If I were to be talking about “smart TV” why on earth, the solar system, Milky Way, Large Gallactic Cluster, Universe would I talk about The Strain?”

    It is the new standard for inane stupidity that TV can offer. Surely it is some joke that Cuse & Del Toro are playing on the execs at FX.

  12. jvj24601 says:

    Cuse & Del Toro:

    Zach is the most putrid, irritating, STUPID kid in the history of television. I sincerely hope you guys go into rehab & get off your drugs because you are completely self deluded to think ANYONE cares what happens to that little repugnant kid.

    I really really really wanted Nora to behead him when she has the chance.

    For all that is by holy & sane, get that little twerp off the show. And I’m being kind by calling him a twerp.

    Years from now, he’ll be the standard reference to the most insulting thing you can call another person: “You are more stupid than Zach.”

  13. Michael says:

    I still see no reason to kill off Nora. The only likeable character and the biggest player in the freaking source material. This was a huge mistake !!!

  14. Lord yLordy says:

    Speeding up the pace tends to point to this being the last series especially with it only being 10 episodes but that isn’t always a bad thing. Perhaps it is time American writers get to grips with a one series story that could lead to more but they are writing never ending stories that leave the fans in limbo when they get cancelled. Also writers need to stop the dumbed down versions, as with The Returned, France did it in 8 episodes, America has had 10 so far and is getting another series plus it paled in comparison to the French version even with, having to read subtitles.

  15. Grace says:

    Love this show, but basically using the deaths of two female characters–Nora and Coco–to propel the men into the place is basically saying the women were just plot devices. Coco definitely was–and not a great one at that–but Nora deserved better. And Eph was a big old ho for cheating on her!

  16. TKD Wilson says:

    i’m not shocked, Nora was overdue to die. she got away with it in the church in season 2 and at their base so if you’re alone (with Zach), you will die as his mum and her school kids is forever chasing him. she’s got him now, fuel for Eph so finally he can stop trying to run away and do what he does best, find a way to beat the strain!
    great show, who cares that it doesn’t follow the book to the letter.
    if you’re not impressed, go back to shiny vampires and werewolves seeking the love of a wooden girl.

    i am looking forward to season 3, as long as its not such a big break this time. let the countdown begin!

    • Ian says:

      I wouldn’t go assuming people like Twilight just because they hate what’s become of this show. What I hate is how it’s completely derailed from the books. I recommend reading them. Then you’ll understand why it’s such a shock that Nora was killed. Besides, this whole season was mediocre at best, with all the pointless relationships and political fiascos going on in favor of seeing the vampire plague in its full, nasty glory.

      • Agree….I’m about halfway through the 3rd book in the series and it is HUGELY different than what they’ve slapped on TV. NO IDEA why sticking with the books could not have been made to work in a wonderful way. Ben Hyland could have stayed too. The kid playing Zack now is terrible (sorry, kid). He uses that one irritated face in every scene, regardless of what his mood is supposed to be. Shame. Also disappointed about fewer episodes in Season 3. Fet is my favorite character, so as long as he lives, I’ll keep watching.

    • VampFan#1 says:

      😂 😂 😂

  17. Joe Pearson says:

    LOL. Good luck with your changes. But nothing is going to save this show from its own inanity. Awful work.

  18. bigmeechy74 says:

    did you really need to put “nora dead” in the headline

  19. KO says:

    Friendly suggestion: do not put spoilers in your headlines. Very uncool.

  20. Mike Jones says:

    When does season 3 of The Strain start?

  21. Paul Scott says:

    Season 1 was brilliant, season 2 has followed the usual pattern of American series of turning it into a soap opera. Annoying because that doesn’t usually happen until season 5 or thereabouts, perhaps they used up too much source material in season 1. Losing Nora was a good move, they now need to lose that annoying kid. There were only a handful of decent eps of season 1 quality, which is a great pity. Bradley, Durand and Hyde continue to deliver.

    • Tookie says:

      Well the show isn’t supposed to last that long, I think they said 4 maybe 5 seasons tops. That’s why its great cuz its going to have an end, unlike many TV shows that drag on and lose its focus. GoT, TWD…

  22. Season 2 is not as good as season 1. Zack didn’t need to be replaced. Coco didn’t need to be introduced. Nikki didn’t need to return. Bolivar hosting the Master isn’t as cool as the giant Sardu hosting him, but maybe we’ll see more in season 3. Those plot lines seemed like time burners. Gus & Aanya are cute together. That worked. The Eichorst background spots were very interesting. Kelly and the spider kids were cool. The Master is regarded as the 7th, and we only see 3 Ancients, so where are the other 3? I like the show, but it could use some pruning

  23. Gabriel says:

    Killing Nora will not make the seasons senseless. The balance between the boring Eph and the bitter Abraham.
    What can we expect from now on? Both seeking revenge?
    Nora saving herself is quite more creative.

  24. Katharine says:

    Is the shorter series an omen that it will be the last season?

  25. vickie mugo says:

    wow cant wait to watch strain 3

  26. Not Nora says:

    Noooooooooooooooo not Nora!

  27. Jean says:

    Love the show but Zack needs to go!!!

  28. jim mugume says:

    whats the strong relationship between zack and the master……. and did they get the cure

  29. Luiz Azevedo says:

    Oh. I’m really so sad with the dead of Nora Martinez. I was suprised about it. She was my favorite character in this story, after of Vasily Fet. The adaptation is amazing; I read the trilogy books and turned me a fan because we need the vampire like a monster and not as a beautiful person. So this is it. I’m very anxious to watch season 3. Good work folks!

  30. kumud says:

    nice show

  31. Nick says:

    The story is great and the scripting pretty good but the cast assembled is dreadful and is the only thing holding this show back from achieving Twd esque ratings. With the exception of eichorst and setrakian this cast just annoys me.

  32. Zach hater says:

    Kill off the stupid kid! Everyone hates how stupid of a character he is, NO love would conquer watching your gross zombie vampire mom killing off people/mother figure then embracing her. Any kid Zacks Age would flee in terror & not be so stupid to want to be with his zombie vampire human slaying mom. Unless you’ve held back a medical brain defect that causes Zack to be dumb. Zack has to be the worst written character in recent TV history!

  33. Bastet says:

    Off with Zach’s head! Or, at the very least, bring back the original actor from s1!

  34. Bastet says:

    Off with Zach’s head!!! Or, at least, bring back the original actor from s1!

    • I agree! I hate to insult a young actor, but he’s terrible. What I read was the showrunners wanted a slightly older child to handle the “future direction of the story” for that character. I’ve read the books and that being said, I see no reason why Ben Hyland could not have handled it! That kid was great. This one, yeck.

  35. JDawg says:

    I imagine Lizzie Brocheré may have ended her own life if she had to have one more love scene with Jonathan Hyde, 37 years her elder. Yuk.

  36. Meghan says:

    It is obvious no one here has read the books as the kid plays a big role in this so I do not think he will just be killed off. Is he annoying yes but lets see how this progresses before judging the kid.

  37. Valerie A. Mendez says:

    I can’t wait for the 3rd season. What I would like is to see a female vampire like the Quinlan he’s my favorite, he’s a very sex man underneath the make-up. Not bad as half human, half vampire which is a born. Can’t wait till they go more in depth.

  38. Mark says:

    Surprisingly, I can’t find when season 3 starts. Not even the FX Television Network’s website mentions the begining date.

  39. Fet is the man with many surprises, I’m sorry that Nora died, the kid is heading for trouble with his worm headed mother. I can’t wit for season 3.

  40. JERRY Arocho says:

    The series was great going to be wrong about it is that left me hanging I still don’t know what’s happening or what’s going to happen when will be the Four Seasons up the strain we need to know what’s going to happen just left the in the air

  41. Abayomi says:

    I don’t like what happen to nora and if not bcos of zack kelly will have been kill by nora,if zack is going to be the weapon that the master will use to lure Eph to his side,nora suppose to be his side I don’t like it @ d end of season 2

  42. Shikera whitaker says:

    I would like to know when it is coming back on my family and I have been waiting for so long for it

  43. otg920 says:

    man why did nora have to die? shouldve been zack. little sissy..

  44. I’m a fan of “The Walking Dead” but also love “The Strain”. It’s story is different from the zombie world which is refreshing so please,please,please don’t cancel it. It’s nice to have a reprieve from the great but overdone genre of the zombie world. I love it and miss it,please keep going so we have something to watch that’s not just the hardcore life of the undead.

  45. Kyle says:

    He’s right no one is safe…. he killed his own show

  46. Hugh Mcguinness says:

    When is the new series be on tv I love it

  47. Dina Hoffman says:

    What happened to dutch?

  48. Kilted Savage says:

    Personally, I think killing off Nora is a HUGE mistake, especially when it leaves the direction of the books. I think writers that write off key characters are lazy, no talent hacks that use the shock value in order to cover up the fact they suck. This past season was slow, it dragged and that meant it was a disappointment but killing off Nora wasn’t the answer! The problem was the idiot writers sending crap scripts that dragged on. If I was an exec with the show, it would be the writers dying and Nora sticking around to help humanity survive.

  49. Caroline G. Ross says:

    A shorter season for Season 3? Sounds like they’re really looking at cancellation sometime soon. Should I bother getting involved with a show that has an ax hanging over it? I always find that incredibly annoying and it makes me distrustful of the network, like it’s just stringing us along.

  50. Skirby says:

    This show is pretty horrible. Why would something as bad as this get renewed but then arguably better (though still flawed) shows like Agent Carter get canceled. I think most people would gladly trade a 3rd season of this crap fest for almost any of the shows that got canceled this season.