Minority Report Ratings Cancelled

Ratings: Minority Report Eyes Bleak Future After Second Straight Drop-Off

Fox’s Minority Report this Monday drew just 2.1 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating (per finals), down 19 and 22 percent week-to-week and now down 32 and 36 percent from its soft premiere.

Opening Fox’s night, Gotham (4.3 mil/1.5) dipped 9 percent and one tenth.


NBC | The Voice (12.2 mil/3.3) ticked down week-to-week. Blindspot (9.1 mil/2.4) dipped two tenths, matching the combined rating of its ABC/CBS rivals.

ABC | Dancing With the Stars (11.8 mil/1.7) was up a tenth, while Castle (6.8 mil/1.2) held onto its series lows for a second straight week.

CBS | Big Bang (15.4 mil/3.9) rose a tenth, Life in Pieces (8.9 mil/1.9) and NCIS: LA (8 mil/1.2) were steady and Scorpion (10 mil/1.8) ticked up.

THE CW | Penn & Teller (1.4 mil/0.4), Whose Line (1.2 mil/0.4) and SigMom (660K/0.2) were all steady with their finales.

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  1. Steven says:

    Minority Report is supposed to have a panel at NYCC this weekend. I wonder if Fox will drop the Axe before then.

    • MyFairLady says:

      I’m enjoying MR but those numbers don’t give me much hope. Loving Life in Pieces…hope it keeps holding steady or rising…

  2. RedReddington says:

    So glad that Blindspot is doing so well. They actually answered the most pressing question which lead to more questions and more mystery, and it didn’t take away from the overall premise. I wish more shows did it like that. Looking at you Blacklist…

    • Patrick says:

      Which was smart. Who she is, given today’s technology levels, could only be drug out so long. Why she is the way she is, and why this was done to her, are the more pressing concerns.

      • Nicole says:

        Agree! I was so surprised that someone didnt try to alter the DNA results or anything. In my opinion this will make the show more interesting and provide for some great stories!

      • RedReddington says:

        That’s why it’s so unbelievable that there’s still a question whether Reddington is Keen’s father on The Blacklist. I don’t think he is, but since they haven’t confirmed it officially with a DNA test people are still hoping he is. After 2 seasons!

        • prish says:

          One poster speculated that he was her mother, changed, etc. I hope it is not something so complicated. Simple can be more clever and fun, like Tom being hired by Red.

          • Sheila says:

            Loving Blacklist, despite the non reveal of the Liz Red connection. Blindspot is not knocking my socks off yet. Pretty typical so far. Tattoo twist is not all that exciting.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      Still hooked on Blindspot as well as The Player but I’m scratching my head about The Player whether or not it should get a full season pick-up soon.

      • Steven says:

        No way will The Player get a full season pick up, all they could hope for right now is to not be the first show cancelled this season.

      • I’m really behind The Player, but I’m so frustrated that the show seems to have such a small social media presence. Blindspot has blown up up all over tumblr, but barely anything for Philip Winchester’s Player. I sense cancellation circulating but I’m still crossing everything I have

        • Mr. Tran K says:

          Did you guys think Blindspot is much better than The Player?

          • MzTeaze says:

            I watch both and like both. I’m sad that The Player isn’t getting enough love BUT it’s already in a death situation given it’s Thursday night schedule against Shondaland and NFL football. I don’t think popular shows could make it that rock vs hard place position. Here’s to hoping that NBC is patient to see if the show can find it’s following.

    • Sam says:

      Same here. And they did it only in episode three. Here you have a feeling that the show is going somewhere and you want to go with it there. Very entertaining hour of television.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    Still not happy about Life in Pieces numbers. It’s becoming like what The Millers did (remember that show).

    • Floyd Smith says:

      CBS needs to can it and bring back Two Broke Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Boiler says:

        Totally agree. Deserves a shot following BBT

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        I know but to bench three of CBS’ returning sitcoms (2BG, M&M and Odd Couple) until mid-season is not what they had in mind. Wonder if Angel From Hell which won’t premiere until November 5th should follow the same situation Life in Pieces does.

      • herman1959 says:

        I wonder how the network can even afford to pay the salaries of so many big-name actors. At some point they have to decide if the ratings are worth the money being spent…sometime SOON.

        • B says:

          yup my thoughts exactly. There are so many name actors on the show that it NEEDED to be a hit. And unlike a show like trophy wife (a similar situation with many name actors) it doesn’t seem to have much acclaim or a strong fanbase

  4. Boiler says:

    Know there may be adjustments on ABC but doesn’t look like the Castle naysayers were correct. Good for viewers thinking for themselves instead of a couple hundred commenters.

  5. Ellinas1978 says:

    So what you are saying is to not watch the second and third Minority Report on my DVR since it’s probably getting cancelled anyway. Not sure why I didn’t pull the plug on the Series Recording after the mess the pilot was. Might have something to do with nothing else recording at 9:00 to interfere with my DVR and watching MNF.

  6. You didn’t need to be a PreCog to see this coming. Unfortunate.

    • Mike B. says:

      tbh I expected kinda good ratings for the pilot, but maybe the movie is already “too old”/not popular enough to be a draw-in

  7. Mike B. says:

    really interested in next week’s ratings for gotham… but I think it’s getting more and more obvious, that people hating on the internet (last night’s twist) don’t usually influence ratings that much… or people just love to say they’re quitting a show :D

  8. Spence says:

    Oh wow I have never seen a show get less than a mil. viewers… Rip sigmom.

    • Gerald says:

      I hope that is not true. I really enjoy Significant Mother. It is a summer show so I don’t know if the ratings are as important. I hope it gets a second season.

    • ScottJ says:

      Much as I like the show (in fact its the only sitcom in recent months that I could stand) if that’s all we get at least it closed out its 9 episode run with a decent ending. Better than most shows manage to do.

  9. Sean says:

    This show is an uninspiring mess, particularly compared to how great the movie was. Hopefully Fox will do away with it and we can get Lucifer on the schedule in the for Halloween.

    • Bartimeus says:

      Lucifer is supposed to premiere after The X-Files as of now and I’d prefer it stay like that, it would have a better shot that way I think. The pilot was good but not great, but definitely has a lot of potential as a series. I’m still pretty excited for it.

      I hope FOX will actually consider moving Sleepy Hollow back to Mondays after they air their Bones crossover. I heard it grew 70% in three days and I think it could at least get back up to a 1.4

  10. Boiler says:

    Ah Matt could have at least pointed out Blindspot’s viewers were no where near double the others:):):)

  11. Will says:

    If The Player gets cancelled, reunite Stonebridge with Scott, er, I mean, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot. Haha

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      The Player still needs a big boost for a Blacklist lead-in on Thursdays but I’m not happy about the numbers and I hate to wonder whether or not the Wesley Snipes/Philip Winchester series might get a full season pick-up soon.

  12. zac says:

    I wonder why people didnt tune in to Minority Report. I thought it was interesting. Never watched the movie though so maybe it was a far cry from the story it was based on

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I gave it another try last night, checked out after 10 minutes. Switched over to unabashedly wackadoodle Scorpion instead.

    • herman1959 says:

      I agree; I think it’s one of those shows that needs time to build, but there isn’t a lot of time in the Fall. Maybe the should have held it for mid-season.I

    • B says:

      I loved the movie so I really want to love the show but it seems a bit all over the place. Its the type of show that seems like it needs a couple episodes to find its footing but unfortunately I don’t know if it will last that long

  13. kmw says:

    Good that Blindspot is dong well. We will see if Castle dips after adjustments, but Minority Report is a goner. I don’t know how much longer FOX can keep it on air with those ratings

  14. Shaun says:

    Well,thought they said they’d explain why Castle and Beckett are acting this way and it didn’t really happen.It’s just pathetic to see Castle sink so low for someone who can’t let go of something that isn’t her job to handle.It just doesn’t compute anymore.

  15. Shannon says:

    I had high hopes for this show, and believe it is at least shot well but the acting is just beyond terrible, I was actually cringing a few times. However, that may be because the writing is even worse. I’ve never had a show that I couldn’t at least make it through the pilot but at the 30 minute marked I tapped out.

  16. Kires says:

    Had to go back to see the Minority Report pilot they showed on tv as the pilot leaked last month had a lot of different scenes, I think the changed added a good vibe to the show, but not happy that they recast a new actor to be the twin instead of using the same one (it could have been a great Fringe homage).

    • good 2bpositive says:

      I agree. IMO, the show has potential. Every week it seems to be getting better. I will stick with it. Hopefully, they don’t cancel it.

    • herman1959 says:

      I agree; I think it’s one of those shows that needs time to build, but there isn’t a lot of time in the Fall. Maybe the should have held it for mid-season.

    • MyFairLady says:

      I’m enjoying MR…it’s a bit messy at times but it’s slowly coming together, I will stick with it too.

  17. Ashley says:

    I’m sad about “Minority Report” – I think it has potential. It’s frustrating that if a show doesn’t open big, it doesn’t get the chance to grow – people won’t give it a chance because they don’t want to get disappointed if it gets cancelled.

  18. smartysenior says:

    I got to my DVR and watched Limitless right after Minority Report. The difference in the acting was astounding, the Minority Report’s two leads are really really bad actors and just can’t carry off a credible story. The leads in Limitless are wonderful and it makes that show well worth watching again. What a difference in skill level when you watch them together like that.

    • good 2bpositive says:

      I think if Meagan Good was that bad she wouldn’t have such a high net worth in this industry. Maybe that is what is needed for this type of show. I’m no expert. IJS!

    • ScottJ says:

      Stark Sands is a stage actor who has been nominated for awards. What you think is bad acting is actually all part of the character he’s playing. If you want to see a really bad actor watch Sullivan Stapleton in Blindspot. He has the blandest non-performance I’ve ever seen in a TV show, and yet the fans seem to love it. He’s so bad I can’t even watch the scenes he’s in.

      • davido says:

        Umm, it’s because Stapleton is HOT while Sands is quite NOT. And I beg to differ that it is Sands who is bland, perhaps this role is just not for him, no matter the past acting awards.

  19. Phlerg says:

    So everything was down, is what you’re saying….

  20. Jared says:

    Minority Report is the classic case of a reboot NOBODY was asking for.

  21. good2bpositive says:

    I actually enjoy minority Report. It is getting better each week. I know this is a microwave society where people want everything fast even in the television shows but MR is a different pace. I see enough about murder in the news so let me watch an entertaining show about preventing them. It’s good to see a minority (Meagan Good)in the lead role as well.
    Taraji Henson was never well received on Person of Interest either but I’ll be supporting MG as the show is on. I never listen to critics.

  22. Maryann says:

    My favorite new drama is Blindspot, followed by The Player and Limitless. I am also watching Minority Report, Code Black and Quantico, but I haven’t made up my mind yet about the last two.

    Anyone who is on the fence about The Player should give it 2-3 episodes before making up their mind. It is a lot more subtle in terms of intriguing twists and character development than is obvious from thd pilot. I am really sold now, and that wasn’t true at all after just the pilot.

  23. VJ says:

    And those Minority Report numbers are the reason why I don´t fall in love with tv shows anymore! I liked the original pilot very much and was intrigued. Granted, the second episode wasn´t THAT good, but I thought it had greater potential than Limitless (which reminded me a little bit of Chuck without the charme), but after I saw the numbers last week I gave up on it, because I did this whole thing with Forever last season and Tomorrow People the season before that and Secret Circle the season before that.

  24. Aeol says:

    It’s a shame, I’m kind of enjoying Minority Report after going in with a healthy dose of skepticism; the opposite is true for me and Quantico, which I just don’t know if I can stick with. I can’t handle much more of Priyanka Chopra’s bouncy hair flips.

  25. Aeol says:

    I went into Minority Report with a healthy dose of skepticism but I’m actually enjoying it. The same cannot be said for Quantico, which I was excited for, but Priyanka Chopra is beyond cheesy. I cannot take much more of her bouncy hair flips.

  26. Betisa says:

    I was wrong, I predicted lower numbers for Castle.

  27. Marci says:

    I’m losing my patience with Castle and this needless break-up, so I’m contemplating pulling the plug on it, especially since another season of Fargo starts next Monday. I pulled the plug in the middle of Gotham last night. The violence has gotten to ridiculous proportions; with the high body count, I don’t know how there can be anyone left in Gotham City.

    • prish says:

      I fast forward all the scenes and only watch Alfred and Bruce’s scenes, whether together or with others. I call it my Bruce and Alfred show. They’re great! Having grown up with Batman in the 50’s, that’s all I need. The gyrations of the villains and detectives whizzing by in the fast forwarding are like poetry and ballet telling the story.

  28. CJ says:

    Minority Report is awful..let it go please

  29. prish says:

    I love Minority Report. I’m grateful to have it for however long we get it. I appreciate their trying different things out.

  30. Chuck says:

    That’s too bad because it finally started to get interesting.

  31. TDXI says:

    Awful casting KILLED MP. It could have been a great show.