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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Music Video: Sultry, Suffering Rebecca Primps for a Date

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Video Sexy Getting Ready

A warning, both good and bad: You won’t be able to get Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s NSFW “Sexy Getting Ready Song” video — or some of the disturbing imagery it contains — out of your head all day.

In advance of the new musical comedy’s Oct. 12 premiere (8/7c), The CW has released a slow jam featuring series star/executive producer Rachel Bloom gussying (and injuring) herself in preparation for a hot night out.

In character as the series’ anxious heroine, Rebecca, Bloom shimmies around a bathroom while crooning about how she’s going to “get in touch with my feminine side” — a process that involves curling, plucking, shaving, wrestling with restrictive foundation garments and undergoing the rough removal of a bikini waxing strip.

The series’ premise — Rebecca is a successful but unhappy New Yorker who impulsively follows an ex-boyfriend to West Covina, Calif. — provides fertile comedy ground… but it’ll be hard-pressed to top the visual of Bloom in this clip from the premiere, trying to execute a sexily serpentine body roll in the tightest of Spanx.

Press PLAY on the video below, then hit the comments: Will you tune in to formally meet Rebecca on Monday?