Chasing Life Cancelled After 2 Seasons

Chasing Life Leo Funeral

ABC Family has delivered the grimmest prognosis of all to Chasing Life, canceling the drama after just two seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

The series, about a 24-year-old reporter (Italia Ricci) who discovers she has cancer, premiered in June 2014 to much critical praise. The second season finale — now a series finale — aired earlier this week, sending April to Italy for some much-needed reflection after receiving more bad news from her doctors.

In the episode’s final moments, April revealed that she was considering staying in Italy to live out her remaining days.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the loss of Chasing Life.

What are your thoughts on the show’s cancellation? How do you wish April’s story had ended? Drop a comment with your reactions below.

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