American Horror Story DVD Video Reveals More Freak-y Family Secrets

American Horror Story fans, we know you’re excited to check into Hotel, but let’s not forget about the Freak Show we’re leaving behind.

TVLine has an exclusive first look at a feature from the AHS: Freak Show DVD/Blu-ray, on sale Oct. 6, which takes us behind the curtain — or, in this case, the circus tent — for a look at one of the franchise’s most twisted families.

That’s right, we’re talking about Jimmy “Lobster Hands” Darling and his most-unfortunate parents, Ethel Darling and Dell Toledo. In addition to interviews with a few of the show’s producers, Kathy Bates also gets a chance to chime in with her thoughts on Evan Peters as an actor, and she says some things that would definitely make him blush.

Hit PLAY on the DVD clip above, then drop a comment below: What was your favorite part of Freak Show?