Empire's Lee Daniels Praises Jennifer Lopez in Wake of 'Stupid' Cookie Diss

Empire Jennifer Lopez Apology

Cookie’s big mouth has gotten her into more than a few scrapes on Empire, but now her words are coming back to bite her outside of the Fox smash.

Empire co-creator Lee Daniels took to Instagram on Thursday to address a comment Cookie made about Jennifer Lopez during Wednesday’s episode. Daniels wants everyone, but most importantly Lopez, to know that Taraji P. Henson’s character meant no disrespect by her comment about Lopez’s vocal abilities.

The line in question came during Cookie’s conversation with Hakeem about having more than one Hispanic singer in his new girl group. “Ain’t nothing wrong with a couple of JLos,” Cookie told her son, “as long as they can really sing.”

“I talk to Jennifer all the time about being on Empire,” Daniels wrote, attached to a photo of himself with the American Idol judge. “We’d be lucky to have her. She’s proven herself as an original: one of the best singers, dancers and actors of all time. Look sometimes, Cookie just says some stupid s–t.”

Check out Daniels’ post in full below:


So much for “No Apologies,” huh?

Empire fans, what do you make of Daniels’ pseudo-apology? And would you like to see Lopez on the show? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.