Serial Podcast to Become TV Series

serial podcast tv series adaptiation

NPR’s biggest hit is heading for the small screen.

Serial, the public radio podcast that you and everyone you know was talking about last year, is on the path to become a cable drama, our sister site Deadline reports.

Season 1 of the popular true-crime broadcast, an offshoot of NPR’s This American Life hosted by Sarah Koenig, followed the investigation of a young woman’s murder and the alleged involvement of her ex-boyfriend.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord (Last Man on EarthHow I Met Your Mother) have optioned the rights to the podcast and are developing a series that (stay with us) would follow a podcast as it takes an in-depth look at another criminal case.

Koenig and Julie Snyder, who co-produce the podcast, will executive-produce the TV series along with Lord, Miller and This American Life host Ira Glass, among others.

Meanwhile, Season 2 of the podcast — which earlier this year was renewed for two more seasons — is slated to premiere this fall.

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