Castle Photos: 'Angelic' Alexis Provokes Protective Pop, Rick/Kate 'Reunited'

If looks could kill, protective pop Richard Castle might give more murdered college boys that Beckett & Co. might care to deal with!

In the third episode of Season 8, titled “PhDEAD,” Castle goes undercover as a professor to gain access to the victim’s world. Yet in doing so, he and Beckett discover that behind the fun and games of college are some darker secrets that this particular university wants to keep hidden.

Rick, meanwhile, would probably like more of daughter’s skin to be hidden, when at a costume party he spies Frankenstein’s monster looking to clip Alexis’ angelic wings.

Also in the photo gallery below, you’ll spy the first photos of Rick with Kate since this week’s difficult “conversation,” plus guest star Christine Adams (Terra Nova).

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  1. MM says:

    Yuk, Alexis dressed like that is the last thing I want to see on the show. What’s going on with this show!

    • Kathleen Bergeron says:

      Going down the toilet at a breakneck pace. The fans are overwhelmingly disgusted– me among them.

      • Jeri says:

        Wow. People are so judgmental. Haven’t you ever watched tv before? Alexis is just acting her age, she’ll make some mistakes just as all of us have growing up. Maybe you should stick to Hallmark or Sunday AM programing if you can’t handle Castle. I’m shocked at the attitudes expressed here. The shows are rated, perhaps you should check that out before viewing. I’m disgusted by the comments more than the program. Sorry but these reactions are way over the top. It’s a TV show folks, go elsewhere if you can’t handle it.

        • Manuel Schuster says:

          You are absolutey right. I am looking forward to the next Episode. Many greetings from Cologne, Germany by Manuel Schuster

    • John NYC says:

      Same sort of outfit she wore when he ran into her at a Con.


    • CastleBuzz says:

      The problem with Alexis wearing this silly outfit and the dresses she’s been wearing this season are that the clothes are wearing her (Molly Quinn) instead of the woman wearing the clothes. It’s true of her make-up as well. Few young women, just entering the business world, can wear the clothes with aplomb. They simply lack the sophistication, maturity and physical comfort level. TPTB have pushed this character too far too fast.

      • John NYC says:

        Perhaps they’re playing catchup to place the character where they judge she should have been progressing towards all along?

        • keepitcoming says:

          Dude, I agree. It seems the cats are out when it comes to Alexis. A lot of the women are having problems with this character growing up!

      • Court says:

        I don’t get the fuss about Molly’s new hair and wardrobe this season. So she dresses better big deal. Molly acting this season is over the top. She’s trying too hard. Jmo.

      • Annie says:

        Agreed. They are trying to make Alexis something she isn’t. Would be much better if they let her slowly evolve rather than forcing her into every episode as if to scream “see, she’s all grown up now!” Would also be more interesting if she was off following her own dreams rather than continuing to desperately cling to daddy.

        • Court says:

          Alexis is trying desperately to follow in her father’s footsteps and it’s ridiculous. Shouldn’t Alexis live up to her potential? She can do so much more than being junior PI

  2. Betisa says:

    Almost 600 comments in the article “Castle Bosses…” 95% of them are very unhappy with the show and most of them are not going to watch it anymore. So, next episode will be watched by me and and a few other. :O
    I’d like to know what NF and SK think about the comments.
    Who is going to face the consequences?

  3. ndixit says:

    Poor Castle is really getting put through the ringer isn’t he? First its Beckett walking out on him, now Alexis in these clothes. I’m sure his mind must be about to explode. I hope he gets to act out a little bit when Slaughter arrives. He needs to vent out his frustrations in a constructive way.

  4. tr says:

    wait, a girl of college age is dressed in a costume like this for halloween – OMG – is she the first girl ever to do that – NO – will she be the last – NO (and on behalf of all the college aged guys, thanks!) – its really no big deal – people need to lighten up – though I do understand why a dad wouldn’t like it, the rest of us shouldn’t care or be surprised

  5. lkh says:

    I’ve really been supportive of the ‘bold’ move to ‘shake up’ the series. I think the characters needed to stop and realign. However, this routine of serious episode, goofy episode is old and tired and is definitely not what is needed next Monday. Fans are a tad on edge about the recent episode-that’s called an understatement. I think they may check out next Monday just to see if things can get back, but if it’s just a token silly ass goofy Castle romp, huge mistake. It’s the Monday after that that will suffer viewers. Hopefully, the episode is strong and gets viewer attention and well, hope springs eternal.
    btw, what Alexis wears is the least of their problems, really does anyone care.

    • DarkDefender says:


    • CastleBuzz says:

      I’ve always found the routine of serious, then goofy eps to be disconcerting. Over time I’ve gotten used to it, but I often don’t enjoy the “fun” ep until I watch it again some time later on. So I agree with you in hoping the upcoming ep isn’t as silly as the promos are indicating. Seems likely to me that these scenes of Angelic Alexis are from her and Rick’s undercover work at the college where he’s undercover as a guest lecturer. I bet she talked her way (which now seems to mean just insinuating herself) into working with him at the party, but didn’t tell him what she’d be wearing. And so he goes bananas when he sees her — it’ll be another op for NF to play doofus Castle. As long as the scenes with Beckett and Castle have some meat to them, it should be OK. I hope….

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m so with you on the drama-comedy-drama-comedy pattern. So stupid, and it’s unfortunate that it continues with these showrunners.

  6. Court says:

    Alexis dressed like that in front of her dad…. Yuck talk about awkward. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for Alexis to wear a costume for a party that has a theme.

  7. c-mo says:

    I don’t get it. Have any of you complainers ever worn a swim suit in public? Then you have worn less than what she is wearing in the picture. You want to see Castle and Beckett have sex on screen but if Alexis wears anything the least bit revealing the morality police are out for blood, seriously? Do you not see the hypocrisy? Alexis is over 21 not 14 anymore, the characters age just like people do in real life. I read somewhere that real art is supposed to make you feel, it doesn’t have to be something specific, just feel. Apparently Castle is real art.

    • Court says:

      If Alexis had any respect for herself she wouldn’t dress like that with her dad around. I can only imagine how awkward it was for Molly to film this scene when the entire crew is made up of males. I’m 22 and I certainly don’t dress like a tramp everyday. Who wears lingerie with wings to a college party? Molly is ghostly pale too it doesn’t look good

      • John NYC says:

        Perhaps the actual episode will show she didn’t know he was to be there? That would paralleled the last time we saw her in such a costume, The Final Frontier, when she ran into him inadvertently at a Con.

        Tune in next week for all to be revealed!

      • keepitcoming says:

        Yeah, but do you look like Alexis/Molly? Are you an actress? This is her job – to portray a character. This isn’t her in real life! Get over it Court.

  8. DarkDefender says:

    I think Alexis looks great. Seems viewers are as stodgy as her dad. She is of age, free to express herself and it is good for the character to break away from the mold of the child/daughter and into the adult/woman she can be. Castle is, if nothing else, a show that does not shy away from strongly written female characters. Like many, I hope for the best for this re-boot of sorts.. And I hope it leads to good storytelling and doesn’t get as lost as the Mentalist did post RJ. I already miss Simon Baker.. No need to kill SK & NF for me too.

    • lkh says:

      huh is Simon Baker dead? I missed the last few years… sorry, off point.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I miss Simon Baker on my TV.. That Mentalist reboot took to long to to develop and the series ended. . I am hoping the “Vastle reboot” does not end the same, with the series dying.

        P.S. I secretly hope he shows up at Grey+Sloan Memorial Hospital (with his dreamy eyes and Aussie accent) and woos Meredith. She deserves a
        Title McAussie in her life.

        • DarkDefender says:

          I should really proof read before I hit enter. Vastle reboot sounds like a vampire version (lkh – we could totally write that!) and Meredith deserves a little McAussie.. Not sure what his title should be. lol

          • lkh says:

            ok-calm down. I think I know what you’re talking about–the Mentalist and Grey’s Anatomy have a baby and it’s named Vastle–right? There’s some sort of genetic thing going on, a da, da, blah, blah and it results in a series mutation called ‘Way Down Under’. (That’s the G version-actually I did clean that up.) Introducing Constable Melbourne McAussie, fifth cousin of our little Meredith. Meredith has adopted little Vastle, but actually, he’s a bit of a pain to watch, always getting into stuff and really doesn’t mind. And really, McAussie can abide the kid. and so it goes. Regardless of our vision, this is probably all dead in the water… Fortunately, we did not name the series ‘Jumping the Shark’ even though the Australian contingent voted for that title-it felt like home to them.

            (Honestly, DD, forgive me I don’t watch these shows, at least for a long time……..sorry.-but don’t say I didn’t give you the bones to work with–ah, Bones, we could call it -ah, never mind, that won’t work)

    • Court says:

      Alexis is not a strong female character. She’s a character who can’t break away from her dad.

      • DarkDefender says:

        She is a character who was kidnapped & brought to a foreign country while drugged and she thought her dad was dead for 2 months. Scared and a little clingy, but her reactions are based in character experience. Plus if she broke completely away, there would be no need for her character to be a series regular and that’s not going to happen. Castle is really at his best when he gives the fatherly advice.. Being a dad is the only real thing that always kept his character from being an off the rails child-man 24/7.
        What they haven’t decided was what Alexis wanted to be. She never leaned towards any profession until now. And it is a fair assumption she knows a lot of detective type things because of Castle’s research when she was a kid. She can pick a lock and she has helped them with investigations over the years. Like most kids her age, being strong with computers is a common skill. Her working the PI thing, for me, is not that much of a stretch.

        • lkh says:

          for some reason, when she was interning with Lanie, I thought she was thinking premed, but that could be off…
          what’s his name was an economics major at Stanford–that didn’t happen-whew.
          She appears to possess the ability to logically think and reason. Problem solving-but nothing physical, please.

  9. Joe says:

    So castle just was dumped by his wife, without so much as an explanation, so he immediately goes back to work with her, as his boss now no less, to “win” her back…hijinx ensue…castle has gotten so awful so quickly…beckett is conp!etely unlikable now, the reason for the break up is idiotic, and frankly the relationship is ruined because really they shouldn’t be together at all…if they get back together it is just a toxic relationship at this point cause at some point down the road beckett will be out the door again with a new obession..good thing they hadn’t just have a kid or castle would be a single dad again…castle deserves better…

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Is “Castle deserves better” the new mantra?

      • BeckettIsThe Best says:

        Hah hah, I think it is. So far I’ve missed seeing any description of that “better” , though, but I can guess. That woman obviously doesn’t have a career of her own, but stays home with Castle devoting her whole life to serving him and making babies with him, at least one per year. And she definitely never challenges or objects him at any possible way…. I’m pretty sure Castle would be bored to dead even before we viewers fell a sleep…. LOL

        • Harvey says:

          Naah, what about working with her supportive husband, figuring things out with him, thinking things through, thinking things logically, and most of all, not leaving him suddenly without telling any reason and deciding the whole relationship by herself, and that after marriage.

          • Harvey says:

            Oh that’s stupid, I already said husband, so after marriage part shouldn’t have been added by me, but it was so the point of marriage is more clear also, lol.

          • BeckettIsThe Best says:

            I believe that’s exactly what Beckett has been doing, working with him, all the time supporting him even in his craziest actions like e.g. starting a P.I. business without telling anyone etc etc. When people are in love they don’t always think logically, or actually there isn’t one person that always thinks logically, Beckett doesn’t, Castle doesn’t, show runners certainly don’t and that’s what make the life and TV shows, and internet commentary, intresting. Admitted Beckett’s decision to leave was made hasty and was kind of stupid but she did it out of love. She wants to keep him safe and there’s nothing selfish in that. It’s totally irrelevant whether that was the right decision or not. What matters is that in that particular moment she believed herself it being the only way to keep the love of her life safe and ensure their happily ever after. Bracken used to hit when you least expected it and there’s no reason to believe this partner of his won’t do the same, so no one is safe until they are down. I assume they will anyway end up working on it together in some point, simply because Castle incapable of keeping his nose out of anything, and the journey leading to that will be, I’m sure of that, as enjoyable and entertaining television as always with Castle. When it comes to Castle fighting for getting Beckett back, of course he will do everything in his power to make her coming back home. She’s the love of his life, he knows her in and out, he’s happy with her, and she didn’t leave because of another man or because she didn’t love him any more. There’s nothing spineless in his actions. In fact there might be less divorces and break-ups if people would fight like Castle does. OK, now I stop my rambling :-)

          • Harvey says:

            The thing is Castle has no idea why she just left him, and he has been trying to win her like forever so this time when it’s not even his fault, it’s kind of hard to adjust that he still has to win her over after marriage.

            And yeah, I am starting to understand the Beckett not being selfish, but even that doesn’t cover for Castle being the one to fight for her, and as you said, Bracken hit when you least expected it, so even then she shouldn’t have said yes that way as even Bracken was too powerful and Castle wouldn’t have been safe. See the main reason that the thing is coming out selfish, is the lack of a solid good reason, that also for a wife, not just girlfriend, to leave her husband. Sure, love is the reason but that is not showcased properly, because Bracken was there too, and now with the word obsession being there too much, it’s only seeming as she’s following an obsession more than her husband. What would have been better, could have been a direct attack on Castle, not like the torture scene which I agree with Castlebuzz was quite silly, but rather a real attack on her maybe, that put him in a very bad situation, maybe him and her going to a place and getting attacked and Castle being hit, anything like that would have shown more of a link to it. Still separation would be a bit harder to adjust but at least it wouldn’t have looked all about obsession really.

        • Joe says:

          Yes in healthy relationships, people walk out on their spouses all the time (with NO explanation) to work stuff out and then tell them hopefully you will take me back later…he deserves better in a spouse who puts their bordering on mental illness obsessions over him…repeatedly… Oh and obsessively pursuing this investigation has nothing to do with her career, which is police captain…in fact Rita overed to have her spy friends deal with it so beckett could focus on her actual job and family..

      • Joe says:

        With beckett in his life??! Yes…

    • Joe says:

      If they had happened to have had a kid together would she have walked put on him and the baby too??? Tell the two of them hopefully you guys will take me back later…you know, until the next obsession…

  10. Velocisexual says:

    I’ll be in my bunk…

  11. lame says:

    I can remember seasons ago when the argument was that Beckett was virginal, even though writers had bent over backwards indicating she had been around. Same group of fans who wish their leads to be saintly and not reflecting society as a whole.

  12. BeckettIsThe Best says:

    I find that outfit tasteless, but it’s a college theme party and she’s 22, so there’s nothing really special or shocking in it, girls at her age just wear tastless outfits (being sexy is more important than a good taste) in parties these days, unfortunately. For Castle as a father it obviously causes a heart attack. Let’s just hope he won’t make a complete fool of himself…

    • lila1star says:

      FYI–KB did not leave to keep Castle safe. Step mom already told her she was safe and so was Castle once the AG gal was dead. KB left to “clear her head” and to avenge the deaths of her old team. Also to feed her obsession that is back “stronger” than ever. Tell me how KB is not the self centered super woman cop who walked out on her husband for no good reason? The writers have painted KB into a corner that even if or when the two get back together it is clear KB is broken and Castle will not be able to trust her. Why would the writers do this to a light hearted show with a love story at its core? “Always” is now a joke.

      • Beckstle says:

        What you said about the step-mom is true, but the show sets up the ridiculous thing that if Beckett were to go after the people to avenge the death of the team she would have to leave Castle because it would put him in danger. That’s why when she tells Castle she has to “clear her head” – if she goes after the team she wants him protected. Of course, this entire premise is ludicrous because the best way to protect Castle would be to stay and act as if she believes the AG gal was the CIA connection. They just wanted a “reason” for Beckett to leave and cause angst. In 6×23 the let’s screw Beckett’s character plot-point was Beckett suddenly had been married before but didn’t know it. The ratings fallout from that choice is now being compounded by the one made for this season. I don’t know why they started deviating from a successful pattern with the season 6 finale, but that continuing deviation has been a disaster for the show’s ratings.

    • John NYC says:

      I’ll wait and judge the outfit in context: if it’s a Legally Blonde situation then it’s thumbs down.

      Meaning: I’m tuning in next week to see what the show ACTUALLY does.

  13. TvLover says:

    I don’t really have an opinion about Alexis’ outfit, she’s in college so yeah that’s not a shocker.

    I think the Castle/Beckett craziness will be what will either make or break this show.
    I understand that the writers wanted to change up how the formula of the show went.
    Because if the whole two parter hadn’t happened I think that it’d be kind of boring. Just having Castle sit by Beckett’s desk the whole time while she’d be stuck in meets, or on calls or who knows what is pretty lame. I think it’d be the equivalent of Beckett sitting by Castle and having to watch him write for hours on end.
    It’s still a cop show and I think they could and should still work together and just leave that whole Beckett mess alone. Bracken was killed, move on. I’d rather learn more about Castle’s background than Beckett’s at this point in the show.

  14. Matt Stone says:

    I kind of wish this separation was just a ruse to make it seem they weren’t together anymore. Castle will wear her down to the point she realizes she made a mistake. His obsession to find out exactly why she left will collide with her obsession to find who had her former team. Then, she will let him help. I am interested to see their conversation in that cell. I hope she gives him a better answer and he tells her how bad she hurt him. I hope the picture with her arms around his neck is where they come to an understanding. I do not believe they will kiss. But what do I know. I wonder if they are trying test how expanding Alexis’s role to see how the fans receive it. This would be with an eye to a season 9 where Stana won’t be back. I did really enjoy how she manipulated that EMT. I don’t mind her working with Castle but this too much. They won’t make it to season 9. Not with this crap we got in the last 5 minutes of Xx. I will watch through to the fall finale before I decide to stop watching. I think if they are back together by then the rest of the season could be okay. I want to see someone will let her have it. Maybe have Lanie actually follow through on her threat to smack her. I want to see scenes where she is suffering emotionally, where she has nightmares, and cries herself to sleep. I never thought I would want her to suffer. I know that she could be happy and safe for a while, but eventually they would come after her and Castle. The writers managed to make her look selfish and stupid in 20 seconds. They know who Castle is and that he was instrumental in taking down Bracken. I think I need a few fun episodes right now.

  15. Missy says:

    It was hilarious in ‘Final Frontier’, so it’s gotta be just as funny in ‘PhDead’, right? Poor Rick. LOL

  16. paula says:

    Since Castle is well known I’m assuming he goes undercover as Richard Castle, writer in residence.
    Yes, Alexis is slightly (and I do mean slightly with the see thru mini/Victoria’s Secret Angel outfit) more covered than she was during Final Frontier and it’s not as bad at her age now than it was then. College girls do sometimes dress very sexy/slutty/whatever. I could probably find some pictures from the House of the Rising Sun parties when I was in college – all the girls dressed as hookers or madams and all the guys as pimps or johns – so you can imagine what we all looked like.
    Also as for Alexis dressing older – first she’s been running the P.I. office so she’s been dressing for that part and second she’s had a lifetime of watching Martha (plus Meredith, Gina, Paula and Kate) dress for whatever part they were playing so she knows more than most girls her age about projecting an image. Sometimes she does give a “little girl dressing in Mom’s cloths” sort of vibe but she pulls it off. Most girls her age don’t have the money for those kinds of clothes but that’s not a problem for Alexis.
    Right now I’m getting more of a “Kate needs to go back to seeing Dr. Burke” sort of vibe from her. She was so confident at an early age of where she was going career wise – the whole law school and then on to the Supreme Court thing – to have it all taken away with her mother’s murder and her father’s drinking. So life blowing up in her face throws her off balance in a big way I think. Castle had early success with getting his first book published so he has a more confident attitude – a more this too shall pass outlook.

    • John NYC says:

      Awesome point: she’s channelling her actress grandmother! She’s found herself, per the storyline when she just went to the office to let in some contractors and a potential client walked in with an easy fix and then it went from there, in need of portraying the “adult investigator who can be trusted with your case”, so she costumes and acts accordingly. We got a good glimpse of that when she paused beside the EMT truck, considered the situation and visibly changed to fit the scene (and having the necessary prop, the clipboard to set the details) and get the information from the guy driver.

      Granted she’s channelling maybe a little more of Rick’s noirish film collection of detective B movies than is necessary (I definitely get a 40’s look vibe, maybe the hair or her makeup?) but it’s a fun gag. Anyone glimpse a maltese falcon somewhere in the office? Too bad NYC doesn’t get credibly foggy most nights.

    • Court says:

      Alexis doesn’t look like a Victoria Secret model those models aren’t red heads and ghostly pale. I’m 22 and I’ll be the first to tell you that most college girls who dress slutty and sexy have no morals/values or respect themselves. They mostly dress this way to get guys attention which just isn’t necessary. Alexis outfit that she wore at the con in The Final Frontier was ridiculous. Alexis dressed do well in 801 and 802 and now having her wear basically lingerie with angel wings is just tasteless and about 10 steps backwards.

      • paula says:

        But part of the point of the outfit in Final Frontier was it was cos play which is ridiculous for adults – think the guys on big Bang Theory – but not as bad for teens working thru a phase. It’s sort of playing dress up/Halloween/role playing and they grow up and move on.
        I’m thinking from the pictures that Alexis is at a party trying to get information on the case. And yes college girls who dress in a sexy or slutty style constantly do have issues – either poor self image or bad roll models (Keeping Up With The Kardashians comes to mind) – but sometimes they’re just trying things out. For years there was a khaki pencil skirt – way too tight with a big slit or I wouldn’t have been able to walk in it – that hung in the back of my closet. A college roommate gave it to me and I thought it was both sexy and preppy at the same time. I eventually got rid of it because it was not comfortable or flattering but my taste had to mature to see that. My goddaughter took it to college and loved it but she’s since matured as well.
        Yes, Alexis normally dresses very well. I was almost getting a Devil Wear Prada vibe from some of the things she was wearing – putting on designer armor to go into battle.

      • Jake says:

        Stop hating on fair skinned women, especially natural red heads, the women is beautiful. Who cares if you’re 22 and a model of virtue, it doesn’t give you the right to be judgmental of other women.

  17. Matt Stone says:

    I read on this site that episode 7 is titled Mr. and Mrs. Castle. This will be interesting.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think it could be a couple things:
      1. They flat out get back together (not likely)
      2. The episode is a rift on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (maybe they destroy the loft while having sex)
      3. It is simply their 1 year anniversary (and it is the beginning of them getting back together – complete with sex and the fall finale reveal that she is pregnant)
      Or it could just mean it’s the episode where they get the paperwork changing Beckett’s name to Kate Castle (even though at work she could keep her old name)

  18. lame says:

    For those who are offended by the costume, stay away from all day time soaps, and more than half of evening tv programming. Try Nickelodeon, or Disney Jr. This is grown-up fare and Alexis is now an adult, like it or not, so get used to her dressing and acting like one.

  19. Dave says:

    What I’m confused about is where did she go when she walked out on him… again…? And looking at the promo and sneak peek it looks like they get back together at some point. But if not where is she living if she’s not living with the love of her life? To me when she walked out, she was on her way to find the new big bad… but it looks like she’s back at the 12th in next weeks episode and working with Castle at some point. This is getting to be a confusing show to me. There’s no continuity anymore it seems to me. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out. Has anyone noticed in the ending credits that AWM is consulting on the show?

  20. lkh says:

    Good grief! there’s absolutely no relief in sight! There were over 1,000 posts on episode 2. Part 1 and 2 constituted 90 minutes of some pretty good episodes, much better than any from last season. People are focused on the last 5 minutes. Yes, it’s important, it will pass.

    Let’s talk about something else–good news, Bracken is dead, hurrah, hurrah, 3XK is dead, yes! Neither to be seen again–hopefully, don’t say Bracken was just pretending…

    Moving on to next Monday–the promos look good, hope it’s not too silly. Beckett and Castle will probably (will) be around each other. I’m not 100% sure where Alexis is in regard to college–some place I read she was finishing, others think she is done. Anyway, that outfit is nothing–

    Saw the guys dressed like college students from about 20 years ago :] By the way, Alexis is at Columbia (?), Espo went to what Univ New York (is that made up?) and Beckett to Stanford. Where did Castle go to school–private school-I know, supposedly many–college ? On occasion is it clear that we don’t know much about Mr. Castle…

    • paula says:

      Beckett started at Stanford but I think she transferred to NYU after her mother died. Espo probably sent to NYU or SUNY on the GI Bill. Castle’s first book was published when he was in college so he may have dropped out. I’m betting Ryan went to a Catholic school, possibly on scholarship. Alexis is supposed to be at Columbia and she said she forged her father signature on her internship paperwork so she’s hasn’t graduated yet.

  21. Annie says:

    I am really not buying the “Alexis PI” storyline. She served a purpose as a younger child in showing a different side of Castle but they need to let her develop a life separate from her dad. What was a sweet and supportive relationship is quickly becoming co-dependent. And suddenly making her Beckett’s defender isn’t helping either. After years of her being cold to Beckett her sudden turn to “Beckett’s family” isn’t believable. She and Hayley are ff material for me.

    • Court says:

      Alexis isn’t an adult. Alexis can’t have a life separated from her dad and that really is sad. And it’s not believable having Alexis suddenly defending Beckett and showing concern for her well being.

    • keepitcoming says:

      S the fact that her Father and Beckett are married have no bearing on her accepting Beckett as her family? What kind of family dynamic did you grow up with where you don’t respect and honor your parent by accepting there decision on a life-mate?

      And Alexis’s acceptance of Beckett hasn’t been a sudden turn – it’s been at least 2 seasons in the making.

  22. Mary says:

    I´ve always enjoyed this site to check my favourite show (wich still is Castle), but I´m taking a pause…the comments people post here make me sick!!!

    • lame says:

      Hang in there Mary, there are those who value their own opinion over reason. Yours is as good as any.

    • Linda Giza says:

      1, lighten up,Alexis needs a life and she is an adult.The other costume was way more or less I should say.
      2,As long as they get back on track I will be a loyal Castle fan,which I am.
      3,I still think Rick has something going from those two months that may prove interesting.
      4, It’s still about Caskett and the core love story,I think we should at least see what is going to happen before diving off the edge.

      • lame says:

        If you’re old enough to fight for your country you’re an adult. Alexis is growing up, wait till she begins to use a gun.

  23. darlene398 says:

    I dont blame kate and castle at all, they are doing what the writers tell them to do

  24. keepitcoming says:

    Just watch the latest episode. What is everyone bitchin’ about with Molly Quinn/Alexis. this episode was awesome with her even in the scimpy-ish clothing. It’s just a costume and she looks great. She IS a women now and dresses appropriately within the fashion of this day and age. Get over it.

    I liked that this was a CASTLE episode with more about Rick than the ALL about Beckett crap. This is a better balance which makes it interesting. The banter is still missing but it is a bit better.

    Best part, Ryan and Javier dressed as frat-boyz!!!