Castle Photos: 'Angelic' Alexis Provokes Protective Pop, Rick/Kate 'Reunited'

If looks could kill, protective pop Richard Castle might give more murdered college boys that Beckett & Co. might care to deal with!

In the third episode of Season 8, titled “PhDEAD,” Castle goes undercover as a professor to gain access to the victim’s world. Yet in doing so, he and Beckett discover that behind the fun and games of college are some darker secrets that this particular university wants to keep hidden.

Rick, meanwhile, would probably like more of daughter’s skin to be hidden, when at a costume party he spies Frankenstein’s monster looking to clip Alexis’ angelic wings.

Also in the photo gallery below, you’ll spy the first photos of Rick with Kate since this week’s difficult “conversation,” plus guest star Christine Adams (Terra Nova).

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