Ratings (Updated): Castle Premiere Part 2 Holds Onto Series Lows

Castle‘s noteworthy Season 8 premiere, Part 2, drew 6.7 million total viewers and a 1.2 rating on Monday night (per football-adjusted finals), matching last week’s series lows.

TVLine readers gave the episode an average grade of “C+.”

Opening ABC’s night, Dancing With the Stars (11 mil/1.6) was down two tenths in the demo week-to-week.


FOX | Gotham (4.7 mil/1.6) was steady, while Minority Report (2.6 mil/0.9) slipped 13 and 18 percent from its debut.

NBC | The Voice (12.1 mil/3.4) dipped just a bit week-to-week, while Blindspot (9.1 mil/2.6) slipped 14 and 16 percent from its debut (yet still easily won the 10 o’clock hour).

CBS | Big Bang (15.2 mil/3.8), Life in Pieces (8.7mil/1.9) and Scorpion (9.5 mil/1.7) each dropped a good 20 percent in the demo, with Scorpion hitting a series low. NCIS: LA (7.7 mil/1.2) was steady.

THE CW | Penn & Teller (1.4 mil/0.4), Whose Line (1.3 mil/0.4) and Significant Mother (770K/0.2) each ticked up.

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  1. Sam says:

    I have a feeling Castle may be a bit lower next week…

    • I have a feeling you’re right.

    • Sam says:

      Matt Webb Mitovich – did you like last night’s Castle?

    • Erika says:

      I think you are right about that,I have that feeling too if they want to kill the show this is the way to do it.😔

      • Marci says:

        Why do showrunners come up with scenarios that they have to know will piss off their shows’ viewers if not to kill off the show. No Castle viewer wanted that awful ending of last night’s episode.

        • mike says:

          I agree! It was lazy and showed they had no idea what to with the show! If you cannot write a married couple and grow them as a couple, you should not be a writer! What was so wrong with last night is they wrote Kate as as a selfish person who thinks the marriage is about what she wants and needs, Castle told her we are in this together what real couples deal with daily, she decides she needs to go on a self fulfilling mission and basically spit in the face of the last 6 seasons. She told everyone she is more important then her marriage, completely unlikable. Unless, Castle stands up to her, and acts like a real man, the show is over and the ratings will support it! Welcome to 1.0 and the loss of viewers is a major problem now as well.

          • Doug Martin says:

            Excellent comment. I also noticed the awful writing. I told my wife that i enjoyed the commercials more than Castle itself.

        • shirley says:

          I know they are (writer,producers) are trying to make it better. A differnet story line.
          What about what made the shoe a success.\?
          Just don’t kill it.
          It’s not broken.
          I am a fan, and I could have cried at the end.
          I will be there next week!
          I love the show.

        • TrudiV says:

          Speak for yourself. I did.

          Castle should never have hooked up with that detective. Show was spoiled after that happened.

    • marc says:

      its so bad had a real hard time watching it

  2. Erika says:

    LOL all these shows will get canceled due to low ratings.Minority Report is DEAD, Blindspot too.Cable and streaming shows wins.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      How much money you care to put on that BLINDSPOT prediction? It being Monday’s No. 1 drama by a massive margin and all.

      • Neemo says:

        That thing can crumble harder without a voice, just like Blacklist did :)

        • prish says:

          But the star of the show is the modern fad of tattooing, so how can it fail with the younger demo? As an artist, I have to appreciate a successful visual hook/gimmick. It’s the stupidest thing, but it appears to have worked.

        • Coach Taylor says:

          Blacklist crumbled because it the move to Thursdays, not because of no Voice lead-in. If it was back on Monday without the Voice it would put up better numbers than it does now

      • Nia says:

        Well, Blindspot isn’t even half as good as The Blacklist but cuz of The Voice lead-in and the nice spin of the numbers from all the media outlets, it will get a season 2.

        Once the dust settles it will be Gotham 2.0 or AoS 2.0, still an okay rating for the network but actually dissapointing.

      • schu says:

        How much faith does TeamTVline have in it really though? Noticeably there’s no ep recap. It’s a show that has potential to be good, but I feel the writing is too sloppy and character development is not great, IMO. I’m not saying it’s horrible, just not great?

      • lkh says:

        It’s a throwdown!

    • Coach Taylor says:

      LOL! No chance Blindspot is dead at those numbers. The way TV Shows are drawing in today’s world those numbers are quite good, especially for NBC. Maybe it that number drops by seasons end than MAYBE but I am putting money on at least a season #2

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      Minority Report is dead. No amount of Good’s cleavage will save that show.

  3. Massie says:

    Expecting Castle to fall next week after the ‘bold move’

    • sanchopanza says:

      I agree. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m surprised that I don’t really want to watch it next week. I’m tired of Beckett’s angst and obsession. It’s gone over the top.

    • DL says:

      Seriously, it would have been a bolder move and shown true character growth if she decided to let go of the obsession and be happy with the man she loves instead. But nope, we can’t have that, can we?

  4. Gotham needs to improve. I hope word of mouth helps ratings go up.

  5. Nicolas. says:

    Minority Report is over, so over.

  6. Sarah says:

    Too bad Castle’s rebound won’t last. After this week’s ending, I’m expecting a big drop next week.

    • Rhonda says:

      I get the feeling everyone is correct and ratings will drop. They aren’t saving the show, they are losing viewers.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Guess I’m gonna have to go read the episode review. I quit watching a couple of years ago but all these Castle comments have me curious, lol.

      • Sam says:

        The new showrunners broke up Castle and Beckett. They had Beckett leave Castle. 10 steps back in their relationship. 7 seasons of building a loving relationship undone in the final minutes of what otherwise could’ve been a good episode.

        • prish says:

          I explained to the husband about there being new showrunners and not the person who started the series The husband says, “Their ideas stink. She is becoming a rogue cop, and she’s the captain. What? She thinks her men are not competent? They are very competent. And Castle was forced to stay away for those 2 months.”

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Really?? Didn’t they just get married. Well from what I’m seeing it was a really bad idea.

          • Sarah says:

            Yeah they did. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was a bad idea. It’s more of a ‘the writers didn’t know how to handle a married couple’ issue. Add to that the rumors about Nathan and Stana not wanting to work together anymore and this is what you get.

    • Dr. Enie says:

      The ratings are under 10 for the first time–6.8. This was in USA newspaper. Sad I have been an addicted fan since the inception of the show😓Dr. Enie

  7. Mr. Tran K says:

    Minority Report is now the bearer of bad news and it should be on the verge of becoming the first new show of the Fall TV season to get canceled. After watching last week’s premiere of Life in Pieces, last night is still the same old terrible sitcom.

    • Patrick says:

      I’m wondering when 2Broke Girls will be back. Life in pieces must be expensive, and it is flopping hard.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        I know but who knows on how many more episodes Life in Pieces has left to air depending on the series’ numbers.

      • grass says:

        I predict LIP gets the axe before Supergirl premieres on Oct 26 and CBS brings back one of its three midseason returning comedies (2BG, Mike & Molly, Odd Couple) to air between Big Bang and Mom on Thursdays.

        • Mr. Tran K says:

          Forget to mention that Angel From Hell won’t premiere until November 5th and I predict that it should get four episodes tops (last one on Thanksgiving).

  8. Fh14 says:

    Might be the highest rating Castle sees for a while. I don’t expect that it will go into freefall or anything, but the end of last nights episode definitely convinced a fair number of people to stop watching.

    • valezza says:

      Most likely it won’t affect ratings at all. I remember Good Wife fans were sayng the same things then they killed Josh Charles’ character off the show. But the overall impact wasn’t so big and the show performed exactly like it did before.

    • John NYC says:

      The real proof in the pudding will be next week: do the writers deliver on the change or do they fail?

      Sure for a vocal group anything less than barefoot and pregnant Beckett popping out babies (MUST BE THREE!!!) in a haze of married wall to wall broadcasted bliss is a fail: but then there are the rest of us….

      The two initial episodes themselves were tightly done (though I thought her logic for leaving was terribly flawed, just moving out wouldn’t reduce the risks Rita talked about, he’s still her husband and known to be and so a target as soon as she goes at the “big bad”), but that’s pre-this, whatever “this” turns our to be.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Yeah, I tried Minority Report again last night, it’s just not for me. YAY for Blindspot winning the time slot again. Whoo Hooo!!!!

    • WJSC says:

      I’m enjoying Blindspot, but there’s a lot of work to be done to make it the great show it could be. The next several episodes will tell the tale.

  10. Drew says:

    I decided to give Minority Report another chance last night, just because of the X-Files trailer. Wound up turning it off right after the trailer aired. It takes a lot for me to turn a show off in the middle of an episode. Hell, I regularly watch shows that I don’t think are good. But Minority Report is spectacularly bad. It’s like someone typed character names into a trope machine and it randomly generated the scripts for this show.

  11. Mike says:

    So when it came to minority report. I must have watched the leaked pilot. Therefore extensive stuff had to be redone because i didn’t watch the premiere.

  12. BrightLight says:

    Life is Pieces was slightly better than last week’s premiere episode, but I don’t know if I want to continue watching it. I actually turned off Scorpion last night halfway through because I found it boring.

    • lame says:

      As a fan I’m wondering how the ratings hold up till the fall finale. Castle’s last season’s fall episodes were a constant decline with the finale a series low. If the ratings repeat, last year’s slide, I don’t see a Castle renewal. The numbers will tell, and I do agree, Beckett has gone from lovingly adorable, to manic bipolar. There’s much work that needs to be done to rehabilitate her character.

  13. Jared says:

    Minority Report is pretty bad. I have a feeling that the ratings will continue to drop. The real question is will Fox let it finish out its episode order or just burn it off on some other night. Im also curious to see what The CW will do with Significant Mother. I just started watching it and think its pretty good.

  14. c-mo says:

    Just because we’re smaller markets doesn’t mean we’re not meaningful, Matt! Besides at halftime, most tv’s in KC were switched to the Royals game, it was much better…at least until the bottom of the 11th.

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  16. SayNay says:

    Minority Report is dead. Hopefully Fox will move Sleepy Hollow back to Mondays by the midseason.

  17. John NYC says:

    Blindspot is compelling, NCIS:LA reliable entertainment and Castle is walking a highwire. Monday at ten is a crowded one for me.

    • c-mo says:

      I haven’t watched Blindspot yet, but I have to say that NCIS:LA being “reliable” isn’t a good thing, which is why they got a 1.2 last night. I DVR the show (and watch Castle live) but I can go a couple of weeks before I get to it, because it’s so predictable. Sam & Callen are close to getting blown up; Hetty has wise words for the gang that they hold onto while they’re figuring out the riddle and Kensi & Deeks “banter” a la Castle/Beckett but they ride in to assist Sam & Callen take down the big bad. Oh yeah and there’s Eric & Nell that will either try to make the other jealous or moon over the other as Granger broods…

  18. Ellinas1978 says:

    Sorry Minority Report you might be the first show cancelled, or best case, allowed to run out the episodes filmed. Not even Good’s cleavage can keep this show afloat.

  19. kath says:

    Next week’s ratings will be more telling as to how people felt about the new! improved! Castle!
    I suspect those numbers will be much lower. Blindspot is looking better and better.

    • John NYC says:

      I’d say a critical one is the week after that: once people have seen or heard how they new structure actually presents rather than just endless “fan” handwringing and screaming WITHOUT having seen the future show.

      • WJSC says:

        “Future show”? Television is an uber-competitive game — today, more than ever. No series can rely on the future; they have to be solid from week-to-week to keep viewers tuned in. There’s too much other good viewing out there to choose from.

        Give your fans a couple of iffy episodes in a row, and a percentage of them WILL find something else to watch.

        Unfortunately, Castle has been slowly hemorrhaging for a long time now, not just during this heavily-flawed season premiere. Separation piled upon separation piled upon chronic melodrama — plus the lack of satisfying interaction with the core supporting cast — does not bode well for the continued health of this series.

    • lkh says:

      I dunno. I think many will tune in just to see what’s next. If what’s next sucks next week, then the week after would be the one to suffer. I think people will be curious about next Monday.

  20. Tom-VA49 says:

    I’m willing to follow a story wherever it leads as long as there’s a path to follow. I write novels and I’m disappointed by the lack of cohesiveness in this season’s Castle story line so far. If we are to believe what the writers are now putting out Castle will wait patiently while his wife heads off to slay another dragon without him. The two of them have had trust issues in the past and this would be the nail in the coffin of most marriages, especially for someone who has already been divorced twice before.

    The Haley character adds nothing but an accent that is hard to understand and a tendency to lead assassins to the main characters. She needs to go.

    • John NYC says:

      Haley, last seen, was off to the Flyover Country so it does appear she’s going to be intermittent.

    • Michael says:

      Right there with you. Actually, I thought they were killing off the show with the Eric Vaughn / DC arc. Truly poor writing. Fine. Break them up. I never really cared. But please, don’t destroy the characters you’ve built for some meaningless season cliffhanger. Now they have to do it at the beginning of the season?

  21. Joe says:

    2nd week for Minority Report for me , not really liking it so I’m out ( it not going to be on much more anyway) Monday night will be I night that I catch up on Dvr shows ( I miss CBS 2 hours of comedies)

  22. kmw says:

    Nice that Castle went up but I doubt that they stay there. Not a good night for CBS TBBT was a bigger drop than I expected. Minority Report is going down even quicker than I thought, good for Gotham for staying even. Blindspot did alright

  23. Podobna sytuacja ma miejsce w łazience, gdzie siłą rzeczy często eksponujemy różne butelki, flakony oraz ręczniki albo suszymy pranie.

  24. GraceM says:

    Once Big Bang moves back to Thursdays, I’m sure it’ll do better.

  25. I felt really bad after last night’s show, I thought this is not the old castle show or what we are used to. But I am going to give them a chance. I read another article today about interviews with the writer in charge for now and it is I feel going to be ok in the end. I hope. Love this show and the Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and all the other actors on the show.

    • prish says:

      They need to reassure the fan base that like a happy married couple, which is almost all the viewers, I’m sure. The husband keeps whining about them being split up right after the marriage, and he’s probably a good gauge of the guy watchers. The actress is great, but the intense, sad wet eye look is starting to bore me. Listen up, director! Maybe, they can speed things up, getting them together right away and using scenes as flashbacks, ongoing. Just shooting a few extra episodes would do it.

  26. I felt really bad after last night’s show, I thought this is not the old castle show or what we are used to. But I am going to give them a chance. Love this show and everyone involved.

  27. gina bulloch says:

    I like Castle’s character – as for Kate, I’m tired of her. Let the mother thing go already, enough is enough. Rick could do better….

  28. marc says:

    this is just so bad wish they would have just ended it last season if this is how it going to be .

  29. Michael says:

    I never really cared if they got together or not. ‘Caskett’ died with the Eric Vaughn/DC arc. Talk about lazy, character destructive writing. I watched Castle for the banter and humor. That was pretty much gone by season 4. And don’t tell me it was because of the ‘will they / wont they’ nonsense. You can have great couples interaction even when they are married; Hart to Hart and Macmillan & Wife come to mind. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be sexual; Starsky & Hutch.

    In the end, I won’t miss Castle once its gone. There is still the first 3? 4? seasons.

  30. Jkl says:

    If the show wanted a fresh start, the show runners and writers should have come up with new and more original story lines. Some characters have taken time jumps, some have gone back in time and one has managed to do both. Call me crazy, I just like my characters to naturally evolve, and if one needs to go crazy them have them go batsh@t crazy.
    I was expecting better and am disappointed. But it is a show after all.

  31. Sami says:

    Too bad that actors can’t act like they like each other so the writers don’t have to come up w contrived, ridiculous storylines like this.

  32. Pat says:

    I am liking Blindspot so much better then Castle. NCIS LA is still a favorite of mine and I will always watch this. So I think that Castle has some stiff competition plus,the storyline for their 2 part season opener has not gone over well with a lot of their fans.

    • prish says:

      The husband keeps saying how much he loves the joking and lightheartedness of NCIS-LA. He keeps wishing Castle and NCIS would get back to that mood. I have to agree with him.

  33. Linda Albers says:

    They were also going up against Monday night football which included Green Bay and Kansas City. but the episodes are totally off where they should be.

  34. WJSC says:

    The problem is not just this season’s dreadful 2-part opener.

    Castle has been slowly dying over the last several seasons. This show’s life blood was the chemistry between the two leads. Instead of building on that, they sent Kate to Washington. Then had Castle disappear for months. Now Kate has chosen to leave so she can go off on another melodramatic quest.

    I’m thinking this will be one separation too many, for long-term fans. Ignoring the brilliant and once-solid supporting cast has been another painful blow to the show’s original, and very entertaining, premise.

    When your series is all about a partnership, you gain NOTHING by repeatedly ripping the partnership to shreds.

    As much as I was crazy for this show a few short years ago, now I can’t say I’ll miss it when it’s gone. Hey, there are always reruns of those early, golden, seasons.

    Sorry it’s come to this Castle cast and crew . . . you deserve better.

    • Keepitcoming says:

      Episode 6:5 (No. 110) Time will Tell was on last night. A pleasure to watch. Funny. The new bosses should have watched it and started to fulfill the “prophesy” of the time traveler. That would have been better than what they have going on now!

  35. TrishaH says:

    I didn’t even see the end of the episode because the blurry picture was too hard to watch and I turned it off. I have NO idea why it’s not shot in HD this year – but yuk! So I guess I didn’t miss the ending that you are all talking about.

    Done with the show. Will fondly remember how it was…..

    • Keepitcoming says:

      It’s not shot in HD so actors don’t look their age.
      Stana looked physically tired and heavier while Nathan, well he’s starting to look his age, even without HD!
      Imagine how “real” they would look if it was shot HD.

  36. sawyer says:

    pls. minimize quinn’s role….she’s still in shirely temple mode of little girl; needs more help in order to be convincing as actress….

  37. Jake says:

    Never bought into this before, but it’s really hard not to notice that Castle seems to be stealing ideas from Bones – this is like when Bones went on the lam and left Booth.

  38. TvLover says:

    I wonder, do you think that this was ABC’s plan all along with Castle? I mean I could be wrong but doesn’t the network have to know what the writers will do for the upcoming season? Did they okay it just so they can cancel it knowing how angry the new storyline would make the viewers? I mean out of all of the ABC shows, aside from season 1 of Castle I personally feel that they don’t promote the show whatsoever, Not in the past and certainly not now.
    If it weren’t for sites like this, Facebook, and Twitter I doubt anyone would know when it’s on. Are they secretly hoping that the shows ratings will dive so badly that they can cancel it and put something else in its place like another Shonda Rhimes show?

  39. TvLover says:

    Okay, sorry it was of me to imply all of the Castle fans dislike the new way they are taking the show. That was not my intention. Because some people might enjoy this new shake up.

  40. Lola says:

    Please. Leave. The show the Way it. Castle and Beckett together. I love the show. Thank you!!

  41. TrudiV says:

    I say split Castle and Beckett. They should never have been a couple in the first place

  42. Alex says:

    Castle is going back to square 1….RC chasing KB that needs to change. And Castle needs to toughen up a bit and not give in to KB. And he needs get involve in the C.I.A. or some secret operation…and keep everyone guessing on what’s going on

  43. I don’t like it when they have part 1,part 2. WHY because they never air them back to back and then you are left hanging.I still like the show. I think Kate needs to trust Rick more. He could help her. I hope they get better writers and not cancel the show. I have brought all the series. i have lastest one ordered.

  44. Smgogo says:

    I have watched Castle from the beginning. I liked the show the first few seasons because the characters were smart, creative and funny. No more-it has become like so many other shows–secrets, over the top situations and not many funny exchanges between the characters. Bring back Castle and Kate and the others working together to solve crimes. Add in their funny quirks and get back to writing a good show.

  45. i do not agree with this story line. It is so not what the fans of the show want. Kate and Castle finally get together and now you split them up. Why can’t tv writers keep great couples together

  46. John says:

    Enough is enough. Castle off my teevo for good. The new writers don’t understand how artificial the tension is, and how *stupid* a subplot they have crafted. Maybe when they’ve gotten into a long term relationship of their own, they’ll learn. Bye, Castle. This Season was the Highlander II for the series.