Bones Season Premiere Video: Booth Says Goodbye to Brennan

It’s the old bait-and-switch!

At the start of Bones‘ Season 11 premiere on Thursday (8/7c, Fox) Booth and Brennan are a portrait of domestic bliss. As you can see in the exclusive clip above, their decision last season to bail on their high-stress jobs and focus on their family (which now includes Baby No. 2) has clearly paid off. Even their newborn son’s high-pitched temper tantrum isn’t ratting them.

But as anyone with functioning wifi knows, their perfectly peaceful, happy existence is about to get shattered into a million pieces when the man of the house suddenly and inexplicably goes missing — an impending crisis that appears to be weighing heavily on Booth’s mind as he heads out the door and off to work.

Press PLAY above and riddle me this in the comments: Booth’s goodbye to Brennan is, in fact, tinged with tension and a touch of sadness, right? He knows something bad is about to go down, yes?

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